List of Nigerian Tribes With The Strongest Juju

Most tribes in Nigeria, due to their traditional instincts, they have been attributed to a form of black magic known as Juju.

tribe with the strongest juju

This is a type of witchcraft, that is believed to be majorly practiced and originated in West African nations.

Typically, juju is viewed as having a supernatural power that is higher than the normal – it is an otherworldly conviction system fusing objects, such as amulets, and spells.

In a more extensive sense, juju can allude to enchanted attributes and things concerning luck.

In the course of this article about this subject term, we will outline which Nigerian tribes has the strongest juju.


Looking at the basics of how juju started, it can be seen that the term first showed up regarding the Priest-Kings of certain towns in West Africa.

These people were the traditional rulers that were much inclined on deity local beliefs. In a simple sense, they were additionally Kings and done the parts of both a Priest and a King.

This was recorded by Sir James Frazer, who was a powerful Scottish folklorist. The Scot wrote in his work, Folk-Lore (Vol. XXVI.) under the title ‘A Priest-King In Nigeria.’ His story has it that the dominant juju of Elele, which is a town in the North West of the Degema district, is their Priest-King.

Degema is a place found in the present day Rivers State.  Furthermore, his story stated that the Priest-King was chosen for a term of seven years, and was believed to be conveyor of the success and best of luck of the land.

This implies that the land prospered when he is sound and alive, however on the off chance that he should fall wiped out, starvation and cataclysms would fall upon the occupants of the land. This was the belief of the people as at then when the Priest-King ruled the area.

Juju is always perceived to have two sides which will have a good and bad effect on the subjects.

There is good juju and there is equally a bad juju which is the avoidable one.

That being stated, the majority of the juju that is in the country, and which includes the one we’ve known about or seen, has been bad juju. This is the type of juju that carries misfortune to anyone, who the charms and spells are perpetrated on.

On the other hand, good juju does the polar opposite, as it carries the best of luck and favor to said person.

There are people who are professed in the practice of juju. These are the juju men. It is a man who is knowledgeable and vetted in customary and local spiritual medicines.

Such a person can serve individuals from various perspectives, he can be utilized to authorize an agreement to forestall trickery and guarantee consistence, he can likewise assist individuals with accomplishing fortune, after which he would require payment for services rendered.


In Nigeria, there are so many tribes that practices this traditional and spiritual beliefs, even up till the present time. Let’s take a gander at these tribes in the country that has the strongest juju.


As respects to the most powerful juju tribe in Nigeria, the Ijebu tribe of Yoruba is certainly the one. It is worthy that Ijebu ranks as the tribe with the most powerful black magic in the country.

However, numerous clans can flaunt strong and powerful juju practitioners, as the Dibias for the Igbos, and even the renowned Edo people, but the title of the most grounded juju clan in Nigeria is certain to go to the Ijebu people of Yoruba ethnic group in Ogun state.

Ijebu, or Ijeun Ini Ibu, signifies ‘eating from the most deep ocean’ which likewise implies picking from the most extraordinary products that lie on the sea floor.

Even the name of the Ijebu, is equipped for striking apprehension into the hearts of most people in the country.

The Ijebu tribe have a rich culture and tradition that is viewed to be valuable and lasting.

Also, they are for the most part, exceptionally persevering individuals, even a good number of extravagant or richest people in the country are from Ijebu tribe.

The Ijebus  are also attributed are the largest ethnic gathering in Nigeria, and they were really the primary people to be taught by western education.

Ijebu are said to be the only tribe that has it’s starting points from book of scriptures times and as per Biblical record, the Jebusites, were a Canaanite clan, who possessed and fabricated Jerusalem before it’s success by King David.


The Esan tribe are an ethnic group also with powerful black magic in Nigeria.

They are the category of people who speaks the Esan language. They have their local language – the Esan Language.

The Esan are generally agriculturalists, trado-clinical experts, mercenary warriors and hunters.

The Esan clan is an old ethnic group of individuals that ruled the present day Edo State in the South-South area of Nigeria.

The Esan tribe are generally known for fishing, cultivating, and their practice of traditional deity known as juju.

This is seen in their customary ways which incorporates traditional worshipping and black magic.


There are some other notable tribes in the country which are strongly inclined to juju and traditional customs.

Juju is majorly practiced in Nigerian tribes, in spite of the fact that its assumptions are shared by most of the people in the country.

With this being the case, a lot of tribes and ethnicity in the country has been practicing this spiritual deity.

The notable names is the riverine areas tribe: Ijaw, Andoni and Oron which all have high inclination to traditional beliefs even as at now.

Other tribes like Igbo, Efik, Yoruba and Annang, all have their own juju, which is reflected in their traditional intricate way of beliefs.


Looking once more at what Juju is all about, its simply an object that has been intentionally mixed with mystical force or the enchanted force itself; it additionally can allude to the spiritual belief system including the utilization of witchcraft and black magic.

Juju is neither acceptable nor bad, yet it could be used for useful purposes just as for odious deeds.

Throughout this article, we dealt on the black magic by taking major emphasis on outlining the Nigerian tribes with the strongest juju.

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