10 Best Private Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

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The practice of saving for the raining day is being part of a health insurance scheme to help provide medical help in the case of sudden illness even without money.


Many of these schemes in form of insurance companies operates in Nigeria, each has its own unique term of service. However, in no particular order, these are the top 10 private insurance companies you should register with in Nigeria today.

10 Best Private Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

1. Aiico Multi Shield Nigeria Limited

AIICO had been ranked one of the best insurance companies in Nigeria (not only in the health insurance industry). This company was the first to register with the Nigerian Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and this was in 2005.

The company provides varies of plans. However, each of the plans incorporate health promotion and preventive healthcare services. The plans include standard, executive, super-executive, magnum and evacuation plans. Customer service relation is at the core of the operation of this company.

2. Hygei Hmo Limited

Just like AIICO, Hygei is also one of the leading private health insurance firm in the country. It also registered with NHIS in 2005 though it was established in 1986. Their plans are affordable and cut across various need. However, you will get a first-class service. To know more about their plans, kindly contact them.

3. Integrated Healthcare Limited

Integrated Healthcare Limited is a private health insurance company in Nigeria that is IT driven. This company operates a 24 hours customer service through their call centre. The firm had been in existence for over 17 years now and had proven to be a force to reckoned with. Aside the regular plans, they also provide health education and personalized health services to their customers.

4. Total Health Trust Limited

Total Health Trust Limited was established in 1998 and since then, it had walked it way up the ladder to become one of the best in the industry. The company boast of having over 270,000 clients, making them one of the largest in the country. It is linked with Liberty Group, a South African company.

5. United Healthcare International Limited

This company prides itself as one of the most transparent, they do their best to ensure that their clients understand everything about any of the plan before registering. This firm had grown to be one of the best in the country.

6. Healthcare Security Limited

Talking of HMOs, Healthcare Security Limited is one of the best in the country. they have a range of plans which includes Budget plan, budget plus, standard plan and executive plan. They are known to be providers of premium services to their clients. Their head office is located in Abuja and they also have regional offices scattered within the country.

7. Clearline International Limited

This is one of the oldest insurance firm in the country. It was established in 1994 although it started operating in 1997. This insurance company is customer oriented. They have schemes tailored toward corporate bodies, tertiary institution and families.

8. Princeton Health Limited

This company was incorporated in 2000 with it, modelled according to the American healthcare system. It provides services such as emergency care, hospital registration, special consultation, primary care consultation and annual physical and laboratory checkup among others.

9. Premium Health Limited

Premium Health Limited was registered in 1997 as a health maintenance organization. Since it establishment, it had grown to be a leading firm in the industry and now boast of having a customer base of over 250,000. Premium platinum, comprehensive, select and basic are some of the plans they have.

10. Mediplan Healthcare Limited

This one is the early birds to be accredited by the NHIS. They also have a large customer base ranging from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Labour and Housing, some officers of the Nigerian Police force and their families among others.

Best Types of Health Insurance Plans in Nigeria (2024)

Health insurance agencies has been very helpful in the Nigerian society today. This is the organization that takes the financial risk for the patient or any other person. Typically, health insurance is a kind of insurance that covers the clinical and medical procedure cost of the policyholder.

This implies that the person who gets the coverage, which is often referred to as the policy holder. There are many types of this health insurance in Nigeria. In the course of this write-up, we will specifically look at them, and also know what’s involved in health insurance in the country.

An Overview of Health Insurance in Nigeria

By first before going to the types, let’s know what health insurance is all about.

Basically, health insurance is a kind of insurance plan that covers the clinical and medical procedure cost of the policyholder. The individual who gets the coverage is the policyholder. The insurer is an insurance agency that offers this inclusion and the provider is utilized to depict the facility, clinic, drug store or medical care expert that gives the therapy.

Contingent upon the kind of medical coverage inclusion, the guarantor may oblige the medical cost directly with the supplier. In different cases, the policyholder gets their cash subsequent to covering the clinical bills. That’s what you should know about health insurance in a simple way.

