LASTMA Salary Structure: How Much a LASTMA Officer Earns (2024)

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LASTMA or Lagos State Traffic Management Authority is the state’s government agency responsible for managing, regulating and controlling vehicular traffic in Lagos State. The agency was established by the governor of Lagos State in 2006 to relieve the gridlock that had been building up on roads in major cities due to irresponsible driving habits.

lastma salary structure

If you have been using Lagos roads often, you should have seen uniformed officers in yellow top and brown trousers. These are LASTMA officers who are traffic regulators in Lagos State. LASTMA which means the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, is an agency that see to the smooth running of traffic in Lagos urban areas. These uniformed officers uphold traffic-related laws, and they are assigned and overseen by the Lagos State government and under the Federal Ministry of Transport.

This traffic agency employs staff to different positions to carry out various traffic services. The salary of these workers are based on their respective ranks and job positions. If you are interested in knowing the amount LASTMA pay their officers as salaries, then this post will give you all the information you need. This article will focus on LASTMA salary structure and how much monthly salary a LASTMA officer earns according to their ranks. It will also provide the functions of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.


Here is the salary structure of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority officers. This will help you know how much their staff earn on a monthly basis this 2024.

Though there is no official report by the Lagos State Civil Service Authority on how much salary LASTMA officers are paid, we discovered that the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority salary range runs between ₦54,000 to ₦120,000 per month depending on rank. Graduates officers earn over  ₦120,000 as average salary and it increases as the employees rank goes up.

If you would want to know much about the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority officers ranks and positions, then continue reading as we highlight more about the organization.


The ranks of LASTMA officers are not very different from the Nigerian police. The only difference is that in the case of the traffic management, a General Manager for the Traffic Management will be appointed to head the organization and shall have all powers as conferred by law or delegated by order of the Governor of Lagos State.

LASTMA is to a limited extent modernized to utilize modern technology and innovation to control the flow of traffic in Lagos city and the state as a whole. They furthermore uphold transit regulations which guides everybody using road transportation to avoid traffic offence and penalty.


The role and duties of LASTMA officers are to enforce traffic regulations and rules, control the flow of vehicular traffic, detect offences committed against drivers or passengers in public conveyance such as buses/taxis, provide assistance to members of the public who require help in distress situations on highways and other roads. They also have a responsibility to ensure that all vehicles (both commercial and private) comply with safety standards set by law; monitor toll gates at expressway for revenue collection purposes; collect data about accidents on transit routes within Lagos State

The functions of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) incorporates the following:

  • Their primary function is to protect and enhance safety of all road users
  • They improve condition and appearance of roads, and they as well improve the conditions for exposed road users
  • They ease traffic congestion and reduce travel delays
  • Traffic safety and accident management
  • Traffic control and enforcement
  • They redirect traffic for better environment
  • LASTMA Officers also improve access to commerce and industry through road maintenance
  • Public education and enlightenment
  • Road research and statistics
  • Driver training and certification
  • Vehicle inspection and certification

And other minor roles still made to improve the safety of roads in the state.


The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) as an office is headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The agency’s CEO office comprises of the public relation officers, the personal aide, a representative, secretary, drivers, dispatcher, couriers, to list just a few.

Below is a diagram showing LASTMA organogram:

LASTMA organogram nigerian infopedia


  • Administration and Finance: Records of staff, general organization of the office and money of the agency.
  • Account Department: This office handles all issues relating to documentation of money and checks for the agency.
  • Education and Training Department: This division organizes the in-house training of staff and drivers as determined by the LASTMA rules and guidelines.
  • Logistics and Transport Department: This division is responsible for the upkeep of the agency’s vehicles. They are also tasked with the responsibilities of handling logistics functions.
  • Planning, Research and Statistics Department: This office gathers, orders, investigations, and interprets data. It likewise directs research on the activities of the agency and results consequently acquired are utilized for arranging the organization’s functional exercises.
  • Store Units: The store is stacked with assortments of materials implied for use by officials and men of the LASTMA traffic agency.


LASTMA as a government agency likewise offers recruitment for work for the young undergraduates and youths that are looking for jobs. This organization is always prepared to entertain the qualified ones that pass the enlistment process. The pay for workers in this agency isn’t as mouth watering as other agencies, hence a lot of people seek to know what’s really this pay. In the course of this write-up, we have highlighted the salary structure of this traffic agency. We believe you now have the knowledge of how much LASTMA officers earn.

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