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Bobrisky’s real name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju. He was born in the year 1992 at Ebute metta. He attended king’s college in Lagos state, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. He studied accounting and graduated from the University of Lagos, (UNILAG).


Bobrisky has a very rich Muslim background, his parents are devoted Muslims who never jokes with their praying hours(5 times in a day). Unlike his parent, Bobrisky chose to be a Christian, citing stress as his reason for neglecting his parent’s religion. Although, we can’t judge how intimate he is with religion as we couldn’t get the name of the church he attends because he kept that from the media.

How he became popular

It was acknowledged that Bobrisky in 2016 used the social media platform to attract the public to himself by uploading a very controversial statement on his social media accounts (Snap chat and Twitter). He publicly opened
the secret behind his marital status and life by showing the image of the man whom he called his boyfriend.

This action alone drew more than a million comments. 80% of these comments were critics while 10% neither criticize nor applauded him. The remaining 10% praised him for his bravery. Some praised him for the courage he possessed to have publicized that kind of information despite knowing that Nigeria’s constitution doesn’t support his action(gay marriage).

As we all know according to the Nigerian constitution, anyone who engages in gay marriage will be sentenced to 14years imprisonment. As cited on Wikipedia, there was also a time Bobrisky was the most searched celebrity on Google from March to June, 2016.


There are many controversial celebrities that believe in cross-dressing, which is the act of putting on costumes, dress and other attires that belongs to an opposite sex or gender. Denrele, Charly boy are just some few examples but Bobrisky took the cross-dressing trend to another level which he used to raise controversies and popularity to himself.

As said earlier, Bobrisky is one of those names that always make social media go ‘crazy’ and ‘unsettle’ due to his ever controversial updates of posts, pictures, videos and messages. Early last year, Bobrisky released another controversial statement made on his Snap chat account saying he was more beautiful than 75% of Nigerian

The status update didn’t go down well with Nigeria ladies as they therefore hit back at him, calling him names and also made fun of the lifestyle he chose to live. Also on a notable occasion, a Nigerian presidential aide for reasons best known to him, walked out on sight of Bobrisky at the residence.

Bobrisky Before and After Picture

bobrisky before transformation

Picture of Bobrisky before transformation

Business, Assets & Net Worth

Bobrisky is an entrepreneur who uses some of skills and knowledge to create income and wealth for himself even though he brags about it on social media a lot. It is said that he performs as MC(master of ceremony) for high-profile events and occasions.

He also acts in some short video shoots which of course is against society morals. These videos are later uploaded to his Snapchat account and they go viral. It is said he makes money from it too.

Prior to becoming famous, he started out by re-selling clothes to his classmates and doubling the price. Not long after, he was able to open his first boutique in Ikeja. He called it Bob, which was the short for Bobo, his old childhood nickname. Later, when his lifestyle started to attract even more people, he took the name Bob, added the word ‘risky’ and became the infamous Bobrisky. He later opened another shop for selling makeup.

Bobrisky after bleaching

Recent picture of Bobrisky

He also sells creams which he named “Bobrisky bleaching cream”. The cream called Bob Whitening Cream became internationally famous, with exports to countries like the United Kingdom and Germany. He claims that his cream, which costs $400, sells everyday. This brings in quite a fortune every year. However, we could not find his cream in any of the online beauty stores, so all we have to go by is his word.


Bobrisky dressed as a male in his father’s birthday party

Although, he boasted of having $250, 000 in his bank account and more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide his accurate net worth as it is not available online. The cross dresser is best friend’s with Tonto Dikeh as they are mostly seen hanging out together, especially on social media.

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