Top 5 Difficult Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities (2024)

This post outlines 5 difficult courses to study in Nigeria due to the nature and requirements of these professional science courses.

No course is easy to study but there are some courses that are more difficult than the others. Most of these hard courses are noticeably present in the science departments and poses a real challenge to those who want to study them as they require a great deal of hard work, determination and focus to get good grades from them.


List of Top 5 Difficult Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Medicine

First on the list is medicine, it is termed the hardest course to study in Nigeria because of the bulk of textbooks you have to read and cram in order to pass an exam, especially the MBBS exam. Those who study medicine in Nigeria can attest to the fact that it is not a child’s play course as you need focus because you are dealing with human lives.

2. Engineering

Just ask an engineering student, is engineering course simple? His answer will certainly be a capital “NO”. With all the maths, physics, chemical equations one must know in order to scale through this course, one should be better prepared psychologically to study this course in the university.

3. Chemistry

Do not be carried away by the fun behind mixing chemicals, solutions, acid, base and the likes. Chemistry is a difficult course to study in Nigeria and just like Engineering requires maths and other hard subjects to learn.

4. Biochemistry

Believe me, if you stay near one of a biochemist and hear them speak, you would be amazed at what kind of brain they have. I say this because one of the authors of this site is a biochemist. I even rate Biochemistry more difficult than chemistry or biology because it is the mixture of both courses in one, plus the fact that you still have mathematics and physics to learn.

5. Pharmacy

Trust me, most people believe that medicine is a more difficult course than pharmacy, but that is not true. While medicine deals with the human being and diseases, pharmacy on the other hand deals with production of medicine and how they are applicable and prescribed to humans. Here, you will have to study advance chemistry, physics, maths, further mathematcs, biology and others to scale through to be a professional pharmacist in Nigeria.

While all these courses prove to be difficult to study not only in Nigeria but also in the world, they are still among the best courses to offer in the university with high chances of employment/job opportunity in the labor market. Salaries of graduates of these professional but tough courses listed above are also fat and mouth-watering.

What is your take on the above listed top 5 difficult courses To study In Nigeria

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