Mechanical Engineering Salary: How Much They Earn (2024)

Mechanical engineering is one of the best professional disciplines in Nigeria, and extensively in the whole world. As such, a good number of people wish to be in the profession. If you might be interested in the salary structure for these category of engineers, then you should expect a good one. Being a lucrative field, the salary of mechanical engineers is very alluring and the profession is rated as one of the best in the country. In this article, we will look into how much a mechanical engineer in Nigeria can earn as salary monthly.

Being a professional discipline, mechanical engineering is one of the broadest, lucrative, adventurous, innovative and fascinating engineering fields in the world this present time. The nature of their work kick start from the invention of cars to creation of mechanical devices. Their work is also applicable in any industry or firm irrespective of the field. This being that they are involved in the whole production of products in these industries.

Mechanical engineering is the broadest of all the engineering fields. The work specification of this branch of engineering is very vast and it hovers other engineering fields. Basically, mechanical engineers salary depends on the industry or specialization. Mechanical Engineers are seen as being pivotal to any industry in the country. Their work is greatly needed in different areas due to their dynamism. You can find them working in various industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, civil, electrical and in automobile industry which is their core aspect. The amount that a mechanical engineer earns on a month will be different but similar to the salary of a medical doctor and a pharmacist salary since they work in architecture and structural industries.

Mechanical Engineering Salary Structure (2024)

Have you been inquisitive on how much Mechanical Engineers earn in Nigeria? You are completely uninformed as this article will provides the salary range of mechanical engineers in the country, especially in several industries, and also according to their educational level.

Generally, salary obtained by mechanical engineers in Nigeria fall in the region of ₦150,000 – ₦500,000 for an entry level. The factor that determines the salary range is the type of industry, company, ranking and job specification. Also, the years of experience is another factor that influences the amount a mechanical engineer receives on a month end. By and large, let’s take a gander at the respective salaries of Mechanical Engineers according to their educational level and type of work.

Mechanical Engineers Salary By Educational Level

It’s certain that higher education equals a n augmented salary, but how much more money can a degree add to the income of a Mechanical Engineer? Here, we will explicate the Mechanical Engineer salaries by education level in order to make a comparison. This will give an image of what a Mechanical Engineer receives depending on his or her educational attainments.

The average salary of a Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree is ₦251,000 per month. While someone with a Master’s Degree gets a salary of ₦349,000 per month, which is 39% more than someone having a Bachelor’s Degree degree. However, the salary varies and may be higher or lower than what this figure states. The working place and the years of experience is independent on the amount of salary a Mechanic can have.

Mechanical Engineers Salary in Oil and Gas Industries

The oil and gas sector is obviously the most lucrative field mechanical engineers can work in this part of the world. This industry is one of the top payers of this category of Engineers. Although opportunities are quite restricted for mechanical engineers in the petroleum industries, but that aside, they rate among the highest paying places for mechanical engineers.

An entry level salary for Mechanical Engineers falls between the range of ₦250,000 – ₦500,000. Though the pay may be more or less of this, it all depends on the company, job specification and some other basic factors like location and work experience.

Mechanical Engineers Salary in Automotive Industries

Mechanical Engineering also applies to the rail industry, utility industry, road construction industry and other similar industries. These Engineers work on all automotive industries in the country. With a lot being involved in this job areas, the salary a Mechanical Engineer should have here cannot be underestimated.

Although this industry may not likely pay as high as other elite industries like the petroleum sector, but they still rank among the top paying jobs for this type of Engineers. On the whole, the salary range for Mechanical Engineers in the Automotive Industries is between ₦120,000 – ₦300,000. This is for entry level and should augment for other succeeding levels.

Mechanical Engineers Salary in Aerospace Industries

The services of Mechanical Engineers is also on demand in the Aerospace industry. This sector is relatively lucrative as it competes with the oil and gas industry in terms of pay. Though the job openings here is always limited, the few aerospace companies pay mechanical engineers a much better salary on a months end.

Just as any other jobs, the salary here is strictly dependent on level of experience and rank of the person. For the new entry level, a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry can earn between ₦250,000 – ₦450,000 as salary. This excludes the add-on bonuses they will receive.


Mechanical Engineers are seen as the industrial workers, and they are the principal workers in the production industries. The work of this type of Engineers is very significant, and without it, most probably many products would have not been in place. Though the application of Mechanical Engineers work relies majorly on the Automotive industries, but their services is also needed in any products producing industry irrespective of the field.

That’s it on the salary structure for mechanical engineers in different working positions in Nigeria. These figures may not be exactly the same as what is obtained in the real case. But it will certainly fall under the range we gave above. Generally, the amount a mechanical engineer receives as salary mostly depends on his qualifications and the type of company and industry.

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