How To Become An Online Teacher in Nigeria (2024)

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Just as teaching is mostly done in classrooms, it is also a very good profession to do online. With the world becoming more advanced than what it was in days past, classroom teaching has been transferred to online platforms for ease and proficiency. With the physical teaching being much occupied, the probability of having that kind of job is quite low. When compared with online teaching, you will see that there are many untapped opportunities in this aspect. With that being the case, our article will give you a guide on how to become an online teacher in Nigeria.

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Certainly, we can’t just jump into telling you how to become an online teacher without shedding light on what the profession is about. With the end goal of this guide, you will know more about this unpopular lucrative work in the country.

Basically, online teaching is the act of educating an individual or a group of students via the internet. This is usually done by utilizing video streaming platforms. This internet teaching is a live-ongoing tutoring where the teacher and student(s) are in different places but have access to the same class. This means the teacher is able to teach any student in anywhere from the solace of their homes.

Prior to the introduction of online video teaching platforms, there has never been a good opportunity to teach on the internet. This has been due to the increasing development of web based learning alternatives which is gradually advancing each day. As more innovation and technology are put into this practice, it will get the internet together and will further developing the online connections. With all these being made, there is no limit to where online teaching  would stop.


You might be contemplating on the question ‘who can be an online teacher?’ To be in this position, you need the following prerequisites:

  1. One of the basic requirements is that you should have a good internet connection and a computer/laptop
  2. Also, you should have or be willing to learn basic computer skills.
  3. Area of specification: You should have a command of the subject you are going to teach.
  4. And a digital pen, which is still important but optional anyway.


There are different methods and mediums available to impact knowledge on students through the internet. These mediums may be free and paid. On the off chance that you would prefer not to go through cash at first, you can simply utilize the free ones as they work nearly the same as paid.

The following are web-based platforms to teach online:

  • Skype: This is a free and paid video sharing platform. This an ideal go-to tool you can use for your online tutoring.
  • Online whiteboards: These are just like the blackboards and whiteboards that is usually used in physical classrooms. They are software developed to aid teacher – student tutoring. This tool also help the teacher to see what his or her student is doing.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a video streaming platform that enables users to shoot and create videos to their viewers and subscribers. You can as well utilize it in doing online teaching.


Finding interested students to teach online will always be hard in the start. However, there is no exact response to how you can discover these students.  Nonetheless, there are a few steps you can take to increase your probability of getting understudies for your online teaching.


Before someone is willing to let you teach him or her through the internet, they are first concerned on who you are and what you can offer. By this, they attempt to go through your profile before looking at what you have.

Always try to make a good profile in social media platforms like LinkedIn and others. Ensure to link your profile to your video channel or website.


If you are a starter, you priority should be to get a name for your business. This implies that you should make people know that you exist.

I would advise you to do some free video tutoring on YouTube at the early stage. When you advance and have a great number of viewers, you can then link them to your online video teaching platform.


Most people who succeed in online teaching have certain characteristics. They like to share their works.

How can this work for you? First discover a online community where a lot of students and turors gather. Try to get them tutor them and gain their trust. This is definitely not an easy task – it requires tolerance and a certified eagerness to do it. Yet, results can be great relying upon your specialty and skill.


Some people often pose the question of  what amount would they be able to earn as an online teacher.  If you are being employed by somebody, then the amount will depend on what you and your employer agreed on.

On the off chance that a company is employing you directly, you ought to settle on a pay that works for you. Assuming that you work autonomously by yourself, then, at that point it works in your own way. The income you get will determine your pay, hence, you charge as much you need.

The good thing about online teaching job is that it is charged on an hourly rate. Everybody charges dependent on their abilities, the services they offer to their clients. Other charges on the customers side will be rely on the country they are in, existing customer base, and the interest for their specific expertise.

On the off chance that you don’t know what to charge, start from the base, and increment steadily when you have a stand in the business. Don’t try to overcharge your customers because it will turn to complete declination.


The online teaching profession is quite lucrative and a good one as well. Though the pay may not be much for starters, but it can be good to do it with other works. This has made jobs like this to be ideal for ex-teachers and undergraduate looking for an extra source of income.

Online teaching is charged at hourly rates. In Nigeria, the fee goes from ₦1,000 to ₦2,500 on an estimate. The amount may be up to ₦5000 in some cases. The money paid is earned by the teacher, or the organizer of the online classes.

On the whole, the amount that is charged for online teaching depends on location of the online class, complexity of subject, frequency of lessons, total hours etc.

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