Top 10 Safest Areas to Live in Lagos State (2024)

Are you searching for the safest areas to live in Lagos? Are you busy wondering which neighborhoods in the bustling city offer secure environments and low crime rates? Look no further! We have conducted extensive research from trusted sources to bring you the top picks for the safest areas to live in Lagos.

Many people aspire to own an apartment in Lagos, which is not only regarded as a megacity but also as the nation’s economic hub. Lagos still remains the safest state in Nigeria, offers a diverse range of economic prospects and a striking blend of sociocultural concepts that set it apart from other states where real estate is plentiful.

safest areas in lagos

It is possible that you have heard Lagos referred to be the city of dreams coming true. This is as a result of the abundance of opportunities found there. But Lagos isn’t all sunshine and roses; this megacity has flaws as well. In this post, we shall provide the top 10 secure neighborhoods in Lagos with low crime rates that are perfect for families and individuals seeking peace of mind.


We have you covered if you want to reside in Lagos and want to avoid renting a place in the wrong area of the city. The top ten safe neighbourhoods in Lagos for 2024 are listed below.


When looking for renting in a somewhat safe area of Lagos, this is among the safest and most reasonably priced options. This area, with its high degree of development and infrastructure, is not only an excellent site to conduct business, but it’s also a nice place to live because of the round-the-clock security that guards the infrastructure and deters potential crimes.

It provides opulent amenities like five-star hotels, upscale restaurants serving both domestic and foreign cuisine, museums, and much more. Additionally, there is a diversity of individuals from throughout the globe.

Ikoyi need to be the first area on your list if you’re searching for a safe spot to live in Lagos in 2024. Renting a home in Ikoyi, which is part of the Eti-Osa local government, can cost anything from one million naira to fifty million naira a year.

Ikoyi is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Lagos. Known for its excellent schools, low crime rates, and peaceful environment, it offers a range of housing options for residents. Families can feel confident in choosing Ikoyi as a secure residential zone and a safe and family-friendly neighborhood to live in.


If you’re searching for safe areas to stay in Lagos in 2024, you should also consider Yaba. It’s in the Lagos mainland local government region, which is home to developing areas like Sabo, Ebute-meta, Akoka, and so forth.

It’s a smart mix of residential neighbourhoods, nightclubs, and startup tech companies that keeps the entire neighbourhood vibrant and young during the day and into the night. It is regarded as one of Lagos’s “cities that never sleeps.” Yaba should be one of the few locations you take into consideration if you’re looking for a secure neighbourhood with young residents.

Yaba houses are reasonably priced in comparison to other Lagos houses. In a city like Lagos, a two-bedroom flat can be purchased for as little as ₦45,000,000, which is a reasonable amount.


Not only is this one of Lagos’s most well-known and advanced cities. It’s regarded as one of Africa’s most advanced cities as well. This island is mostly encircled by water and is part of the Eti-Osa local government in Lagos.

This area is regarded as one of the most mature and safest in Lagos because of its chic nightclubs, luxurious hotels, fine dining options, and international retailers. As most celebrities adore this particular Lagos city, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet celebrities if you choose to live in VI. For this reason, it’s regarded as Lagos’s entertainment capital.

A house in VI can be purchased for ₦200,000,000, depending on the real estate agent and the property’s value. Invest in a home in VI now to experience the pinnacle of luxury.


Ikeja is an area where you can live safely in Lagos. With a land area of more than 40 km2, it is regarded as the capital of Lagos state. Ikeja is a fantastic area to think about if you’re searching for a planned, tidy, and peaceful residential and business district with government reservation zones, pharmacies, and shopping centres.

Ikeja is home to a number of interesting locations, including the National Theatre, the Freedom Park Museum, and the National Museum. This city also houses the headquarters of the Lagos State Broadcasting Service and the National Institute of Research.

Ikeja is a vibrant city that is continuously bustling, thus there is never a dull time there. In Ikeja, purchasing a home is not a huge deal. One can be yours for as little as ₦70,000,000, or you can rent one for as little as ₦5,000,000 per year. One safe area of Lagos to live is at Ikeja.


It would not be nice to assume that Surulere is an unsafe area to live in Lagos because of its past security problems. Surulere made our list because it’s now among the safest areas of Lagos to stay in 2024.

It is one of the most well-known locations in Lagos, and numerous songs by various musicians have referenced this city. It is the principal city that links the mainland to the island and is situated on the Lagos mainland.

There are numerous structures, including the Ten Strings Music Institute. On the ground, security is present around-the-clock to handle any potential security concerns. In Surulere, properties can be purchased for as high as ₦100,000,000. If you want a safe area to stay in Lagos, you should think about Surulere, a bustling metropolis.



This is one of the most expensive places you can rent a house within Lagos city. This area is home to numerous Nigerian celebrities from a variety of fields, including sports, music, and much more. It has to be on our list because it’s also the residence of Lagos’s and other cities’ political elites. The safety of Lekki is not up for debate.

