Gemstone Microfinance Bank Salary Structure (2024)

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Gemstone Microfinance Bank is indeed a registered financial institution working to raise as many Nigerians out of poverty as possible. They are one of the country’s few notable Microfinance Banks. Since the bank has grown to be a recognized name, they have hired a large number of people to work in their offices. If you’re considering working with Gemstone Microfinance Bank, you should know about their present salary structure. This should give you an idea of what they pay their employees. We shall provide the salary structure of Gemstone Microfinance Bank and their recruitment information in this article.

gemstone microfinance salary structure


Gemstone Microfinance is an agricultural microfinance cooperative society that is not affiliated with a bank. It is a national member of the Nigerian Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions (AMFIN). The financial services branch of Gemstone Microfinance has been essential in the success stories documented by its over 27,000 active members in the last two years of operation, with an annual turnover of ₦1.2 billion.

Gemstone Microfinance has offered approximately ₦2 billion in credits to its agricultural business members throughout its twenty-eight (28) branches in sixteen (16) states and the Federal Capital Territory in its two years of operation. The development of the crop and livestock production, logistics, food processing, and retail subsites has been the society’s main priority.


Do you want to know how much Gemstone pays their employees? Let’s take a look at the Microfinance Bank’s entire wage structure.


A branch manager is in charge of overseeing and managing a bank branch. They’ll be in charge of financial reporting, hiring and training employees, and increasing branch revenue. Managing and overseeing personnel, assisting clients, and delivering outstanding customer service are all responsibilities.

The branch managers at Gemstone Microfinance Bank are paid the most. They can earn anything between ₦100,000 and ₦500,000.


You basically assist firms and clients in selling their products and services online as a freelance digital marketer. It would be your job to reach out to your target market, direct them to their website, and convert them into paying customers.

What does a freelance marketer truly do? A freelance marketing consultant is a self-employed person that designs and implements marketing campaigns, channels, strategies, and other related responsibilities for their clientele. Banks, for example, use freelance marketing consultants to assist them in reaching new audiences, retaining existing consumers, and increasing income. Gemstone Microfinance Bank pays roughly ₦100,000 to their freelance marketers.


Marketing assistants aid the business team in developing new marketing strategies as well as planning, implementing, and tracking marketing campaigns. They may be responsible for analyzing data to track campaigns and analyze performance, generating and managing marketing collateral, assisting with event planning, and offering project-specific technical assistance.

While some companies demand prior expertise in sales, marketing, or advertising, marketing assistant roles at the Bank normally require a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar discipline, and the role is typically an excellent entry-level position for a career in marketing. The majority of marketing assistants are well-versed in communication and organization.

Gemstone Microfinance Bank pays marketing assistants between ₦50,000 and ₦100,000.


Direct sales people are responsible for showing product characteristics to customers. Trying to contact leads and setting up appointments to present corporate products are also part of their responsibilities. It also includes filling up order forms and submitting them for processing.

Gemstone Microfinance Bank pays its direct sales representatives roughly ₦50,000 per month.


Client management’s goal is to enhance the customer experience and deepen the relationship between a company and its customers. A client manager will participate in day-to-day conversations with customers, answering queries, resolving issues, and collecting feedback, based on the position.


A bank teller, sometimes known as a bank clerk, is an employee of the bank who assists customers with ordinary financial activities. Making deposits, processing withdrawals, and issuing money orders or cashier’s checks to bank customers are among their daily responsibilities.

At Gemstone Microfinance Bank, a bank teller gets roughly ₦50,000 per month.


What is the job title of a marketing assistant? They may be responsible for analyzing data to track campaigns and analyze performance, generating and managing marketing collateral, assisting with event planning, and providing project-specific administrative support.

The marketing assistants are paid between ₦100,000 to ₦200,000 by Gemstone Microfinance Bank.


The work of field savings agent is to learn about a client’s needs and to recommend the best savings and investment program to them. The work also includes market savings and Investment to potential clients to expand the company’s client base. It also includes inventing and testing new and unique ways to communicate the company’s message to current customers.

The compensation of a Field Savings Agent at Gemstone Microfinance Bank is in the area of ₦50,000.


Investment marketers are important for business analysis and forecasts. They also source MI in order to keep accurate records of actual and expected company levels.

Investment marketers at Gemstone Microfinance Bank are paid roughly ₦100,000 each month, up to a maximum of ₦200,000.


Gemstone Microfinance Bank’s hiring process is simple and straightforward, and it comes with a lot of benefits. It creates a way that encourages equal opportunity in recruiting and employment by not discriminating based on legal status or attributes as part of the institution’s principles. It gives a venue for strong, dedicated, and ambitious minds willing to tackle Nigeria’s microfinance challenges.

Gemstone Microfinance Bank’s open positions are often advertised on the company’s website. There, you must complete a form with private details such as your full name, date of birth, home address, qualifications, certifications, and a résumé upload. Indeed, it’s that straightforward.

Take into account that a CV isn’t just about a résumé and therefore must be tailored to the job description as much as possible.


With these figures in mind, you have a lot to look forward to if you opt to work for this financial organization – Gemstone Microfinance Bank. The Bank is unquestionably one of the most well-paid Micro – finance organizations in the country.

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