Top 10 Best Music Sites in Nigeria (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 12:24 am

Popular music websites to download or stream your favourite songs online are on the rise, especially as the entertainment industry is becoming digitalized. The need of music sites has been significant if one must listen to latest songs by Nigerian musical artistes. These online websites are places where music and songs can be sourced and downloaded.

music sites in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are good numbers of music sites which can give you the best collection of songs. These websites offer music download services to their users, and these download include the latest vibes. This article will provide the best music sites in the country, and from this, highlight the ones to always go for in downloading your songs.

Top 10 Best Music Sites in Nigeria (2024)

With more than 100 music sites available on the country’s internet today, it’s therefore pertinent to outline the best of this multitude of online music stores. Here, we will take a gander at the top ten Nigerian music blogs and website. Nevertheless, this list is based on ranks by reliable sources like feedspot, Alexa rankings, Semrush rankings, social presence, the quality of songs, users engagement, and also our observations.

Below is the rundown of the top ten best sites to source music from in Nigeria;

Nigeria’s number one entertainment forum and music/video download site, is ostensibly the best music site in the country. The website is more like a conventional internet portal as it incorporate forum, a music download portal, and a news section. Presently, Naijaloaded is one of the most popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria, as it remains a good place to always source the latest Nigerian songs. The music site remains popularly updated, and it keeps in touch with the latest happenings in the Nigerian entertainment world.

9jaflaver is one of the emerging music sites in Nigeria. Established in 2014 by an economist, Mr Ejump, the music blog has since grown to become one of Nigeria’s most visited music website.

This music site, 9jaflaver is related to the aforementioned music site in a way that its music section has one of the most up-to-date music pages in the Nigerian web space. Also, there are entertainment gist and news in the website.

Tooxclusive is one of the renown names in the country’s online music industry. The music store is a fast and mobile-friendly website, where music lovers can download songs without audio tags. Tooexlusive is one of the best music sites in the country which is dedicated to music blog. Interestingly, Tooexclusive is indeed a one-stop destination for music downloaders and according to data collated from Alexa and Semrush, the music blog is the most visited music blog in Nigeria.

Another best music site in the country is The music website also competes in the music blogging space, just like every other Nigerian music blog site. It was started in 2012 in Port Harcourt city, Nigeria. More precisely, NaijaVibes is Africa’s notable music and video download site which serve the contemporary genre of Nigerian and African music which may include Afrobeats, Afropop, hip-hop, Gqom, Kwaito, Highlife, Makossa, Pop, Bongo Flava, Hiplife, Gospel, etc.

There was a time when Notjustok used to be the most visited Nigerian music blog in Nigeria. Certainly, the music site didn’t fall bigger, as they are presently one of the best music sites in the country. Notwithstanding, you cannot have a list of top music Nigerian blogs in Nigeria, where Notjustok is not inclusive.

The prominence of the music site was due to its activeness in the past years. A good number of popular songs that were released in Nigeria between 2007 to around 2015 was premiered by the music site. is another best place to source for good music in the country. This isn’t a new name in the industry, but rather it is one of the oldest music blogs in Nigeria, as it has been around for a while now.

Irrespective of the introduction of new faces in the music site in the country, Jaguda has still been able to stand the test of time. Although the recent wave of music blogs might have affected the popularity of the music blog, but it still remains a wonderful music blog and a good place to download the latest Nigerian songs. is a music blog that has the collection of most Nigerian music and songs. This is a dedicated music blog that has a large database of Nigerian songs, which is regularly updated to incorporate new songs. is also one of the oldest and most popular Nigerian music blogs in history.

Moreover, the music site is also noted for their Get Familiar feature which once provided a big platform for many upcoming artists in the country.

Just as the name may say it all, this is one of the best music sites in the country. is fully dedicated to Nigerian songs by uploading the updated songs to the vast number of users. This music blog features the latest Nigerian songs and it also follows the latest happenings in the Nigerian entertainment industry and the country at large. The blog isn’t a new name, as it has been around for long time now, and it is one of the most visited music websites in the country.


This is a Nigerian entertainment and news website. The website has been prominent for downloading the latest music, over the years. Surfing the web pages of the music blog, you will get the latest Nigerian music mp3 of your favorites star. The music site also features quality and top music download, music reviews, and in-depth coverage of the music culture are some of the reasons it has become one of the top music blogs in the country. Additionally, 36Ng is currently one of the most visited music blogs in Nigeria, which is due to the fact that its regularly updated with many top Nigerian songs. is also in the list of the top ten best music sites in the country. This music website was launched in 2014, and since then the online blog continue to feature the latest songs, lyrics, artists profiles, music genres.

Presently, is one of the few best music sites that one can get the best hits, and it’s equally one of the best places to download Nigerian music online.


With the old days of sourcing music gone, the online sites has been the preferred medium to get songs. These websites allows users to stream or download music at their convenience. During the course of this write-up, we specifically highlighted the top ten of these music sites in Nigeria. That’s our take on this, and we believe these will give you options on the best places to download latest songs in the country.

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