10 Best Tribes to Marry As Wife in Nigeria (2024)

With over 371 tribes and dialects, as well as varied, rich civilizations that are present in Nigeria. The best tribes to marry a wife from in Nigeria or choose a bride from is a very delicate topic. Marriage is a lovely institution that deserves serious consideration. Every tribe in Nigeria is different and has characteristics that may draw people to them or keep them apart when it comes to marriage. The best tribes to marry as a wife in Nigeria are discussed in detail in this article.




In no particular order, here are 10 Nigerian tribes to marry a bride from.


If you want to pick a beautiful bride, then select from the Igbo ethnic group. Most of the pretty ladies in Nigeria are from this tribe. The states of Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Abia, and Ebonyi are part of the Igbo ethnic group, which is found in the southeast of Nigeria. The only down side is their bride price which doesn’t come cheap

The reasons why the Igbo tribe still remains the best tribe in Nigeria to marry a wife are:

  • Their wives are skilled at caring for and keeping them. They are incredibly sexually satiating to their husbands and very romantic.
  • By preparing a variety of regional foods, they demonstrate their ability to love and care for their spouses and family members. Igbo women are skilled in combining a variety of traditional meals, such as oha soup, bitter leaf soup, vegetable soup, ofe owerri, nkwobi, and roasted yam, to satiate their family members.
  • They work hard and are too attractive.
  • They are exceedingly respectful, deferential, and submissive to their husbands.
  • They place a high value and priority on immediate and extended family. fostering camaraderie and love among members
  • They always take on the position of an educator in the home, instructing and guiding their kids because they are highly educated.


The best Yoruba state to marry from as a man is Lagos state. The ladies from this ethnic group has what it takes to balance a home and even raise strong children.

One of the best tribes in Nigeria for finding a wife is the Yoruba tribe, especially ladies from Lagos state for the following reasons:

  • They are extremely attractive, educated, and wise.
  • They are really helpful and provide financial support for their husbands.
  • They are empathetic, passionate, and adept at pleasing their husbands.
  • They respect their culture and provide their kids the best education possible.
  • They honor their husbands and treat them with the utmost respect.


Edo State is home to the Esan tribe. This ethnic group has also been ranked among the best tribes to marry a wife from in Nigeria for the following reasons:

  • They are very respectful of their husband and obedient to him.
  • They value family, are sociable, and gather the entire extended family.
  • They are devoted to their husband and exhibit great love and compassion.
  • They have lower expectations and are always happy with what they have.


Taraba state is home to the Dansga tribe. They remain one of the tribes to marry a homely wife from for the following reasons:

  • They are so innocent and adorable.
  • Many are mostly virgins.
  • They are considerate and understand how to value their husbands.
  • They are extremely respectful, and any man could shape them into something spectacular.


The Hausa/Fulani tribe is among the major tribes in Nigeria and have some of the states with the most beautiful girls in the country. It is one of the tribes for wives in Nigeria for the following reasons:

  • They are incredibly sensual and adept at gratifying their husbands sexually.
  • They are an excellent cook who can create a range of delicacies that will have their spouses gnawing on their fingers.
  • They are incredibly devoted to their husbands, kids, and even extended family.
  • They are very domesticated. They know how to maintain a comfortable living environment for all family members.


This tribe, which is based in the state of Akwa Ibom, is regarded as one of the best tribes to get a bride from due to the fact that:

  • Their women are stunning. They are highly respectful and have endearing personalities.
  • They are incredibly domesticated and skilled at taking care of their husbands and loved ones.
  • They can cook a variety of regional dishes that some men find irresistible, and they are very romantic and adept at wooing men.


In Edo State, there is a tribe known as the Bini. In Nigeria, they are an excellent tribe to take as a wife. They resemble the Igbo tribe in practically all respects. They are unquestionably among the top tribes in Nigeria to marry a lady from.


Kogi state is home to the Igalla tribe. One of the best tribes in Nigeria to get a wife from is the Igalla tribe. The reason why the women of this tribe are regarded as potential wives are:

  • They treat their husbands with a lot of respect and submission.
  • They are extremely domestic and devoted to their immediate and extended families.
  • They are devoted believers who always rely on God to protect and maintain their homes.
  • They always teach their children about their culture, values, language, and regional cuisine.


This tribe is found in Delta state and are among the best ethnic group for finding a virgin bride to marry because they share practically all of the Igbo tribe’s characteristics.

  • They work so hard.
  • They are highly supportive and make fewer demands.
  • They are considerate and respectful.
  • They educate their children effectively and are well-trained.
  • They understand how to satiate a man in bed.


The Kilba tribe remains the best tribe to marry from Adamawa state. The tribe is renowned for its rich history and heritage, and members effortlessly educate their kids to fulfill social norms. The reasons why you need to consider marrying a bride from the Kilba tribe in Adamawa state are:

  • They put up a lot of effort and are highly diligent.
  • They know how to maintain their homes and are romantic.
  • They are extremely respectful and submissive.
  • They are fiercely devoted to and supportive of their spouses.

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