Unique Names Of God In Igbo And Their Meaning

The Igbo culture is a unique one, so are the Igbo names that refer to God. Over time, God has been given various names in different Nigerian languages when used in thanksgiving, worship songs, prayer and praises.


Other smaller Igbo gods like Amadioha which is seen as Arusi (god of thunder and lightning) is used mostly by traditional worshipers of Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria and he isn’t God, as every religious belief points to the supremacy of an eternal supreme being who created all things and by which everything has their form and being.

People thank God for His mercies, grace and blessings, using all sorts of names to glorify His majesty in different languages. For example, the Hausas call him Ubangiji, Yorubas call him Olodumare or Oluwa. What then did Igbo people call God? This post lists out the unique names of God in Igbo language and their meanings respectively.

Unique Names of God in Igbo and their meaning

Names of God in Igbo Language


Chukwu The first force and being that proceeds every other existing force
Odogwu Akataka Fearless warrior
Eze Ndi Eze King of kings
Echeta Scherzo He that takes away every pains and worry
Ejide Obi Esike My confidence
Obata Obie He that ends every trouble
Di Nwanyi Isi Mpe Husband of the widow
Ikuku Amanoyo Unquenchable fire
Dike Na’gha Mighty warrior
Chi ne cherem The God that thinks for me
Oke Mmiri N’ebu Ogwe Great water that carries fearful storm
Chukwu ma mkpam God who knows all my problems
Eze ifeoma King of Fortune or good things
Ifunanya chukwu The love of God
Chukwu na eme ihe niile God that does everything
Chineke na-enye ndụ God that gives life
Chineke nke maara ihe niile God that knows everything
Chukwu nke mara obi m God that knows my heart
Olu ebube Glorious God
Nnukwu Chi Big God
Chinaza ekpere God that answers prayers
Aka chineke di ya or Akachukwu di ya The hand of God is there
Okwu chi God’s love
Ifunanyachukwu God’s love
Chukwu ma m God that knows me
Odinakachi It is in the hands of God
Uzo chukwu The way of God
Chioma Good God
Chukwuemeka God has done it well
Eze ebere King of mercy
Nkume mgbe ebighi ebi My firm foundation
Ikuku ama na onya Air that can never be caught by trap
Amama amasi amasi God that knows all
Ojena mmuo God that walk in the spirit realm
Gaga n’ogwu God that walks on thorns
Onye mmanwu n’eti one ya The masquerade that flaunt itself
Oku N’ere Ere Consuming fire
Chibuike m na-ekwupụta nkwupụta m God is the authority upon which I make my declaration
Oje na Mmuo He that walks in spirit realm
Ebube Mbekumbe Glorious forever
Nkume Mgbe Ebighi Firm foundation
Igwe King
Ekwueme He does what he says
Okechi Great God
Ogaranya Nga The wealthiest
Obata Ulo di nma The peacemaker
Agubata Ohia Mgbada aware Oso The most feared God
Chi Eluigwe Oga do ya anu akpu n’ala God that sits in heaven and uses earth as his footstool
Ebighiebi Eluigwe Everlasting in heaven
Onye ukwu n’ogba agha The great warrior
Ogbajiri igwe kpo ya nku He that breaks iron with his hands like an ordinary firewood
Oloro Ihe Very very big God that is bigger than all things
Otigburu agbara n’ihu mmuo ya He that kills a native doctor on his shrine
Oke mmuo Great spirit
Chineke God creates or God the creator
Gi Obara akpu nwa n’afo He that forms a child with blood
Oke mmiri n’ebu ogwe Great water that carries the bridge
O’gbara nkiti Okwu biri n’onu ya He that has the final say keeps silent

While there are other names by which God is referred to in Igbo tradition, the above is unique and has been often used as names for boys and girls in naming ceremonies. You can’t deny the fact that Igbo people are very religious and this is seen in their lifestyle anywhere you find these tribe in the world.

Which other names do you call almighty God in Igbo language? We would like to hear from you using the comment section below.

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