Doctor’s Housemanship Salary in Nigeria (2024)

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The medical profession is a high paying respectable profession that has so many opportunities. In this field of study, you’ll get doctors, pharmacists, dentists, opticians, radiologists, nurses etc. Out of the lot, the most recognized among these are the medical doctors. Medical profession demands a lot of concentration from those who study it, this is because the health of the people is important in every country. Studying medicine in Nigeria enables one to maintain a stable standard of living and increases one’s chance of traveling abroad for greener pasture. Many persons believe that doctors should be paid well as their need in the society is an essential one.


In Nigeria, a graduate of medicine cannot be called a medical doctor without passing through housemanship program. Housemanship offers doctors the opportunity to practice all that they have learnt in medical school in real life under the supervision of stronger professionals. This program is essential to every doctor and should be done as soon as they leave medical school. This program is a mandatory one-year internship programme for young graduates from medical school before their compulsory youth service. Enrolling for this program used to be an easy task in the past but due the increase in the population of doctors in the last few years, it has become the survival of the fittest. Because of this rush, hospitals only take the best candidates that passed their aptitude test.


Unfortunately, many young doctors feel that their salaries are poor when compared to the amount of work they do. The pay sometimes doesn’t match their expectations at all. When a doctor graduates from medical school, he goes for a one-year housemanship and this means that he could get a basic salary of ₦120,000 monthly. The housemanship salary in Nigeria may vary from ₦120,000 to ₦200,000 monthly.

Housemanship salary in Nigeria may differ significantly. This is dependent on many factors which include the location and the quality of hospital where the doctor goes to do his internship. Doctors that are doing this program in government hospitals are paid far better than their mates in the state hospitals and those groups are paid better than a lot of their mates in private hospitals.

Housemanship is just like learning a trade and being paid for the training. Housemanship salary structure is an important information to medical doctor who just graduated from medical school as well as some other medically related professionals. They go for this compulsory one-year horsemanship. It might interest you to know their salary structure too. Housemanship for other professionals is known as internship which include the medical laboratory scientist, nurses, pharmacists and dentists etc.

The average salary for various interns in Nigeria is the following:

  • Med Lab Intern – ₦120,000
  • Physiotherapist Intern – ₦140,000
  • Pharmacist Intern – ₦145,000
  • Physician Dentist Intern – ₦170,000


After the internship, a doctor may rise to become a consultant in the Federal Government Hospitals and is likely to receive up to ₦800,000 while a consultant in state hospitals may receive ₦700,000. Salary in every organization improves as one gathers experience likewise the medical service.

  • House officers receive from ₦140,000 to ₦180,000
  • Resident doctors receive ₦190,000 to ₦250,000
  • Medical officers receive ₦180,000 to ₦500,000
  • Consultants receive ₦600,000 to ₦800,000

Therefore, before and during the housemanship it is important for doctors to get all the vital information about how you can earn more money.

Medical doctors are paid some allowances apart from their basic salary which make them big shots in the society.

  • Specialist allowance

This allowance is paid to medical officers that are consultants.

  • Non-Clinical allowance

This allowance is paid to doctors who provide health services at Federal of Ministry of health and Federal Health Institutions.

  • Clinical duty allowance

This allowance is paid to consultants that are lecturers in the university and also do clinical work as well.

  • Call duty allowance

This allowance is paid to a doctor when he does a call duty work based on the medical institution roaster.

  • Teaching allowance

This allowance is paid to medical doctors who lecture in teaching hospitals.

  • Hazard allowance

This allowance is paid to doctors due to the risk associated with their jobs.

  • Rural posting allowance

This is paid to doctors that are posted in the rural areas to work in rural communities.

Medical doctors in Nigeria are likely to face challenges in their profession, but with experience they may become a highly paid specialist.


Medicine and surgery is the most recognized among other medical professions. Therefore, it is very competitive and there is a slim chance of one getting admission to study medicine. In fact, one out of fifty persons that opt for medicine and surgery gets it.


To be able to study medicine and surgery in any university in Nigeria, one must credit the core science subjects (physics, chemistry and biology) with English and Mathematics.


The individual must score above 250 in JAMB and also a score of that range in post UTME in other to gain admission. However, if he/she was not able to meet up with the JAMB or post UTME cut of mark, the individual could go ahead to study any other medical related course such as Microbiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology etc. The individual will have to start from 300 level. This method could take time but by the end of the day, being a medical doctor is achieved.


After spending about 6 years in the university, the individual acquires his/her MBBS (Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). This is often celebrated because not everyone makes it out of medical school. Some students are likely to be screened out to other departments, if they are not able to meet up.


As soon as doctors graduate, they go for their one-year housemanship to get real life experience in any government or private hospital


Doctors go for compulsory NYSC meant for every Nigerian graduate when they are done with their housemanship. The NYSC lasts for one year after which they are free to practice.


Doctors might not be earning as high as their contemporaries in the oil and gas sector but their salary is enough to attract young folks into the profession.

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