Top 10 Most Dangerous Tribes in Nigeria (2024)

Nigeria is an ethnically diverse country with over 371 ethnic groups. However, the three most populous tribes are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

most dangerous nigerian tribes

Character, discipline, and manner of life differ amongst these three major tribes. As a result, the three had a tough time tolerating one another.

The three tribes have grown to despise each other over the years of coexistence, and they now only tolerate one another.

However, this hatred has caused a slew of political, social, and economic issues for the country, and most tribes have blamed the next tribe for their misfortunes and predicament.

With so many problems, many tribes have been driven to act hostile toward the state, their neighbours, or themselves. It’s mostly every man for himself, and this is the foundation of this piece.

The top ten most evil tribes in the country are listed below. It should be noted that the negative features we will be looking at in these tribes are not displayed by every member of the tribe, but rather by a significant number.


Without bias, here are Nigeria’s most dangerous tribes this 2024.


A powerful Nigerian tribe noted for their wandering lifestyle. The Fulani tribe is at the top of our list due to the number of massacres and atrocities that have been related to them.

They have carried out more homicides than any other tribe in Nigeria. Several news stories in recent years claimed that Fulani herdsmen attacked and killed farmers in various communities in order to feed their cattle on the farmers’ farmland.

Most Nigerians see the Fulanis as the most violent tribe in Nigeria.


What comes to mind when you hear the word Ogoni? It’s not all sunshine and roses. This tribe is notorious for kidnappings, murders, and other heinous crimes.

Some argue that the Ogoni people do not regard human life. They do and act as they choose and can even pay as little as N500 to irritate someone. A simple #200 might enrage the people of Ogoni and cause disaster.


Don’t be misled; the Hausa tribe is distinct from the Fulanis (See differences between Fulanis and Hausas), and they are likewise wicked and terrible to upset. It is said that the Hausas do not forgive and forget, and they will go to any length to exact their revenge.

Hausa people are capable of killing each other over trivial matters. They enjoy maiming when fighting, and they have also ruled the deadly Boko Haram due to their stupidity and vicious soul.


The Yorubas may appear to be God-fearing and innocent, but its youth are among the most violent in the country.

The Yorubas like cult practices, child rape, kidnapping, crooked politicians, the use of human parts in rituals, and so on.


The Igbos are regarded as the wealthiest tribe in Nigeria. This is due to their entrepreneurial acumen, but they remain one of Nigeria’s most dangerous and vicious tribes today.

Igbos are obsessed with money and will go to any length to obtain it. Even if it means using their own family members for ritual.


The Ebira tribe is noted for being aggressive, violent, and noisy; they always use their fist instead of their mouth.

According to legend, an Ebira person can kill for something that can’t even retain water.


Tapa people are enchanted. They are hostile and do not easily forgive. They are particularly hazardous to offend because they can kill with demonic ways and exhibit no remorse.


An extremely powerful clan in the Niger Delta region, with merciless militants. They abduct and murder both local and foreign citizens, especially if they are linked with the oil industry in their territory.

The government has implemented many amnesty programs, yet they continue to burst pipelines, cook and distribute contaminated oil, engage in kidnappings, and make it difficult for many people to settle there.


This tribe has been chosen from among the Edo tribes because they are particularly evil. They are exceedingly evil and heavily involved in witchcraft and cultism. They are prominent in going to war with their neighbors, and they are not afraid to die.

Esan people have a rich legacy of traditional medicine that helps them stay alive and win wars. Many tribes in Edo are afraid to oppose them.


Edo is a wonderful state with wonderful people, but they will be on our list today.

When it comes to witches, cultists, OGBONI, and the like, this tribe is believed to have the most and was ranked among Nigerian tribes with the strongest juju. Many of their young people are involved in kidnapping, stealing, fraud, and prostitution, among other things.

They are belligerent and violent, and there have been multiple examples of intrastate clashes in Edo between different local governments. These wars became quite violent, and many individuals were killed.

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