How it started

Taking a gander at the brief history of Health Insurance in the world, the idea of medical coverage started in old Greece where generous social orders were shaped to really focus on families when the pay of the provider was lost. The first group medical coverage plans were from common insurance agencies like cooperatives that were claimed by the individuals. These individuals became investors and separated benefits from the organization.

Following in the nineteenth century, early medical coverage was simply disability insurance. Patients were approached to make installment for other medical services costs out of their own pockets. Subsequently, during the twentieth century, conventional incapacity protection advanced into current medical coverage programs. Today, some private medical coverage programs cover the expense of standard, preventive, and crisis medical services methods, and furthermore most physician endorsed drugs.

Best Types of Health Insurance in Nigeria

In this post, we will talk about the 7 major and distinct kinds of insurance options in the country. These include:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Being a notable type of health insurance, Health Maintenance Organizations are groups that takes the medical risk of it clients. Going by the basic, the HMO is a health support association which covers the medical coverage plan. With this process, workers spend less from cash on hand. Nonetheless, it accompanies less adaptability in picking specialists and emergency clinics contrasted with different other plans.

Basically, the Health Maintenance Organization is a body that gives provision for medical insurance coverage for a specific timeframe, which is either month to month or yearly. This organization is made of medical or health care personnel who cooperate to ensure their clients receive good and quality medical care by health specialists.

We have covered the top 10 best HMO’s in Nigeria in our previous article in case you are looking for one to register under

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

The Preferred Provider Organization popularly known as the PPO insurance plan, is a preferred organization for medical coverage plan. This is a medical coverage plan that urges representatives to utilize an organization of favored specialists and clinics.

For a PPO plan, services delivered out of the organization can bring about higher cash based expenses. On the whole, this type of health insurance is seen as one of the ideal kinds.

Point of Service (POS)

A POS is a state of service medical insurance plan. It consolidates the features of a HMO and a PPO and it might expect representatives to pick an essential medical care doctor.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

The exclusive provider organization is a selective supplier organization health insurance plan. Much the same as HMOs, they have an organization of doctors that individuals are needed to use besides in instances of crisis.


Indemnity medical insurance plan is a charge for-administration plan. It has foreordained percentage level of costs paid to the part for services covered.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

A HAS or a Health Savings Account is a duty supported investment account that is utilized related to a HAS-viable high deductible health plan to pay for the met clinical costs.

In spite of the fact that HSAs can be appended to aggregate medical insurance plan, they’re claimed by representatives and independent companies can add to them if they offer a group strategy.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

Health repayment arrangements is a kind of medical coverage plan that permit businesses to give medical advantages without offering a group health care coverage plan. With HRA, employers repay representatives for charges and even cash based medical costs.

The Upsides of Health Insurance in Nigeria

Now, let’s take a look at how Health Insurance works in the country. This will give you an insight on the advantages of these organizations.

Insurance companies, as you can envision, have examined health risks broadly, and their objective is to gather enough expenses to take care of the clinical expenses of the enrollees. Medical care in Nigeria can be pricey – involving a lot of money. Typically, a medical specialist’s office (i.e. doctor) visit may cost a few great sum of money, and a normal three-day medical clinic stay can run into many thousands (or much more) contingent upon the kind of care given.

The vast majority of people can’t stand to pay such enormous bills when they are ill, particularly since they don’t have the foggiest idea how much consideration they may require. Medical and health insurance offers policies to decrease these expenses to more moderate sums.

The manner in which it ordinarily works is that you pay a premium forthright to a health insurance company and that installment permits you to share “risks” with loads of others who are making comparative installments.

Since the vast majority are solid more often than not, the excellent money paid to the insurance agency can be utilized to cover the costs of the (moderately) modest number of enrollees who become ill or are injured.


Health Insurance is very significant in the society today. These organization offer good insurance policies to their clients. Certainly, there are many kinds of this health insurance in the country. In our bid to give you a more detailed information, this article outlined the notable types of health insurance in Nigeria.

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