Best Brands of Fridges/Freezers in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

Fridges and Freezers has been an important appliance for both homes and offices in the country. The fridge is an ideal device for keeping food and drinks cold, while the latter is as well utilize in preserving these substance in frozen state. These two related appliances are not only functional for preserving food and drinks, but they are very essential in keeping our water chill. With the overarching heat in most part of the year in Nigeria, these appliances are certainly the preferred options to get through the system. This article will list the best brands of fridges /freezers and their respective current prices in the country.

prices of refrigerators in Nigeria

In the write-up below, we will look specifically at the most ideal brand of refrigerators and freezers which are the best in the country. We will consider everything about these appliances: from the price ranges to the functionality and durability. This rundown will only feature the best and coolest of the different brands of fridges and freezers in the Nigerian market.

Top 5 Best Brands of Fridges/ Freezers in Nigeria and Current Prices (2024)

In the country, there are good number of brands that have a name in the fridge and freezer market. These include the top names that has been giving out good and quality products to the country’s market. The following is the detailed list of top five of these best fridges/freezers brand and their product prices:

Haier Thermocool HRF-300 LUX

This is a top deep freezer made by Haier Thermocool, a reputable electronics brand.  Having a double door design, this freezer is fit for holding a volume of up to 339L and the appliance tries to pack the features of a perfect deep freezer. When talking about deep freezers, it is deserving of note that the HRF-300 LUX utilizes the immediate cooling innovation. The point of this development is to guarantee that things in the freezer lose heat quicker and are kept cool and new as long as 100 hours after the power outage.

That and many other solitary features makes it a welcome product to the Nigerian market where we have issues of abysmal power supply. On the off chance that you live in a mutual or compacted space, you can guarantee your things in the fridge stays protected since there is a lock and key incorporated into the design of the freezer.

On the whole, the HRF-300 LUX is a brilliant deal from Haier Thermocool having a depth of 675mm supplementing the width of 595mm. The best price for the Haier Thermocool HRF-300LUX is ₦234, 000 in Nigeria.

LG Refrigerator 221ALLB

Making of home electronics is certainly one thing that LG dominates at. The brand has been a force to reckon in the electronics and gadgets market. Deciding on a single door design, this refrigerator is an extraordinary alternative for people who might want to use their unit for a particular capacity that the fridge unit serves.

In terms of specification, the refrigerator remains at a height of 8 cubic feet, and the limit is unquestionably not an issue for the unit which can hold as much as 221 liters. Containing two glass shelves for division of food classes in the refrigerator, an interior lighting framework was additionally tossed in with the general mish-mash.

What might be generally important to somebody needing their cool and fresh food as well as drinks is the compressor, of which LG used the straight kind. This feature helps to give the best result in cooling the stuff. Being available in silver, the Asian producer offers this unit at a practically good deal. Silver 221ALLB Single Door Refrigerator Linear Compressor goes for a price around ₦160, 000 in the country.

HiSense REF 67 WS

The HiSense REF 67 WS is a multi-colored refrigerator that is as well available in silver. Using this product would take up to a volume of 516 liters before it arrives at its full limit. The refrigerator has been made in light of a great deal of features, all pointed toward giving the users the best insight while using the appliance. In the first aspect, this unit ships with a multi-air flow system that ensures the exchange of heat in quicker and more effective ways. What that basically means is that there would be Super Freeze and Super Cool capacities empowered on the unit.

In like manner, the fridge has been intended to emit less noice. Steady humming of an refrigerator can some of the time agitate, yet that isn’t to be stressed over here. Different other highlights about this Hisense fridge that incorporate the touch button controls, an alarm fixed to the entryway of the refrigerator and furthermore, enhancements to make the model a good one with respect to environment friendliness. This refrigerator fall in the price range of ₦320, 000 – ₦400, 000.

Samsung 206L Duracool Chest Freezer

This Samsung product adopts a one-compartment system. Their Duracool Chest Freezer is an ideal deep freezer that can be used for a wide range of products preservation. All things considered, the freezer can hold as much as 206L worth of substance and conveys a unique compressor.

The compressor on this unit is so incredible and can work at temperatures of 50 degree Celsius and still keep the food in it new form. This is lasting as long as 110 hours after the power outage.

Going further, this freezer unit is an award winning and less power consuming product. In addition to the fact that it would ensure the food in it is very much protected, it would likewise do that while consuming the least possible energy. Other features on the Samsung 206L Duracool Chest Freezer are two wire baskets and an all-aluminum interior.  To add to all of these, this is one freezer you won’t have to stress over for anything. This is due to the fact that it has what it takes to get the job done. Samsung Duracool Chest Freezer cost from ‎₦103, 000 in Nigeria.

Samsung 305 Refrigerator

The Samsung 305 Refrigerator is a simple yet elegantly designed appliance. With it enormous exquisite design, it is the only way the producer could have hide the sophistication that lies underneath the surface of the unit.

This Samsung refrigerator has a digital inverter compressor which works to satisfy any type of cooling preferences it user could have. These digital inverter compressor starts and keeps working with whatever kind of cooling demand, unlike everyday compressors which are limited. Options is even given to users as they are able to change the cooling conditions to about seven different options depending on what they want. Complementing to that, the refrigerator unit still manages to utilize lesser energy for cooling your products and emits less noise.

Furthermore, the 10-year warranty slapped on the product will give you peace of mind on what you are getting. The best price of 305 Litre Samsung Duracool Refrigerator in Nigeria is around ₦233, 000.


That’s the few to mention best brands of fridges and freezers that are in the country’s market. We emphasized much on these products by highlighting their respective features. How much these refrigerators cost was also our discussion here.

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