Top 5 Safest Northern States Nigeria (2024)

The vast and diverse region of northern Nigeria is home to a multitude of different cultures, ethnic groups, and geographical features.

Since the area has had numerous security threats over the years, there are a number of safety concerns to be raised.


Map Showing The Northern States in Nigeria

To guarantee a secure and safe visit, it’s critical to understand which states in Northern Nigeria are the safest.

To assist you in selecting a destination that best suits your needs, we will examine the top 5 safest states in Northern Nigeria in this post.


Here are the top five (5) states that are fairly safe for you to live in Northern Nigeria and visit:


The ‘Land of Equity’, Kebbi State, is a state in northwest Nigeria. It is a well-liked travel destination since it is among the safest states in Northern Nigeria.

The state is tranquil and provides a calm atmosphere for those who like to take in the local way of life and friendliness.

To preserve the calm in the state, the Kebbi administration has made significant investments in security measures.

The state is home to a number of checkpoints, and law enforcement and other security services are constantly on the lookout for any potential threats to public safety.


Kebbi State has a lot of interesting tourism destinations in addition to being safe.

These consist of Kainji National Park, Kanta Museum, and the Argungu Fishing Festival.

Kebbi State visitors can also savour the regional cuisine, which includes Miyan Kuka and Tuwo Shinkafa.

Kebbi State is a serene location ideal for travellers seeking a secure and serene setting in which to explore.

Due to the state’s dedication to security, it is a well-liked travel destination and an excellent way to learn about Northern Nigerian culture.


Northeastern Nigeria’s Gombe State is renowned for its hospitable populace and gorgeous scenery.

Gombe has maintained its peace and security despite being situated in a volatile and violent region.

It is now among the safest states in northern Nigeria as a result.

With a population of nearly two million, Gombe State is primarily a Muslim state.

Numerous ethnic groups, including the Fulani, Tera, and Tangale, call it home.

The state’s agriculture industry is flourishing, and major crops like maize, groundnuts, and rice are farmed there.

In addition, Gombe is the location of several tourist destinations, including the Gombe National Park.

This park attracts visitors from all over the world and is well-known for its chimpanzee population.

The Tula Hills and Kufai Mountain are two more Gombe tourist attractions.

Gombe has succeeded in keeping both its residents and visitors in a rather safe and tranquil environment, even though it is situated in a region that is notorious for insecurity.

The inhabitants of Gombe are typically peaceful and law-abiding, and the state administration has put safeguards in place to assure their safety and security.


Another Northern Nigerian state that has experienced notable security improvements recently is Sokoto.

Sokoto, one of Nigeria’s most peaceful states, is situated in the northwest of the nation.

The Sultan Palace, a well-liked tourist destination, is one among the state’s many religious and cultural landmarks.

The state government has made significant investments recently to strengthen the state’s security posture.

To help the security agencies carry out their responsibilities efficiently, they have provided them with cutting-edge equipment, instruction, and logistics.

Consequently, the quantity of crimes in the state has significantly decreased.

Additionally, the state administration of Sokoto has put in place laws that support community policing and exhort locals to be watchful and report any suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods.

In order to support the work of the security forces, they have also founded a number of vigilante and neighbourhood watch organisations throughout the state.


Sokoto is one of the safest states in Northern Nigeria, and visitors can go there without worrying about security.

We can only hope that more Northern Nigerian states would be able to emulate Sokoto’s level of safety through sustained efforts by the state government to uphold the state’s security.


One of the biggest commercial hubs in West Africa and the most populated state in Nigeria is Kano.

One of the safest states in northern Nigeria is Kano, despite its size and population.

Due to the state government’s efforts to maintain local security, the state has a low crime rate.

The state has made large investments in cutting-edge security technology, such as CCTV cameras, which have greatly lowered the state’s crime rate.

In an effort to combat crime, the state government has also implemented community policing programmes, which have shown to be quite effective.

Working closely with the local community, the police have been able to identify possible threats before they become violent crimes.

In order to fight crime, the government has also made technological investments, utilising drones and other high-tech tools.

Because there are few kidnappings and banditry incidents in Kano State, visitors can enjoy their visit with little fear for their safety.

Kano, with its low crime rate and strong security, is among the safest states in northern Nigeria.

This makes it the perfect location for tourists and business travellers who wish to take in the state’s natural beauty and culture without having to worry about their safety.


Bauchi, which ranks fifth on our list, is among the safest Northern states to live in Nigeria.

With a population of more than 5 million, Bauchi is one of the most tranquil states in the area and is situated in northeastern Nigeria.

Numerous ethnic groups live in the state, including the Hausa, Tiv, Fulani, and many more, and they all get along well.


Bauchi is a safe state in part because of the government’s proactive efforts to prevent crime and maintain security.

The police, army, and other security organisations are part of the state’s extensive security infrastructure.

In addition, programmes for community policing have been effective in reducing crime and upholding law and order.

Bauchi’s economy also heavily depends on tourism, and the state is home to several natural landmarks that draw visitors from both inside and outside of Nigeria, such as the Yankari National Park.

The state administration has taken steps to guarantee the security of visitors, drawing in holidaymakers with its alluring offerings.


No matter how well I put this article, the general consensus is that Northern Nigeria isn’t as secure as other regions in the country.

In fact, a recent report by human right watch, showed that armed group kidnapped over hundred persons across Northern Nigeria.

Things like petty theft, insurgency, stealing, etc are just of a few vices that occurs and hamper the safety of residents in the North.

Finally, safety is a relative concept, and you should always exercise caution when visiting any of the above Northern states.

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