Top 10 Richest People in Edo State & Net Worth (2024)

Edo state has many wealthy people who are billionaires and millionaires as shown by their net worth. These elites are either businessmen, politicians, or owners of large corporations who have made significant financial investments in numerous ventures.

The majority of these wealthy people have been profiled on Forbes, and they lead opulent lifestyles to demonstrate their wealth. Edo is popularly known for their history and culture, and the state has a museum which depicts this culture and tradition. This state in the south-southeast is the home of many wealthy people. The majority of them have a variety of financial sources, the majority of which come from business and politics. We’ll look at the top ten wealthiest men in Edo state in this article, along with their current net worth.


The wealthiest people of Edo state and their various net worth are listed below.


Chief Dr. Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion is the current richest man in Edo state. His estimated wealth is $250 million. He is also the most well-liked person in the state and is widely revered by everyone. The respected elder statesman holds the title of “Esama of Benin Kingdom”. He has expanded his commercial interests into a variety of sectors, including media, education, oil and gas, and real estate.

Igbinedion is the founder of the most popular university in Edo state, Igbinedion University. The lavish Garden of Eden is also his property.

The Esama of Benin boasts a private television station and a radio station, which is impressive given the richness of the Igbinedion. In addition, he owns an oil refinery, a private bank, and a hotel network. Former Edo State Governor Lucky Igbinedion was also his son.


Mitchell Elegbe is the second richest business man from Edo state. He currently serves as CEO and MD of Interswitch, an African company that operates a multi-billion dollar internet payment gateway. He serves as an example for young people in Nigeria and is one of the few most prosperous entrepreneurs in the nation.

In addition to being an engineer, Mitchell Elegbe is a well-known philanthropist. For his performances in Africa, he has won a number of prizes. Through his business, transactions have been entirely automated thanks to the payment system he designed for simple electronic payments.

In addition to Interswitch, Mitchell owns other businesses and interests and leads a humble lifestyle. He is thought to be worth $200 million.


Adams Oshiomhole is the richest politician in Edo state. He is one of the wealthy individuals in the state with an estimated net worth of $200 million. He previously served as the head of the NLC and as governor of Edo State twice. Oshiomhole gained wealth from his political activities and is regarded as a political godfather in the state.

Much isn’t known about Oshiomhole’s businesses, investments and assets. But we do know that he is an extremely wealthy man who owns numerous houses. He had held some of the most important political posts in the nation.


Lucky Igbinedion is the son of Gabriel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin Kingdom. He is one of the richest persons in Edo state, just like his father. Lucky served as Edo State’s previous governor and is currently actively involved in local politics.

He was wanted by the EFCC in March 2008 after resigning as governor on a 142-count financial fraud accusation. He was accused of using front companies to steal nearly $24 million. Igbinedion is a key player in Edo state politics as well. He has an estimated net worth of $190 million.


Pastor Chris is by far the richest pastor in Edo state. He is also one of the richest men of God in Nigeria. His accomplishments place him among the richest men from Edo state. Pastor Chris is the General Overseer, Believer’s Love World Ministries, a.k.a Christ Embassy.

His church has a congregation of more than a million people globally, making it one of the wealthiest churches in Nigeria. Pastor Chris also has investments in the media and even in real estate. It is even rumoured that he is among the Nigerian pastors that owns a private jet which he does not make public. The estimated net worth of Pastor Chris is $120 million.


Eheneden Erediauwa is the current Oba of Benin and among the richest kings in Nigeria. He is a wealthy man, with a $100 million net worth, according to estimates. Oba Ewuare II is the most feared and influential individual in Edo state in terms of power and influence. He is revered as a deity and his words are regarded as the law.

Oba Ewuare II has investments both domestically and overseas and is married to several different wives. Also, he has numerous landed properties all around the country. Thus, he is the richest king in Edo state.


Chief Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi is a wealthy public persona from Edo state. His net worth is thought to be $90 million. Dokpesi, who was born in March 1951, is an Agenebode native. He owns a well-known media company in the country. Africa Independent Television, a well-known Nigerian TV channel, was founded by his media business, DAAR Communications (AIT).

He is a member of the People’s Democratic Party and has further investments that will increase his wealth (PDP).


Godwin Obaseki is the governor of Edo state currently. He is one of the richest governors in Nigeria. He has further businesses and assets that contribute to his net worth of over $80 million. He is a powerful person in the state and a registered PDP member.


Chief Idahosa Okunbo deals on a Construction industry. He has an assessed net worth of $75 million to be included as another wealthy businessman from Edo State. Okunbo is a successful businessman, philanthropist, investor, and licensed commercial pilot from Nigeria.

The millionaire carried out a homestead project worth ₦150 Billion in 2016. The purpose of this is to aid over 85,000 Nigerians.


Apostle Suleman is a clergy that also makes the list of the top ten richest men in Edo State. He had established himself as one of the most well-liked preachers in the country. Apostle Suleman is the president and founder of Omega Fire Ministry, OFM worldwide. Apostle Johnson Suleman at present has an estimated total assets and net worth of $70 million dollars.


There are a lot of wealthy people in Edo State. We choose to list the top ten richest men from Edo state to give you a viewpoint on the state’s wealthiest citizens in an effort to give you a glimpse of these wealthy personalities. We hope that this list inspires you to join them one day!

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