Guide On How To Make Natural Air Freshener in Nigeria

Air pollution causes serious hazards to man’s health and his environment. The use of modern liquid air freshener has always been the right solution to ward bad odour in any space, be it toilets, homes, hospitals, churches, and even offices. Air fresheners are sweet smelling chemicals that smells nice when applied, freshening the environment at the same time destroying those air pollutants (microorganisms) that causes bad odour, making it a must have in every space.

air freshener in nigeria

Knowing how to make liquid air fresheners is a profitable business in Nigeria, especially when you are unique with the type of air freshener you do. Popular brands like Swiss air freshner, Airwick, Glade have dominated this industry for years and you can also join them if you know the ingredients, processes and methods of making your own air freshener business stand out from the competition and selling it.

Some of us might be wondering why someone would want to produce air freshener when you can simply go out to a store and buy one. Liquid air fresheners that are made at home, normally have a natural smell. Healthwise, they have no harsh chemicals because almost all the ingredients used are organic

In a country like Nigeria, there is always a constant surge of air pollution, and that is the reason why you need an air freshener. At least, you can arm yourself with something that can replace the unpleasantries in the nasal realm. Air fresheners can make a lot of difference in your office space, bathroom or room. They don’t just give off pleasant smell, but they also destroy microorganisms that they come across.

Do you want to add a pleasant fragrance to your living space? Then stick with me in this write up as we look at the formula to make airfreshner in Nigeria. This post explains the practical steps on how to make natural liquid air freshener at home, the required chemicals and measurements to use and other information about air fresheners in Nigeria.

Required Ingredients Needed To Make Air Freshener

  • Sodium Hydroxide also known as Caustic Soda
  • A substance to serve as an emulsifier example sodium Laurel Sulfate0.5%
  • Propylene Glycol or Glycerine to serve as an Extender-10%
  • Methylparaben or Boric Acid to serve as a preservative agent-1%
  • Lemon juice to act as a fragrance- this would give it a good aroma
  • Formalin- to serve as a disinfecting agent (please note that formalin is dangerous for the skin)
  • Water- 4 litres

Tools Needed in Making Natural Homemade Air Fresheners

  • Containers
  • A stick for stirring
  • A device for measuring, example a measuring device
  • Spray bottles- for dispersing the air freshener
  • Colourant and finally a funnel

Procedures For Making Your Liquid Air Freshener in Nigeria

The steps involved in making air freshener is a very easy one. There is no need for any special equipment, just follow the procedures below:

Step 1: Pour a solvent (water is the best) and caustic soda into a bowl or container. Make sure that you stir properly until you dissolve the pearls.

Step 2: Add your Sodium Laurel Sulfate and mix together thoroughly. Also, check the Ph level of the water, and make sure that the acid In the mixture has neutralized.

Step 3: Add your Formalin Disinfectant to the mix

Step 4: Now, add some Glycerine

Step 5: Add your Lemon Fragrance or any other type of fragrance.

Step 6: Add your de-ionized water into the mix

Step 7: Keep stirring till all the substances in the mixture are all mixed together

Step 8:  Now, allow your mixture to dissolve for at least 24 hours and then filter

How To Make Air Freshener With Essential Oil Formula

Step 1: Gather the materials and ingredients and ensure you have the recipes at hand before you begin. Ingredients like Alcohol (hazel or vodka), Distilled water and essential oil blend are compulsory.

Step 2: Measure your ingredients. Remember that the amount of essential oil you put in your mixture would determine how long its scent will last.

Step 3: Combine all of the ingredients: You can put the mixture directly into the container so as to avoid wastage and keep things simple. You can also experiment by mixing essential oils together.

Step 4: Pour the catalyst and the perfume into one of your containers. Close it tightly and shake well. You can now spray your Air freshener. Since the essential oils tend to float on top of the water, always shake your sprayer bottle before spraying.

Step 5: When making use of essential oils, the oil will float on top of the water. So endeavour to always shake the sprayer bottle before spraying it in your home.

Home-made Refill Air Freshener

You can use the ingredients mentioned above as a refill for your air freshener. All that is required from you is to take out the wick and pour some water mixed together with the essential oils into the container.  With this, you have saved an awful lot and made yourself a homemade plug-in air freshener.

Making Air Freshener Using Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners always have a nice smell. It is a good ingredient for an air freshener. Ingredients that you would need include: Spray bottle, fabric softener, baking soda, hot water and a funnel. Now with the ingredients kindly noted, let’s look at the procedures for making air freshener using fabric softner


  1. Put together all your ingredients in a mix
  2. Pour in the mix into your spray bottle
  3. Shake the bottle intensely, afterwards, your air freshner is ready for use

How To Produce Air Freshener Gel At Home

Purchasing an air freshener gel from stores can be quite expensive. You can avoid breaking the bank while you enjoy your own self produced air freshener. Some of the things you need include; water, gelatine, salt and essential oil.

Now, let’s review the practical steps;

  • Dissolve the gelatine and salt in warm water.
  • Add some essential oil
  • Shake the mix together

Your air freshener gels are bound to last for a long time.

How To Use Vineagar To Make Air Freshener For Home Use

Vinegar is a prehistoric substance that can be used in making Air fresher for domestic use. To use vinegar, simply spray it around your room. If you perceive the smell to be too strong and discomforting, dilute the vinegar before you spray it. Vinegar unlike the other artificial fragrances, can trigger allergies that can cause irritation. Rather than have air that is polluted with all manner of harsh and unfavourable chemicals, you have pollution-free aerospace.


The recipes mentioned above can be used for the production of air Fresheners for home or commercial use. If you are making air fresheners for commercial purpose, endeavour to package it properly. This is so that its market value would at least appreciate a little.

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