Top 10 Trusted Mobile Device Retail Outlets in Nigeria (2024)

There are reputable mobile retail outlets where you can purchase original Android phones, tablets, gadgets, good Bluetooth earpiece, and other accessories in the country.

We have taken time to list 10 of these trusted mobile shops where you can purchase these items in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria.

Mobile Device Retail Outlets in Nigeria


Here are the mobile stores where you can buy new phones in the country.


Also known as Slot Systems Limited or Slot Nigeria Ltd.

This is the most popular shop in Lagos where you can buy cheap phones and tablets, durable Tecno, itel, Samsung, Redmi phones, Nokia batteries and other accessories.

It is said that Slot Limited are usually the first to break tech news about new smartphones, its various functions and features to Nigerians, and usually the first to stock the latest mobile devices in their showrooms.

Where are they located in Lagos? Slot is located at computer village, Ikeja but they have various branches spread across the country.

Their official website of Slot Limited is

Slot Nigeria also sells their high quality devices at affordable prices when compared to other retail outlets in the country.


3C HUB is another leading reputable mobile retail store also located in Lagos with branches around Nigeria.

The 3C means confident, convenient and comfortable. And that is the kind of service they offer their customers.

If you are also looking for where to get original android phones at cheap prices in Lagos, this largest digital products retail store won’t disappoint you.

Some of the brands they sell include Apple iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Oppo, Redmi and Xiaomi phones, etc.

Their products also comes with warranty.

You can easily locate 3C HUB stores in many of the major malls in the country.


Third on our list is Micro Station, known to be in competition with other trusted mobile stores in the country, they have their presence also in Ikeja.

They also link up with major phone dealers in the country and are a popular choice for both end users and wholesalers.

They also have their branches around Nigeria as they offer top notch sales service and unique after sales service.

You can order any product from them and be sure to get it at your doorstep.

Microstation also offer warranty for their products.

Although, I noticed their price is kind up high when compared to Slot Nigeria.


Major phones dealers in the country that sells quality devices in different parts of Nigeria are on the rise and PTV Phones is one of the best around.

With outlets in states and major cities like: Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Kwara, Oyo state, Plateau etc.

PTV Phones provides their customers with affordable phones that fits their budget.


Apart from being the country’s first online retail store, Yudala is an online shopping platform with a mega retail store in different locations in Nigeria.

The company is popular among phone buyers and are also known to have an efficient logistics system to help customers track their delivery process until it reaches them.

With their vibrant customer care team, you are sure to get the best service from this store.


Pointek is another best online and retail stores with a large collection of mobile phones and electronics from trusted Original Equipment Manufacturers in the country.

You can order any item online especially If you want to buy any of these popular brands: Samsung, Redmi, Tecno, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, LG, Infinix, Panasonic, HP etc.

Original game console from Pointek can also be purchased and delivered to your door step.


As their name implies, affordable phones is a shop where you can buy a brand new Affordable Phones.

This outlet don’t only deal on new devices, but has also proven to be a place in Lagos where you will find U.K used phones and Nigerian used phones in good condition for half the price.

They have shops in popular places like Ikeja, Ikorodu, etc.


They are also one of the best phone retailers in the country with their locations currently at Agege, Ikeja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Sango.

Mizbeach Limited are known for their wholesale service to phone resellers at best prices.

They provide high quality and original phones and handsets to end users at cheap prices.

Their head office is located at Agege and also have warranty service on their products.


Best Mobile Store is another top mobile devices retail store in the country.

You are sure to find quality or better still follow come accessories ranging from mobile phones, laptops from leading manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony, Tecno, Infinix, LG, HP, Apple etc at Best Mobile Store.


Parktel is also one of the trusted stores you can buy original mobile phones from in Nigeria online.

You can easily and conveniently buy your phone online and getting it delivered to your door step anywhere in the country.


While there are other stores to get original and quality phones, these ones are trusted by Nigerians.

What’s your take on these stores? Did we miss any? Let us know by using the comment section below.

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