Latest Price of Hisense 43 Inches TV in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Hisense 43-inch TV is definitely a qualitative television to suit your style and budget. This brand of Hisense TVs displays the best in cutting-edge display technology and other intriguing features.   Hisense 43 inch TVs may not be that expensive as they are budget-friendly and has prices which is contingent upon the specification of the individual product. Looking at these specification, there are a whole lot of features in this Hisense TV which will completely transform your living room at affordable prices. This article will likewise investigate and highlight the costs of this brand of television set.

hisense tv prices in Nigeria

As unpopular Hisense TVs may be when contrasted with the top names like LG and Samsung,  they clearly rates among the best in the industry. This brand probably won’t be the principal name on your list of television brands with regards to the most ideal ones.  Having seen how Hisense TVs makes the mark, it’s quite astonishing how the tyro electronic brand has contended with the heavyweights in the industry, by effectively settling itself among the absolute best. When talking about standard picture quality; and also magnificent sound output, then Hisense has so far demonstrated to merit the publicity.

Hisense Televisions, in the same way as other television sets, they are available in various types. They range from the basic LED TV to more complex Smart TVs with varying review insight. Hisense 43 inches TV also come as Full HD, UHD, 4K TV and many others.

Current Prices of Hisense 43 inches TV in Nigeria (2024)

Have you finally choose to settle for this 43’ Hisense TV? This is certainly the most preferred option if you want a large display screen television for your home and offices. We will highlight the current prices of the different brands of Hisense 43 inches TVs. We will subsequently give some thoughts why they rate among the best in the class.

In view of the current valuation of TVs in the Nigerian market, the essential Hisense 43 inches LED TV can go for a price on the range between ₦95, 000 and ₦115, 000, while the 43 Inches smart TV version goes for a price between ₦120, 000 and ₦145, 000. These prices of Hisense 43 inches TVs are relying upon the location of purchase and also the time in why the purchase was made.

On where to get Hisense 43 inches TVs in the country, they can be bought from different Hisense producers and agents. Also, a good number of electronic gadget stores in the country have a collection of these TVs. For ease, it is as well preferable to buy the television from different online web-based retail stores in the country. In the event that you are using the latter medium, you can anticipate the product delivery within a period of 5 to 20 working days, contingent upon the location you are requesting from.

Pros and Cons of Hisense 43 Inches TVs

Let’s enumerate the things you will like about Hisense 43 inches TV. Subsequently, we will highlight the odd things about this kind of TV.

Advantages of Hisense 43 inches TV include:

  • Splendid Picture Quality: Hisense TV is known be top-class products and some is seen in their 43 inches TV as it has a magnificent picture quality that rates them among the absolute best on the lookout. The 43 inches TV offers far better viewing angle than numerous other television brands.
  • Amazing Sound Quality – Another eminent favorable things to like about the Hisense 43 inches TVs is that the television has an extraordinary sound quality that conveys easily even without external sound systems.
  • Relatively Affordable: When it comes to rating top-class TVs in terms of affordability, Hisense products are among the most favorable. It is imperative to take note that while Hisense TVs are not the most moderate cost in the electronics market in Nigeria, they rate among the best estimated products when one looks at quality and to an extent the magnitude of the costs. When contrasted with other related top brands like LG and Samsung, Hisense TVs particularly the 43 inches TVs, gives an edge.
  • Durability: Obviously, durability is one of the major reasons brands like Samsung and LG are leading the choices of people. This implies that their products are truly dependable and can be utilized for an exceptionally significant time-frame. Hisense has joined this path as their items have likewise been tried and trusted. You can utilize this their 43 inches TVs for an exceptionally lengthy timespan with no issues, which is possible if they are looked after well.
  • Energy Saver: Energy saving is as well important to consider in a television set. What Hisense TVs have over most other TV brands is that a large number of their TVs are energy savers. Having a television set that saves energy, helps to further cut power usage cost which will positively help the operation go through.

In the opposite direction, here are some odd things you might dislike about Hisense 43 inches TV:

  • Absence of Super-fast Processor – The speed of processors in electronic gadgets often determine the functionality of the product. While the processor of Hisense 43 inches TV may be quite alright, it isn’t super-quick enough to rival other prominent TV brands. Because of this, the general experience may be to a great extent dependent on the usage and what you are running on the TV at that specific time.
  • Limited Application Support – Application support is limited for this Hisense 43 inches TV. This is a different story unlike the smart TVs where there are relatively few application support systems.  This is found in numerous different brands of Smart TV like Samsung and LG. While basic applications like the famous Windows Media Player are just insignificantly upheld, there are some applications that probably won’t function well on the TV. This is a major let-down as a lot of users and fans would have been hoping for something good. Indeed, dispatching a portion of the applications that are not completely upheld may bring about the TV to falter, which will influence the conveyance and functionality of the application.
  • Difficulty in connecting Wi-Fi – Some users of Hisense 43 inches smart TV can now and then be challenging with regards to connecting with Wi-Fi. It tends to be hard to interface with external Wi-Fi, which can be an issue for users that are hoping to link their Smart TVs to the internet. This and the aforementioned ones are the downside of Hisense 43 inches TVs.


Hisense 43 inches TV is a preferred viewing device for your homes and as well offices. The electronic gadget can settle down in anyplace in the living room and enable you to watch the TV with ease. This obviously makes an incredible viewing experience with the stunning and standard picture quality. With these qualities, you can hope to make a decision on this brand of Hisense TV. We have encapsulate the current price of this 43 inches TV in the country.

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