How To Apply For Prepaid Meter in Lagos

Constant electricity power supply has been a problem in the country and with the issue of crazy bills issued out to Nigerians by PHCN without proper estimation of energy used by the consumers, most people have cried out for the introduction of prepaid meters as a solution to this problem.

prepaid meter

While there are benefits of using prepaid meter, it still won’t bring an end to the issue of electricity production and distribution in the country. Before we detail you on steps on how to apply for prepaid meter in Lagos, you might want to know the benefits and problems of using such in your homes.

Benefits of Installing Prepaid Meters

Even if you live in a flat, or you own a house as a landlord, or for rent, there are benefits of using PHCN prepaid electricity meter rather than the billed electricity. These benefits include:

  1. You woun’t be billed monthly but you pay as you use. This means that you will not get billed the normal way way it used to be, instead you  will be able to buy prepaid electricity online using your debit/credit card via quickteller.
  2. No more false reading of meter as it was done in the past. Imagine in the past when those NEPA officials come to take readings from your old meters, most of them read falsely thereby charging you high, due to the pay as you go electric meter, that won’t be possible again.
  3. You get to know how you use energy so you can budget better. With the help of PHCN prepaid meter in Lagos, you can monitor you level of power consumption better, save energy and use elctricity more efficiently.
  4. You won’t be paying disconnection or reconnection fees.
  5. You can now recharge your PHCN prepaid meter online or at the bank or the NEPA office easily without hassles.

How To Apply For Prepaid Meter in Lagos

These few and easy steps will guide you in getting your own pre-paid meter in Lagos without much struggle. It is quite free and open to all customers.

#Step 1: Go to Electric Distribution Company nearest to you and obtain the form that would be issued to you by the Electric Sales Representative/department (ERS).

#Step 2: Fill the form with valid and correct information on it.

#Step 3: Submit the form and get your meter installed within the range of 45 days at your residence.

#Step 4: After installation, the customer should visit the Electric business unit for Vending and reconciliation of account, this is very important.

#Step 5: As a customer, you are expected to separate load/lines before meter is installed.

Please note that the installation of the meter is “FREE” . If you require more information about the meter, contact the Ikeja Electric customer care on the following numbers: 070002255453, 01-7000250, 01-4483900.

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