Top 10 Lucrative Courses in Nigeria With Best Employment Opportunities (2024)

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Studying a course in the college or university may be one thing, but having a job with your degree is another important thing. Going for a degree program with a vast employment opportunities is preferably the best thing any university candidate or student should think of before settling for one. This issue has become important in the Nigerian society today, because of the limited number of job opportunities. To strike a balance and settle in the right path, students ought to go for lucrative courses that has the best and high employment opportunities. To give a guide on this issue, our article will highlight the top ten lucrative degree programs with the best employment opportunities in Nigeria.


Nowadays, employment opportunities in Nigeria is very limited, and the situation is more worse if you are looking for job with an unemployable degree. Most times, students during their college entry, go for degree programs without the knowledge of the marketability of the course. Some are very oblivious, but a good number of them just settle for a lucrative course in the name of going to school. The aftermath effect of this is avoidable and for this reason we have come up with the list of top ten degree courses that has the best job opportunities in the country.


Are you contemplating on a degree program that would easily get you a job after school? If so, below is the rundown of the top ten university courses with the best employment opportunities in the country;


Medicine and Surgery is arguably the most lucrative courses in Nigerian universities, and this goes a long way to shows its importance. It’s nothing of surprises here as medicine is even among the toughest courses you can study in the university. Truth be told, about 90% of all medicine and dentistry graduates land a job within 6 months of graduating. Also, the profession is a very critical sector and this makes Doctors to be one of the most important persons in society. Employment opportunities for Medical graduates is very high, and it’s complemented with the high pay the receive because of the nature of their work. As a Medical graduate, you could work in a federal, state or private hospitals; as a lecturer or as a medical consultant.


With the Information Technology sector continuing to advance, there is much workforce needed to service it areas. A good number of good courses are available here, like the I.T/Software Engineering and Computer Science. These are hot cakes degrees in this 21st century! This is seen as a lot of companies now require the technical expertise of software engineers and computer scientists. The programmers,  computer scientists,  application & web developers and the computer engineers, are in the same field as they do a related job. So, if you are contemplating for a science course that won’t let you spend much time looking for a job, then Computer Science/Engineering is a good option. This degree program is offered by almost all Universities in the country.


Accounting is a professional course that often lead to jobs in Banks. But this lucrative degree course isn’t only limited to the banking sector. With the growing economy of the country, the services of Accounting professionals is greatly appreciated in all business firms and even industries. Nowadays, every business needs an accountant to help manage the financial dealings of the enterprise. All these reasons has made accounting to be one of the best courses you could study as a social science student and easily have a job after school.


Law is a very lucrative degree in Nigeria, but it preferably recommended for students who want a future career in politics. A critical look at the Nigerian society today, you can see that a good number of prominent politicians like Nyesom Wike, Godswill Akpabio, Yemi Osinbajo and even human right activist, Femi Falana, you will discover that these politicians have their educational background traced back to the legal profession before they eventually entered into politics. And this has been going well for them. Nevertheless, as a intending law student, you will be expected to learn so many legal things which include how to tackle some of the most problematic – indeed, often seemingly irresolvable –conflicts and issues in modern society. So, with this you have a whole lot of employment opportunities awaiting.


Graduates of Nursing are known to get a job readily after they finish their school program. This have been much contributed to the fact that these personnel services are much needed in the health sector. The work of Nurses is very vast, as they work in a variety of settings and specialties. These include hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, ambulatory care, occupational health, and community health centers, schools, clinics, camps, and shelters. Though Nurses salary may not be that much, but their employment opportunities can guarantee job security and subsequent augmentation of salary.


Electrical engineering is a marketable course to study as this category of engineers can work virtually everywhere where there is need for electricity. The few to mention industries where they are applicable include: IT firms, transmission companies, manufacturing industries and telecommunications companies. Moreover, Electrical engineers services are widely needed because their inventions are used in medical technology, game systems, cell phones, robotics, cars, green technologies, and navigation systems. Also, almost all things that defines modern civilization is linked to this type of engineering. This results to their work in labs, offices, and industries.


The world needs teachers, isn’t it? This makes educational courses to be very lucrative due to the lots of employment opportunities offered to it graduates. An impressive 90% of all education university graduates get a job or move on to further study within 6 months of finishing school. This intriguing things has make a degree in education a highly sought-after thing. Additionally, teachers do get a lot of holidays which complements to their service. However, this does mean they don’t work much hours – a couple of hours, say five-to-nine in a day. Lucrative courses under Education includes Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and  Computer education, to mention just a few.


Pharmacy is another medical discipline in the list. This lucrative degree course is very marketable in the country. Graduates of Pharmacy are very important not only to the medical field, but extensively in the society. Just as there are so many sicknesses in the society now, the need for good and quality drugs is significant. Also, professionals in Pharmacy are open to job opportunities in pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, as well as big chemist stores.


With businesses all over the country, the services of Business Administrators will certainly be required. Their most important work here will be to carry out marketing strategies and proper business management for the business enterprise. Also, a lot of people and business firms always need the help of professional business grads, so as promote good sales as well as business administration.


This course involves the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical Engineers can’t be under looked because the career center on creating technologies to meet human needs. Virtually every product or service in modern life has probably been effected in some way by a mechanical engineer. This includes solving problems in health care, energy, transportation, world hunger, space exploration and climate change, by inventing new products to meet this issues.

The Nigerian society at present and in future depends on mechanical engineering. This is because the need for these expertise is great in so many fields, and as such, there is no real limit for the freshly minted mechanical engineering graduates. Employment opportunities are always available for them, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, biotechnology, and energy industries.


The situation where a good number of Nigerian students go into a certain lucrative courses in the University, and ill-prepared about the demands of the profession after school, is what necessitated this write-up. In the course of this piece, we highlighted the top ten degree courses with the best employment opportunities in Nigeria. However, we know that many other lucrative courses would have followed sequentially in the list, but we chose to outline these ten, so that you can know the courses that their graduates are in much demand in the country.

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