Best Brands of Blenders in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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As versatile as blenders are, there is no doubt that it’s one of the household appliances that have importance with its application in the home. The kitchen is the primary place that these blenders are used. A lot of things are being done with this kitchen appliance; blenders can swiftly grind and mix a wide range of food substances, natural products, tomatoes, pepper and substantially more of these fruits and vegetables. Are you interested in a good blender? In the event that you need a quality and durable kitchen appliance like this, you can’t expect a low standard with any one in this list of the top five best blender brands in Nigeria.

prices of blenders in Nigeria

However, it is important to note that not exclusively do these blender rate first, but they additionally make up the top brands in Nigeria that offers the most preferred kitchen and household blenders.


Like with most other electronic products, picking a blender from the over whelming number of choices might be something of taking a risk. To help you get the best deal on this, we’ll highlight the best blenders that are available in the country’s market today with their prices.


Binatone has always been the best and most reliable blender brand in Nigeria. They also are leading the electrical product production industry for household appliances. The company’s lifestyle has become a world figure notable in electrical machines, with inside and out mastery in a perfectly made range of products.

The Binatone BLG-452 is a super blender which runs on 2 speed-beat modes, accompanies a 1.5L limit, hardened goblet and an excellent scratch-proof glass container. An advanced look mixed with present day innovation makes the product worth making our first place.  This blender can be controlled and used in any place you discover comfort – due to how it is compacted and convenient.

BLG-452 blender assists with setting up your number one organic product juices, milkshakes and different mixed drinks at the earliest possible time and effectively crush nuts, flavors, meat, coconuts. Looking at other intriguing features, the blender has a power rating of 350W and the price range for BLG-452 is ₦8,000 to ₦30,000 in Nigeria.

SAISHO S-1851 BLENDER – ₦7,500

Saisho S-1851 Blender is another best blender in the country. It accompanies a simple to use design which makes it no be versatile. The appliance also offers top notch tempered steel cutting edges. Like the preceding brand, you get a blender and processor with S-1851. The blender offers 2 distinctive speed levels to control the the movement and the speed as well.

At the point when you are finished with mixing, storage and upkeep of the unit, they are accounted for. This means the appliance can easily be maintained and coupled back after usage. Working with this kind of blender is a mix of tough, steel sharp edges that guarantee the most significant level of fineness. Additionally, the components are easily separable, when considering simpler cleaning of the general unit.

The blender is additionally packaged with an electrical switch that would forestall a wear out of the engine at operational conditions where the machine is unneeded. This will help maintain a low energy usage level.

To wrap everything off, the Saisho S-1851 blender performs a multifunction blending and crushing while at the same time giving producing low noise. The best price for buying this Saisho Blender in Nigeria is ₦7,500.


This Master Chef Electric Blender is a solid blender that accompanies mill also. It is a versatile kitchen appliance which will make food processing simpler and faster‎.‎ The machine can further be utilized to granulate and mix various types of stuffs like tomatoes‎,‎ pepper‎,‎ ginger‎,‎ garlic and more‎.‎

However, there are a wide scope of food sources which require various ingredients to make them delectable and tasty. These food stuff can be blended by the utilizing the Master Chef Electric Blender with Mill‎.‎ This will easily mix these ingredients together, thanks to the tough and sharp pivoting metal blade‎ that the machine has.

The key features of this blender include: Blends, Grinds, 1 Litre Cup, Rolling cable storage, High speed level and 2 grinding mills.

QASA QBL 1861A BLENDER – ₦10,000

QASA is one of the brand that has been making waves in terms of home appliances. The company has a vast category of products in an assortment of beautiful designs. The QASA –New Generation Qlink Blender QBL-1861A is an unadulterated copper engine blender with premium quality tempered steel edges.

This machine can be sure to effectively slice through a wide range of ingredients, flavors, pepper and vegetables. It has a good capacity of 2000ml (2 Liter) container for mixing semi strong and fluid food.

The QBL-1861A blender is very easy to use with non-slip base and can be utilized to make smoothies with its cushion controls and programming. Furthermore, it has a rotating speed of 10000-13000 rpm, and has an active engine with 4 speed controls to vary the performance of the machine. This goes to show that there is much to expect from this QASA blender.


VTCL Soitaire Blender is a Grinder and Mixer set mixing machine. It is a kitchen appliance that is utilized for something other than the basic family unit capacities. The machine has a high power rating of 750 watts, such maximum usage is resulted in its activities which is very swift and active.

The grinder and blender set accompany two arrangements of fittings for the granulating and blending activities carried out. In this way, the substantial grinder will take awesome consideration of both wet and dry mixing. It will also ensure the engine is safe against electrical over-burdens and as well hold the toughness and sturdiness it accompanied.

The price of VTCL Soitaire Blender Grinder and Mixer Set starts from ₦16,000 in the country. On a whole this blender is really something for the more than average users.


After we have highlighted above the rundown of the best blenders in Nigeria, we don’t think there is anything you need to mix that will not get dealt with well. This post covered multifunction blending equipment like the double mixers, single blenders, dry and wet grinders thus substantially more. Going for any one of these kitchen appliance, we guarantee you the best for your kitchen. To give you a clue on what to budget for, we included the price and availability of these blenders in the country.

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