VIO Salary Structure: How Much A VIO Officer Earns (2024)

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If you want to know how much the Lagos state government pay Vehicle Inspection Officers as salaries each month, this post provides information on VIO salary structure, their history and their functions. Aside providing their take home pay, we shall also shed light on their functions as a state government agency.

vio salary structure

Vehicle Inspection Officers often known by the acronym VIO is a government agency that is responsible for the inspection of cars mostly in Lagos State. It is different from the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) or LASTMA as officers of this agency work under the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS), that is directly under the Directorate of Vehicle Inspection Service (DVIS). All these sub organization are under the Ministry of Transportation which oversees the conduct of activities of a VIO. Our consideration will be centered around the entry level salary of the Vehicle Inspection Officers in Nigeria where they are employed.  This will help you to know what the agency pays graduates and newly employed workers on a monthly basis.

Aside from VIO salary structure, there are many things to discover about this government road agency. Let’s first get to know the history of this Vehicle Inspection Service and how they came to be.


The Vehicle Inspection Service was established on 1st March 1949 because of the dire need to curb the use of malfunctional vehicles on Nigerian roads. The Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) is under the Ministry of Education and the agency uses Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) to carry out their works. The agency was set up to investigate, control direct and implement the road value and functionality of motor vehicles in Lagos State.

Looking more at the history of the Vehicle Inspection Service in Nigeria, before the year 1939, vehicle examination was done by the Directorate of Works while engine licensing was carried out by the vehicle authorizing officials under the Federal Ministry of Finance. The colonial administration promulgated the road traffic Act on March 1, 1949. The content of the Act was to regulate and control vehicular traffic on the country highways. It also covered the licensing of such vehicles and persons in charge as well as incidental matters. This was the motor vehicle administration which was effected.

In any case, with enactment of these laws and guidelines, the country saw a positive change in Motor Vehicle Administration. Drivers were appropriately guided and authorized, vehicles were completely assessed and registered. That wasn’t all the changes as the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) were always on ground to keep an eye on all roads to guarantee the safe implementation of these vehicle and road laws. The defaulters of these laws were brought to book. These affected persons are made to pay fines as revenues for the government.


How much do Vehicle Inspection Officers earn monthly as salary? This has been the question posed by some people who might not have known the information. This has resulted due to how the agency’s salary structure for officers is limited and information on that is partly available to individuals. There isn’t a need to look more about this information, as we have gathered details from reliable sources on the salary structure of VIS Officers.

Here we will look at VIO Salary Structure in Lagos State this current year.

On the average, the estimated monthly salary of VIO officers for entry level as a graduate is between the amount of ₦90,000 to ₦120,000. For junior Vehicle Inspection Officers, they earn over ₦50,000 to ₦60,000 on average as VIS officers. This isn’t only applicable for Lagos state as it ought to be equivalent to what their newly employed officers earn in various states in Nigeria.


Basically, the work of these regulation officers is to inspect and access the functionality of vehicles being used on Nigerian roads. Extensively, the functions of Vehicle Inspection Officers in Lagos State, and in the country, incorporate the following:

  • One of their primary obligations is to ensure that all vehicles plying roads are roadworthy at all times
  • Guaranteeing that all vehicles are appropriately reviewed and confirmed before being allowed to use the roads.
  • VIO also ensure public education and advocacy on the vehicle maintenance.
  • These officers carry out patrols on roads and highways. They carry out routine checks and enforce compliance on the use of roads.
  • In their bid to stipulate compliance, they make enforcement through vehicle impoundment and payment of fines
  • VIO collaborates with companies with large fleet for onsite vehicle inspection to ensure compliance using Mobile Vehicle Inspection Units
  • Periodic Training, Retraining Seminars and Conferences for officers towards achievement of mastery in Motor Vehicle Administration
  • The agency is also responsible for pre-registration inspection of vehicles
  • They as well cooperate with other agencies like LASTMA to enforce traffic rules and regulations
  • The Vehicle Inspection Service carry out inspection and issuing report on accident vehicles in the State
  • They also prepare and keep statutory registers and a database of all certificates issued and revoked by the agency.
  • They provide accessible emergency services when need be
  • The Vehicle Inspection Service cooperates with relevant agencies who are involved in road safety activities. This collaboration help in the prevention of accidents on the highways
  • Inspection and issuance of Road Worthiness Certificate (RWC) in respect of all vehicles
  • The agency conducts training and testing of applicants for driver’s licence
  • They also do training and testing of applicants for Rider’s Card


That’s the size of this article on VIO salary structure. We first highlighted all what you should know about what these workers earn on a monthly basis. The second part of the article covered information on what’s the Vehicle Inspection Service and Officers. This will really help you know how this agency is rated with others in terms of payout.

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