The Most Hated Tribe in Nigeria Exposed

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Nigeria is one of the countries with many tribes and ethnic groups within its territory.

With a population of about 250 million people, the Igbo tribe are well-aware of what it’s like to be the most despised ethnic group in Nigeria.

the most hated tribe in Nigeria

There are over 250 tribes that makes up the Nigeria state.

Although some claim that animosity towards the Igbo people is both subjective and contextual, most people agree that this particular tribe are disliked.

Whether it is politics, living among other tribes, the animosity and hatred towards the Igbo people has been brewing since the Biafran civil war.

But why do many people hate the Igbos? We shall explore the reasons in the subsequent paragraphs.


To begin with, there are over 45 million Nigerians who consider themselves to be of Igbo origin.

These people make up the majority of the population in the Igbo states located in South eastern part of Nigeria which include: Imo state, some parts of Delta state, Enugu state, Anambra state, Rivers state, Abia state and Ebonyi state.

Remarkably, the Igbo tribe ranks among the largest tribes in Nigeria, right behind the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani tribes.

According to history, this tribe was known for its prosperous nature from the18th century up until the British arrived.

The Igbo tribe since then, were never fortunate when it came to political power as they never fully accepted the British rule over them.

Cases of riots, civil unrest and their never submissive nature towards a ruler ensured that this tribe in Nigeria was placed last in the grand scheme of things.

In the 1700’s, there was peaceful coexistence between the Igbo race and their neighbours. They largely dealt with the riverine population in the south and the Anioma people in Delta State.

However, after the amalgamation between the Southern protectorate and Northern protectorate by the British colonists in 1914, there has been a more plausible reason for the animosity towards the Igbo people.

Northern and South western Nigeria have harboured mistrust, disdain, and animosity since the British arrived and haven’t let go since.

Because of their alleged backwardness, almost four million Igbo people were denied citizenship by the British throughout the colonial era for many years.

As of the 1940s, not a single Igbo community had the right to vote, and they were forced to pay hefty taxes since they lacked a representative at the British-run Executive Council.

The fact that they paid hefty taxes and received no social services is depressing enough.


The only currency the Igbos, who are regarded as the most hated Nigerian tribe is their determination to succeed, despite all discrimination.

Even though the Igbo people were denied their rights during decades of British colonial authority, they made up for it by being proactive, hard-working and successful in business, education, and other areas of the economy.

After the Biafran/Nigerian civil war, the Igbos bounced back by starting off lucrative businesses that has continued to thrive even till this day.

You will surely find Igbo people doing various businesses in various Nigerian states. From Lagos to Kano, even abroad, they are always doing business because they are so good at it.

In fact, the Igbos are regarded as the most intelligent and hardworking tribe in Nigeria when it comes to business acumen.

Furthermore, they account for the majority of Nigeria’s middle class, which should serve as the foundation of the country’s economy.

Because they would stop at nothing to achieve their goals, their success has made them the target of a great deal of envy and hatred.

Various governments, both federal and state have targeted Igbo businesses, demolishing and closing them, but have failed to limit or kill the mindset of the ordinary Igbo man.

Furthermore, in spite of being denied politically, plus an absence of an international airport and a seaport, the Igbo economy is thriving.

They have more wealthy business men who are billionaires than any other tribes in Nigeria.


In Nigeria, the Yoruba tribe is the friendliest ethnic group of people you will encounter.

The Yoruba tribe are well known for their kindness and love.


The Yorubas are kind because of small things that many people take for granted.

Respecting strangers, guests, and the elderly is something they hold dear.

Their strong sense of community and unwavering willingness to help others put an end to the argument that they are Nigeria’s most hated tribe.

The Yorubas are also the most culturally civilized tribe in Nigeria because they have a long history of trading.

Their sense of pride in their heritage makes them more welcoming to strangers than any other tribe.

No wonder Lagos, a Yoruba speaking state, is seen as the state with the highest number of tribes in Nigeria.

In a Yoruba home, hospitality is expected, partly because of the complimentary meals and lively conversation. The generosity of this tribe never ceases to amaze me.


Although the Igbo ethnic group is the most despised in Nigeria, there is no justification for this animosity.

This misconstrued hatred gains legitimacy when their pursuit of greatness and way of life are not understood.

It is virtually difficult to understand that there are some Nigerians whose life’s purpose is to make money no matter where they find themselves.

The irony is that the Igbos are able to make anything out of nothing and flaunt their wealth in a way that offends people of other tribe.


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