Nigeria Police Standard Issue Firearms & Gear

The Nigeria Police Force is the major paramilitary agency of the government that plays a vital role in maintaining law and order across the country.

Understanding the types of firearms used by the police can be helpful for its citizens and for those who want to know the type of gun(s) the Nigerian police uses.

which gun does nigeria police use

A Picture of AK-47 Assault Rifle Wielded By A Nigerian Police Officer

This article will explore the standard issue weapon used by the Nigerian Police Force, while also touching on regulations and alternative options.

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) utilizes a range of firearms and equipment for law enforcement purposes.

The primary weapon used by the Nigerian police is the AK-47 assault rifle or the MG24 machine gun, chosen for its reliability and firepower.

While some discussions suggest that pistols could be a viable alternative, the prevalent use of high-powered firearms by armed criminals necessitates the use of more powerful weapons by the police force.


  • The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) equips its officers with firearms and gear for law enforcement.
  • The AK-47 assault rifle is the primary weapon used by the Nigerian police due to its reliability and firepower.
  • The use of high-powered firearms is necessary to match the threat posed by armed criminals.
  • Discussions regarding alternative weapons like pistols are ongoing, but powerful firearms remain crucial.
  • The prevalence of high-powered firearms among criminals requires the police force to stay well-equipped.


One reason why the Nigerian police force uses the AK-47 assault rifle as its primary weapon is due to the prevalence of armed robbers who use similar weapons.

The AK-47 assault rifle is a prominent symbol of firepower around the world, and it’s also the most likely firearm you’ll encounter carried by a Nigerian police officer.

While it boasts undeniable strengths, its effectiveness in a police context can be a complex issue.


  • Rugged Reliability: Nigeria’s diverse terrain and climate demand a firearm that functions flawlessly. The AK-47 excels here, known for operating in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance.
  • Stopping Power: The 7.62x39mm round fired by the AK-47 packs a punch, effective for deterring or stopping threats in close-to-medium range situations relevant to some police work in Nigeria.
  • Familiarity and Availability: The AK-47’s widespread presence makes it a familiar type of gun for many Nigerian officers, potentially reducing training time compared to introducing a new weapon system.

Criminals in Nigeria are known to possess pump action shotgun, SMGs and RPGs, making it important for the NPF to have the necessary firepower that can match or surpass the threat they face.

Using the AK-47 assault rifle allows the police to effectively combat armed criminals and avoid being outgunned.



The Nigeria Police Force operates within a set of regulations that govern the use of force in their law enforcement operations.

These regulations, which are entrenched in the Nigerian Police Act, are put in place to ensure that force is employed only when necessary and in proportion to the level of threat faced by police officers with the primary goal of protecting public safety.

If the officers of the NPF obey these regulations, they would maintain public safety while upholding the rights of Nigerian citizens.

The use of force according to the said act is carefully monitored and evaluated to prevent excessive or unnecessary violence.

The Nigeria Police Force recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between protecting the community and respecting individual rights.

Some key aspects of the police use of force regulations in Nigeria include:

  • Ensuring force is used as a last resort, after exhausting all non-violent options.
  • Using force only when there is an immediate threat to the safety of officers or the public.
  • Employing force that is proportionate to the threat faced.
  • Providing officers with the necessary training on the proper use of force.
  • Conducting thorough investigations into any use of force incidents to ensure accountability. SEE HOW TO LEGALLY OWN A GUN IN NIGERIA.

These regulations serve as a safeguard to prevent abuse of power and ensure that the Nigeria Police Force carries out its duties while respecting the dignity and rights of individuals.


Too much concerns have been raised about the inventory management system within the Nigeria Police Force, specifically regarding the issue of missing firearms.

In a report, we see how over 800 and something AK rifles went missing.

This is why the proper control and accounting of firearms is crucial to ensure the safety and security of both the police force and the public they serve.

Efforts are currently underway to improve inventory management and address the issue of missing firearms.

The police force is implementing measures to enhance inventory control, ensuring that all firearms are properly tracked and accounted for.

If these can be achieved, it will minimize the risk of firearms falling into the wrong hands and being used for criminal activities.

In response to the many concerns surrounding missing firearms, the Nigeria Police Force has launched a nationwide operation to curb the proliferation of prohibited firearms and illegal weapons.

This operation focuses on mopping up, seizure, and recovery of missing firearms in order to prevent their misuse and potential harm to the public.


In addition to firearms, the Nigerian police force also utilises non-lethal alternatives for law enforcement purposes.

These include pepper spray and tasers, which are used in situations where lethal force is not necessary or justified.

The use of these non-lethal options allows the police to effectively subdue suspects without causing serious injury or loss of life.


Alongside firearms, the Nigerian Police Force ensures that its officers are equipped with standard issue gear to enhance their safety and operational capabilities during duty.

The procurement of these essential equipment is a priority for the force.

  • Bulletproof Vests: Police officers are provided with bulletproof vests to protect themselves against firearms and other potential threats.
  • Ballistic Helmets: To ensure head protection, officers are equipped with ballistic helmets, which are designed to withstand ballistic and impact forces.
  • Tear Gas: Tear gas is a non-lethal option that provides officers with a means to disperse crowds, manage riots, and subdue suspects.
  • Stun Guns: These non-lethal weapons are used to incapacitate suspects temporarily, allowing officers to gain control of the situation without causing serious injury.
  • Other Protective Gear: In addition to the most important equipment, officers are also equipped with other protective gear, such as batons, handcuffs, and protective goggles, to enhance their effectiveness in various law enforcement operations.


The federal government has significantly bolstered the arsenal of the Nigeria Police Force through recent acquisitions and procurements, aimed at enhancing their operational capabilities and ensuring the safety of police officers on duty.

The Nigeria Police Force has added several key assets to its inventory, including:

  • 631 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs)
  • 895 firearms
  • 3,000 grenades
  • 75 General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs)

These new additions to the arsenal provide the police force with increased firepower and tactical capabilities to effectively combat crime and protect the citizens of Nigeria.

In addition to the procurement of firearms and heavy weapons, the Nigeria Police Force has also obtained essential protective gear for its officers.

This includes bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, tear gas, and stun guns.

The provision of this equipment ensures that officers have the necessary protective measures in place to carry out their duties safely and effectively.


The AK-47 assault rifle serves as the Nigerian Police primary weapon, ensuring that they can match the firepower of armed criminals.

Additionally, the use of non-lethal alternatives such as pepper spray and tasers allows the police force to handle situations where lethal force is not necessary.

In conclusion, the constant use of the AK-47’s prevalence in the Nigerian police force reflects both its undeniable strengths and the ongoing conversation about how responsible police use these firearms.

While the Ak-47 assault rifle is reliable and is a valuable asset, its limitations in precision and potential for unintended casualties has to be taken into custody.

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