Top 10 Richest People in Abia State & Net Worth (2024)

Abia state plays host to some of the richest men in Igboland and Nigeria. This commercial state has some billionaire business men who have either made money from their businesses. The disparity is obvious when you contrast the net worth of these Abia state’s richest persons with that of other eastern states. These men’s monetary abilities speaks for them.

Abia is one of the most commercial states in the country. Aba, a city located on the railroad heading north from Port Harcourt, is the main industrial hub of the state. Aba is renowned for fabricating materials, footwear, plastics, concrete, and cosmetics. The state’s capital, Umuahia, is home to a number of sizable production facilities that add to the state’s wealth and income. We shall examine the top 10 wealthiest men in Abia state in 2023 throughout this post.


Here are the richest individuals and businessmen from Abia state this 2023.


The richest person in Abia state is Orji Uzor Kalu, according to Forbes, who has a net worth of $600 million. He is the owner of the West African company Slok Holding. His business is involved in manufacturing, mass media, shipping, finance, and oil trading. He started his company at the age of 19 and has since grown it to be worth $1 billion.

Orji Uzor Kalu served as governor of Abia state for two terms. He is a business-minded man despite that. He has exchanged goods like rice, sugar, and palm oil. He expanded his diversification into the industrial and transportation industries.

Orji Uzor Kalu reached his first million Naira at the age of 20, but his riches increased in the 1980s. Kalu is a senator that is currently participating in politics.


Alex Otti, who has an estimated net worth of $500 million, is the second-richest person in the state of Abia. Otti was born on March 18, 1965, and is a banker, investor, writer, politician, economist, and economist.

He is well-liked in Abia State and is their current governor under the Labour political party. He had already established himself as a successful businessman before entering politics. Otti served as Diamond Bank PLC’s previous group managing director and CEO (now Access Bank).

Alex Otti has financial interests in a number of locations and buildings in a number of states. He also maintains a collection of vehicles at his garage to demonstrate his status as one of Abia state’s richest men.


Chukwuemeka Ngozichineke Wogu is another wealthy man from Abia state. He hold the third position with a net worth estimated at $350 million. Wogu, who was born on March 29, 1965, served as a minister under President Goodluck Jonathan. He has had a successful political career to date and is one of the most powerful politicians in Abia.

Wogu was chosen to represent his district in the Federal House of Representatives in 1998 after winning the election.

Wogu is relatively wealthy, has investments and assets, however nothing is known about his businesses.


Okezie Ikpeazu was the governor of the state of Abia and a wealthy politician. Ikpeazu was elected then in 2019 and took office on March 29, 2015. The governor’s possessions, homes, and vehicles are not widely available online.

The former state’s chief executive is also one of the richest person.

Okezie was born on March 18, 1964. Okezie Ikpeazu had a number of political positions before being elected as the state governor. He is from the local government of Obingwa. He owns enterprises and investments all around the state. He is now among the most successful people in Abia state as a result of this.


Theodore Orji seems to be a very rich person from Abia state. He supposedly acquired his riches through politics, according to rumors. He was the previous governor of Abia State and is a politician.

The EFCC looked into Theodore Ahamefule Orji because of financial mismanagement. The numbers made public demonstrate the lengths to which certain politicians will go in order to launder money.

In 2015, Orji was elected to represent them in the Nigerian Senate after winning the Abia Central Senate election. We were unable to identify any asset or investment in his name, but we do know that he has investments, automobiles, and homes that demonstrate his financial worth.


Another deserving of consideration on this list is Kalu, a prosperous businessman from the state of Abia. The American political scientist with Nigerian ancestry has advanced significantly in a number of fields.

The things you do for yourself are gone when you pass away, but the things you do for others stay as your legacy, is a famous phrase attributed to him.

He is a distinguished Research Professor of Political Science and National Security Policy at Coppery University in Montgomery. He was born in his hometown of Abiriba. The well-known educator also serves as a Docent Professor at Tampere University in Finland.


Samuel Chukwueze is a successful Nigerian footballer. The footballer is one of the richest men in Abia state with net worth over $90 million. Chukwueze, who was born in Umuahia and of Igbo ancestry, had a typical childhood in a prosperous working-class household.

The gifted football player receives a monthly salary of nearly £150,000 from La Liga’s premier club, Villareal FC. He has accomplished a lot for himself, and his entire net worth and market value have grown.


Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah is a Nigerian successful entrepreneur, and the minister of state for mines and steel development.

Masters Energy and Oil Ltd is led by Uche Ogah as president. Also, he owns prosperous businesses in Rivers State and Abia. His merit for inclusion on the list of Abia’s richest people is demonstrated by all of these investments.


The most revered person in Igbo land is Nnamdi Kenny Okwu Kanu, also known simply as Nnamdi Kanu. He is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and is a political fanatic from Nigeria living in the United Kingdom (IPOB).

Nnamdi Kanu was born in Isiama Afara and is a native of the state of Abia. His father was an established leader.

The estimated net worth of Nnamdi Kanu is $65 million. He now ranks among the wealthy men in Abia State as a result.


Azubuike Ihejirika is a retired Nigerian Army lieutenant general and previous Chief of Army Staff. He is yet another affluent Abia state resident. The previous general is worth more than $50 million.

The former Army Chief is quite busy both inside and outside of the state. All of these things increased his net worth, which is appropriate given that he is one of Abia State’s wealthiest men.


We did not cover all of the wealthy top businessmen in Abia state. These, however, are the most well-known and wealthy folks in Abia State as of the present.

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