Top 10 Worst Tribes to Marry From in Nigeria (2024)

A tribe or ethnic group is something to which every Nigerian person belongs. Members of the tribe infuse elements of their tribal culture into all aspects of their lives, even marriage. Marriage being one of the oldest institutions in the world, entails the unification of a man and a woman into one. This implies a meeting between the two. They do not arrive with the intention of fusing not only their cultures but also all that relates to them.


Consequently, it’s not unusual to see families in Nigeria demand that their children marry within their ethnicities. Nevertheless, there must first be one bond and love before there can be marriage. Are you searching for a good tribe to get a partner in Nigeria? The top 10 tribal groups in the country that people should not marry will be highlighted in this article.


The Nigerian tribes listed below are ones you should not marry into.


Fulani is arguably the worst tribe to marry from in Nigeria. This ethnic group has the largest geographic dispersion in Nigeria. Their traditional marriage rites is one of the Nigerian customs that has been most successfully maintained till now. The Fulani traditional marriage is particularly distinctive, since it accords a lot of mysticism and conservative values to marriage, despite the fact that marriages among Nigerian tribes are sacrosanct.

The reason why you might not want to marry a Fulani woman is their marriage ritual called “sharo” which means (flogging). It sometimes is exciting and challenging. Before getting married to the bride, the future groom will have to be whipped. You must be asking why the guy must be whipped before marrying the girl by this point, I know. This is so that they can defend them, since the Fulani people value and protect their women. They think that a man will be able to defend their daughter if he can tolerate being spanked.

The dowry in a Fulani marriage is paid in herds of cattle, making it a very important and expensive event.


Mbaise is another town you may want to avoid getting married from. This geographical area is located in Imo State in south-eastern Nigeria. The region has a number of urban areas located in Igboland’s heartland. They are a group of Igbo natives. Due to the elaborate nature of Mbaise’s traditional marriage procedures, it is commonly accepted that this region of Nigeria is the most expensive in which to get married. This is due to the fact that most Mbaise females keep themselves in check before getting married, giving them a better chance to appear much younger than they actually are. You need to have a lot of money saved up if you want to marry someone from Mbaise.


Ikwerre (also spelled Iwhuruha) is one of the Igbo subgroups in Rivers State. The Ikwerre people have a custom of not recognizing women whose bridal price has not been paid. The fact that the system has been skewed to favor intra-marriages and make it challenging for grooms outside the tribe renders it incredibly overpriced.

Moreover, the Ikwerres pay little to no attention to unwelcome sex in marital relationships. Bonny and a Rivers girl, particularly one from the Ikwerre tribe, are not meant to stay in a man’s home. Women in Rivers essentially share the same privileges as men. Both in terms of inherited properties like land and homes. Not all Rivers practice this, but 95 percent of them do. This implies that she will return to her father’s home if she grows tired of the marriage


The Wodaabe, often referred to as the Mbororo or Bororo Community, are situated in the country’s north. They are one of the few societies in the world that permits women to wed twice.

Both the Bororos and the Fulanis are thought to demand a number of live cows, possibly even a herd, before freeing their daughters for marriage. According to the competence and fortune of the suitor, they may ask for anything from 10 to 50 live cows.


Ijaw is another tribe you should stay away from if you want to get married. Ijaw women were once infamous for not sticking with a single man simply because they wouldn’t tolerate unhappy marriages. An Ijaw lady will leave her man if she is dissatisfied and he is unwilling to make changes. Ijaw ladies are well known for their beauty and are also one of the promiscuous tribes in Nigeria.

How much does getting married in Ijaw cost? Typically, the list includes items like 20 liters of gin, a canoe and fishing nets, a light, a mortar and pestle, a box of clothes, cash for the bride’s parents, and many others.


The Gbagyi tribe of Nigeria is known for its distinctive traditions. The Gbagyi people’s marital traditions are particularly astonishing because of their distinctive characteristics.

Eloping couples may also get married in gbagyi land in addition to the traditional wedding ceremonies. The Gbagyi people approve of polygamy, and according to their customs, several partners and young marriage are also acceptable. Men having many wives is not unheard of, and some cultural traditions and world religions even endorse the practice. The idea of a woman having numerous husbands, though, strikes me as abnormal.


The task of a man is not really to try to wed an Ogun State Ijebu lady. The wedding ceremony, however, might be as extensive as providing food and entertainment for an entire neighborhood. The amount of dowry or bride-price demanded from a suitor and the wedding supplies stated as required may fall within a fair range. However, the Ijebus are renowned for their lavish party lifestyle, and wouldn’t pass up a chance to attend a sumptuous party or a cultural event. This will be a celebration that puts food and entertainment first. See the reasons why Yoruba men love to marry Igbo women.


The Bende local government area of Abia State is home to the Nkpa people. They place such a high importance on marriage that a member of another tribe or society will pay through the nose to marry one of them. Marriage between a Nkpa man and Nkpa woman is regarded as being inexpensive and accessible. If the man hails from a different tribe or state, it is prohibitively expensive.


Ogaja is an ethnicity in Cross River State, Nigeria. Being married to an Ogoja lady is costly, due to the several requirements the husband must meet before the bride may be given to him. The demands made of the prospective husband make being married to an Ogoja lady unaffordable. But during the traditional wedding ceremony, it is usual for the bride’s father to give his new son-in-law his bride price back.


If you desire to court or wed a daughter of an Ibibio family, the marriage procedures in Ibibio nation have a particular custom. Every first daughter in Ibibio territory is associated with a unique bond. The first daughters of the Ibibios are referred to as Adiaha. They feel a special bond with her. Before getting married to an Adiaha, the process known as “Awa oduongo” (Sacrifice and Throw Away) must be done. This clan can be exceedingly expensive to marry into. Whenever a date is set for a wedding among the Ibibios, a man should be prepared to spend more than N700,000.


There are 371 tribes in Nigeria, each with a unique, rich culture. The best tribal groups to marry a wife from in Nigeria is a very touchy subject. Marriage is a lovely institution that deserves serious consideration. Every tribe in Nigeria is different and has characteristics that may draw people to them or keep them apart when it comes to marriage. This article listed the ten tribes to stay away from in Nigeria if you desire a happy marriage.

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