LG 43 inches LED TV Price in Nigeria (June, 2024)

LG is one of the largest electronics manufacturers of LED TV’s in Nigeria and extensively in the world. The company is known for being distinctive in the production of television and other home electronics. These LED televisions come in different sizes and details so as to give its users the best deal. The new brand of these TV sets now come with modern technological innovation which makes the electronics set sophisticated and giving more options rather than just watching. LG 43 inches LED TV is a portable product from LG brand. We will look at the price of this television set in the country.

LG Televisions in Nigeria

First and foremost, a television is an essential unit of the home entertainment system for display purposes. These electronics have been on use for a long time now, and it is gradually getting improved along the years. With gradual increase in technological innovation, most television now transcend from just watching your shows and movies. These new input now allows users to connect to the internet and download different apps and games. They can likewise connect to other smart devices like phones or computer to transfer some movies or data. Also, with the HDMI or USB connections, users can easily connect their laptops to continue watching your movies. These alluring features are found in this LG 43 inches LED TV which we want to provide its current price in the market.

LG 43 inches LED TV offers higher quality and additional features which is one of the reasons why the product is getting more popular in the market. Having low thickness, this TV, can be easily mounted on the wall and this makes this appliance give more elegance to wherever they are mounted or installed. They are not overly big, neither are they small. The 43 inch TVs are usually the best and most preferred choice for standard-sized rooms. You can likewise use this TV as great options for office receptions, offices, bedrooms and other similar places.

Over the years, LG 43-inch LED TVs have dominated the market here. They have edged the likes of the 22 and 32-inch TVs, to be ranked the most sought after television set. An important reasons for this is it size, sleekness and display. It can be simply put that the TV gives one everything they need from a television. The fact that this TV comes in Light Emitting Diode (LED) screen display makes the picture quality more enticing which goes to give wonderful viewing experience. Outside the pictures, the sound output of this LG TV is commendable and fit in the environment used.

Current Prices of LG 43-inch LED TV in Nigeria (2024)

With the intriguing features of this TV set, we hope you have finally settle on it? Perhaps you might now be contemplating on how much the LG 42-inch LED TVs cost? If that’s the case, they you are are not far from the answer. Here, we will take a peek at the current prices of LG 42-inch LED TV in the market here in Nigeria.

LG television sets when contrasted with other brand of TVs in a similar evaluation, they are not that expensive. In spite of the fact that they are even more costly than most different TVs, with their picture quality, sound output and generally speaking features, you can make certain to get a value for all the pennies you pay for the TV. This 43-inch LED TV is one of the low budget television that gives great value in it class. Basically, LG 42-inch LED TV comes in various sizes and slight classification. These types are entirely differ in screen display options of the TV. The two essential types are the contemporary 42-inch LED TV and the LG 43-inch Smart TV (signage).

Looking at the cost of LG 43-inch LED TV in Nigeria, the basic 42-inch LED TV can be gotten for a price between ₦105, 000 – ₦150, 000 while the 43-inch Signage Smart TV goes for a price between ₦180, 000 – ₦220, 000. 

That’s the cost of obtaining this LG TV in the country, but however, there may be some kind of slight variation of this figure from what’s obtained in the current market. It’s important to note that this differences in the price of this television is because of certain variables that incorporate the location and time of purchase. It should be noticed that a few components like the manufacturing date of the TV doesn’t really influence it costs. Some new TVs of a similar sort cost moderately the equivalent price as this 43 inches LG LED TV.

Where To Buy LG 43 inches LED TV in Nigeria

So then, where can one buy LG 43 inches LED TV in the country? Electronics stores and the online ones offer a wide variety of this LG televisions at the most affordable prices around. In these places you can shop your 43” LG television with either Full HD or 4K UHD display feature. When choosing the television, some important factors to note is the size of the room, the distance of the average seat from the screen and the resolution of your screen. An HD display should be used if the room is smaller with the seats less than 100cm away from the screen, but in the other way around, you can use the UHD display.


The LG 43-inch TV is a sleek and large screen television with a lot of modern features. Irrespective of its relatively small size, this electronics doesn’t come ordinary. This is perhaps the smallest television that has the 4K UHD type of display. Also, the company has made this size class available in the HD, FHD, and as well the 4K UHD type. Morover, the LG 43 inches LED TV can be integrated with the smart feature that uses the WebOS with many other amazing intelligent and display features.

Things you will like about the LG 43-inch LED TV includes: Outstanding picture quality which offer great graphics and make your overall viewing experience better; Perfect screen size which fits perfectly into every environment like living rooms, offices, bedrooms, public areas, and other similar places; another thing to like about this TV is the Viewer-friendly screen type which come as LEDs and are brighter, more colorful to offer great viewing experience.

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