Latest Price of Samsung 43-inch LED TV in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Samsung 43 inches LED TV is a good brand of television with good display options. This product has a slender build and a sleek design to complement to the modern features it is sophisticated with. With these features installed on the TV, one can see to the fact why Samsung rates among the most sought after brand in the electronics and gadgets market in Nigeria. Aside from the way that the brand has gained predominance for assembling top quality products, its easy to understand that the gadget have won the hearts of many of it users. This is seen in the consumer market which Samsung has a large patronage.

samsung tv prices in Nigeria

With Samsung TV, you can hope to be given nearly all you require and will require in a television set. Samsung is among the best three, with regards to brilliant video quality. A look at their 43 Inches LED TV, it’s obvious that it is one of the brand’s qualitative and standard electronics. It likewise among the most searched for as at now. Due to these reasons, a lot of people would want to know how much this TV goes for, so that they can get one of these good feature TVs. This write-up will as well include  the important things you will like about this Samsung 43-inch LED TV.

The Samsung 43 inches LED TVs are among the most sought after Samsung TVs in the market today. This is seen in the way a lot of people go for this kind of television set. Aside from the way that the size is reasonable for most conditions, they offer a vastly improved display than more modest ones. In spite of the fact that they are generally more costly than the famous 32-inch TVs, they offer quite a lot more as far as other review features.

Current Prices of Samsung 43 Inches LED TV in Nigeria (2024)

By and large, Samsung 43 inches LED TV has a good specification in the way they comes in various types. These varying types of the television set give users options as they change in screen display options. The three essential types are the contemporary 43-inch LED TV, Samsung 43-inch Smart TV and the Samsung 43 inches Full HD LED TV. The basic 43-inch LED TV can be gotten for a price range between ₦140, 000 – ₦155, 000 while the 43-inch Smart LED TV costs between ₦160, 000 – ₦180, 000. The most costly of the class is the Samsung 43 inches Full HD LED TV which goes for a price between between ₦180, 000 and ₦210, 000.

Brand new Samsung 43-inch LED TVs of a similar classification cost moderately the equivalent as other of this kind of television. Additionally, you can anticipate that costs of these electronics should shoot up during festive periods and towards the year’s end. This makes it possible for this TV to have a price of ₦150, 000 in March and will costs ₦180, 000 or higher in March. These components and determiners have been considered in the prices range expressed here in this write-up.

That’s the view of the prices of Samsung 43 inches LED TV in the country. From this illustration, it obvious that there are some variety in the costs of this product. It’s important to note that this discrepancies is because of some basic variables that influences the cost of these televisions – which includes the location and time of procurement. It should be taken of note here that factors like the time of production of the TV doesn’t basically influence it costs.

On where to get these TVs in Nigeria, they can be purchased directly from the producers or their agents in the country. They can likewise be purchased on the web and other online electronic retail stores in the country. A good number of electronics stores have a collection of this product.

Pros and Cons of Samsung 43 Inches LED TV

Here are some important things you will like about this television set:

  • Good Picture Quality: Samsung is a brand you can always look for when it comes to picture quality. Regardless of whether you will be viewing a football match, a TV show, music video, films or some other entertaining programs, then this Samsung TV guarantees you the most ideal support with terms of picture quality. With the bigger view and additionally viewing angle, this 43 inches TV adds better value to your viewing experience.
  • Durability: Certainly, a television’s strength is judged by how long they can be used for a long time without having any issues. With regards to durability, this Samsung TV is an ideal option to go for. Indeed, all Samsung brand TVs and gadgets boast this quality and they don’t look like losing that at any point in the near future. With all these about this 43 Inches LED TV, you can be ensured to use the TV for quite a while without it losing its bit of value.
  • Standard Size: Samsung 43 inches TV offers a TV size that impeccably fits in any place and environment. For a little room, the TV size is a moderately good  and for a huge room, it fills in as a standard TV size.
  • Top-Class Sound Quality – Sound quality is one area a lot of people don’t really consider when they want to purchase a television set. With time, this however turns out to be significant. There is no essence of having a stunning viewing experience when the sound quality is awful. This would be a good mix. Samsung 43 inches TV not just offers noteworthy picture quality, but it mixes entirely well with the display, which makes this one of the absolute best in its classification. You will see the remarkable sound quality very quickly you put the TV on.

In the other hand, here are few odd things you may not like about Samsung 43-inch LED TV:

  • Relatively Costly – Generally, Samsung electronics are very costly and you wouldn’t expect anything less from this their TV. In spite of the fact that the way things are, they may not be the most costly TV brands in the market, they are far more costly when compared with other brands. One thing that is certain with Samsung products is that, there is an extremely high possibility you get an value for your money.


Conclusively, Samsung 43 Inches LED TV is a television brand that have been rated by many. With this product, you can have significantly more than just normal viewing in any event. Contingent upon the type or brand you are going for, you can appreciate the standard features that will better your overall TV experience. Few of these important features include CableCard with TV guide EPG, full resolution TV input and many others. This article has been able to highlight the current cost of Samsung 43 Inches LED TV in Nigeria.

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