We can state that Lekki is the safest area of Lagos to stay. It is situated close to Ijebu-lekki, Epe, and Eti-Osa. There are many of interesting places to visit, including Eleko Beach, Nike Art Centre, Lekki Conservation Centre, and many more.

There is also the Lagos Business School. The most developed city in Nigeria is Lekki, where ongoing efforts are being undertaken to enhance its current state of perfection. In Lekki, a house can be rented for about ₦50,000,000 a year or purchased for about ₦200,000,000.


Banana Island is a well-known island that has been tagged the most expensive place to live in Nigeria. You may have heard the name in a few songs performed by different African Nigerian musicians. This island serves as Lagos State’s benchmark for opulence and safety. Banana Island has a lot to offer.

First of all, it is situated as an artificial island off the coast of Ikoyi, close to the Eti-Osa local government. This island can compete with other premier cities in Lagos State thanks to its stunning and well-planned structure, cutting-edge commercial structures, and well-constructed residential sections.

Banana Island is a heavily inhabited region that is guarded around-the-clock. A variety of local and international celebrities call it home, and homes there start at $300,000,000 and up. One of the safest locations to remain in Lagos in 2024 is on Banana Island.


If you decide to live in Festac town, you may discover many lovely aspects of this city. It has a long history of successfully blending races and cultures. A residential community called Festac Town is situated near the Lagos Badagry motorway. Its construction dates back to 1977, when the Nigerian federal government took the initiative to build it.

Festac makes a lot of claims. With well over twenty million residents, it is the greatest city or housing estate in terms of population. Infrastructure and social facilities are under a little bit of strain. Festac Town is a symbol of variety and togetherness, thus you’ll discover people there who belong to many racial, ethnic, and tribal backgrounds.

Since it is a housing development owned by the federal government, security is constantly present. For this reason, it’s on the list of secure locations to stay in Lagos in 2024.


Another well-known city in Lagos is Apapa, which is safer than some other parts of the metropolis. West of Lagos Island is where this local government area is situated. You may find several of the developments in and around Apapa to be appealing.

It has a large number of ports and terminals, most of which are run by the Nigerian Port Authority. Although Apapa is not as developed as Lekki or Victoria Island, it is nonetheless just as safe. You’ll also run into a lot of working-class locals because Apapa is seen as a typical, safe area where people go about their daily lives.

In 2024, a property in Apapa can be purchased for as little as ₦45,000,000, making it an excellent bargain for those seeking a secure place to live.


Although Magodo is not one of the well-known locations that make news, it is a highly safe city where you can live in Lagos in 2024 if that’s what you’re looking for. Situated on the Lagos-Ibadan motorway, the area is part of the Kosofe local government.

You’ll see various enterprises, small-time dealers, and a lot more. In conclusion, it is primarily home to Lagos’s working class and upper class and is primarily defined by commercial activity.

One of the things that sets this neighbourhood apart is the constant presence of police officers, ready to take charge of any scenario that can endanger the lives, property, or commercial interests of the local populace. If you’re searching for a reasonably priced and secure place to stay in Lagos, Magodo is unquestionably one of the greatest options. Here, a house can be purchased for as little as ₦70,000,000.


You may be a little confused when it comes to housing in Lagos because there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding where to stay. It may be necessary for you to ask certain questions. You may find the frequently asked questions listed below helpful.


Lagos, which is one of the best states to live in Nigeria, has a plethora of stunning locations for you to explore. Everything is contingent upon your time, financial constraints, degree of ability, and area of interest. If you enjoy art, you can visit the National Art Museum in Lagos as well as other galleries.

If you enjoy the outdoors and beautiful scenery, you can also go to the beach. You can also visit the Epe mangroves, Terra Kulture, Lekki conservation centre, and resorts and spas.


If you are wanting to move to Lagos but don’t have a lot of money, you may need to hunt for affordable and reasonably priced locations to stay until you have enough money to move to a better area.

Locations like Ogba, Ikorodu, Mushin, Badagry, Paja, Ketu, etc. are worth seeing. You can get a place for yourself without breaking the bank at any of these locations because they are all reasonably priced. SEE THE TOP10 CHEAPEST PLACES TO LIVE IN LAGOS STATE.


Lagos offers a range of safe and secure areas to live in. Whether you are looking for the best places to live in Lagos, secure residential zones, or peaceful communities, there are many options available that suits your needs.

Ikoyi, Yaba, Ikeja, Magodo, and the Lekki to Ajah axis are among the top picks for the safest areas to live in Lagos. These areas provide secure residential zones, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents. Additionally, they offer peaceful communities where individuals and families can enjoy a high quality of life.

Whether you are searching for a family-friendly neighborhood with excellent schools or a peaceful residential area, Lagos has it all. The best places to live in Lagos are known for their secure housing options, safe neighborhoods, and peaceful environments.

So, if you are considering relocating to Lagos, rest assured that you can find a secure and peaceful place to call home. With various neighborhoods and communities to choose from, you can select the perfect location that meets all your requirements for a safe and peaceful living experience.

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