Best Cable TV’s in Nigeria and Their Prices (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:33 pm

Television broadcasting in Nigeria is no longer what it used to be in time past, thanks to a new resurgence and innovations in the system.

This innovation, which is as result of the improvement in science and technology has made it possible for Nigerians to have access to over 150 TV channels at a go.

How is it possible? This might be the question ringing in your head and heart. You could be thinking how is it possible that an average Nigerian can watch over 150 channels? This is made possible and achievable due to the introduction of Cable TVs into the country.

What’s Cable TV?

Cable television is a system in which television programming is delivered to consumers through radio frequency (RF) signals with the help of  fiber-optic cables.

In a more explanatory manner, Cable TV’s are systems of delivering quality television programmes to customers through the help of decoder and satellite-based signals.

Unlike the analogue type of broadcasting, Cable television doesn’t require antenna for clearer signal, it only requires a satellite dish (as in DSTV) or ordinary decoder as far as you are in an area where there’s great signal (as in Startimes, TSTV and other services providers)

Another reason why cable TV industry continues thrive is the fact that it’s more cheaper and affordable than what it used to be during its early days in the country.

In time past, only the well-meaning and rich Nigerians can possess a cable TV network as a result of their expensive nature. However, that isn’t the case anymore, cable TVs are now available at cheap and affordable price, and average Nigerians can go for any subscription and brand of their choice.

Type of Cable TVs in Nigeria & Prices This 2023

Dstv was the first cable TV in Nigeria as the service provider found their way into west Africa in the late 90s. Currently owned by Multichoice, Dstv is highly regarded as the best satellite TV network among Nigerians due to their unique and unrivaled channels and programmes.

However, Dstv continue to face huge competitions from other cable TVs service providers that found their way into the country. There are now many cable TVs in Nigeria as at the time of this post and we shall list them and their prices one after the other.

#1. DSTV

dstv nigeria

No cable TV is more deserving of the first position than DSTV. As said earlier, this TV service provider set the pace for others to follow, hence, their experience and efficiency can’t be overlooked nor overemphasized.

Talking of popularity, DSTV is the first because they are widely known over Nigeria and beyond. They are known for different interesting channels such as Cartoon Networks , AL Jazeera, CGTN, Supersport, and many others.

However, you must get an experienced installer to help you fixed your DSTV dish , which will be given to you whenever you get your decoder, so as to enjoy awesome picture quality and uninterrupted signal.

DSTV, just like other cable TVs, consists of different decoders and different subscription packages, below are some of their decoders alongside their prices.

  • Price of DSTV Decoder (without installation) == N9, 000 – N12, 000
  • Price of DSTV Decoder (with installation) == N12, 000 – N16,000
  • DSTV Explora price (without installation) === N60, 000 – N65,000
  • Price of DSTV Explora (without installation) == N63, 000 – N65, 000

#2. GoTV



Also owned by Multichoice, GoTV is another good cable TV in the country that gives you the enjoyment you are looking for in DSTV. Though DSTV is highly rated by many Nigerians, Multichoice also ensured that Gotv isn’t a second-fiddle to its counterpart

There are many local and international TV channels on GoTV platform, which among them are Channels TV, OGTV, Africa Magic Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and much more.

Unlike DSTV, GoTV doesn’t require big-time installation process, all you need to do is get your decoder and read the manual on how to install it yourself.

GoTV decoders are not expensive, hence, you don’t need to worry about the price because an average Nigerian can afford it. The price of a GoTV Decoder varies from N6, 500 to N9, 700.

Meanwhile, it is very important to let you know that the channels available to GoTV subscribers are not as much as DSTV subscribers.

#3. TSTV

tstv nigeria

TSTV is one of the latest cable TV making headlines in Nigeria. The fact that this TV service provider hasn’t been in the market for a very long time doesn’t take anything away from its efficiency and ability to deliver great services to you.

Apart from the fact that their decoders are relatively cheap and affordable, their subscription packages are equally one of the best you can ever come across in the country.

Unlike other cable TVs where you only have the opportunity to subscribe for monthly package, TSTV offers you the chance to make a day subscription which cost just N200.

Though the channels available on this platform isn’t as much as you would love to have, TSTV can boast of over 30 local and international channels. Their decoder ranges from N5,500 – N8, 000, but you will need to test-run the decoder before taking it home to avoid buying substandard decoder from fraudsters.

#4. Startimes

Startimes cable TV continues to build great reputation in the broadcasting industry in Nigeria and beyond. Startimes are not just a top cable TV, they are rated as one of the best service providers in Nigeria as we speak.

Their subscription packages are very interesting and affordable, while you will definitely derive pleasure from their channels.

Talking of the price of their decoders, it is less expensive when compared to DSTV decoders. You are guaranteed to have a Startimes decoder with either N7,500 or N9,500.

#5. MyTV

MyTV is cable TV has been in the country for a while but doesn’t gain the attention it deserves from the public. It has been in existence before TSTV was introduced into Nigeria but only few Nigerians have it in their homes.

The fact that it doesn’t have many international and local channels remains the major reason why many Nigerians didn’t develop much interest in the Cable TV.

Despite few channels, MyTV still remains one of the greatest entertainment-oriented cable TVs in the country. The price for their decoder ranges from N7,000 to N9,500.

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