Current Price of Dstv Explora in Nigeria March 2023 (Updated)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:33 pm

This post contains the new and latest price of DSTV Explora in Nigeria and where to buy it online in Nigeria this April, 2024.

It is no news that Multichoice has released the DSTV Explora Decoder in Nigeria as one of their latest decoders with special features you might not find in the normal Dstv decoder. So how much is the latest price of DSTV Explora in Nigeria? Lets first take a look at some of the features of this new decoder.


Some of the features of the Dstv Explora that makes it worth buying is the presence of remote recording of favorite shows, HD viewing of channels, a playlist to arrange your recordings, Box Office that shows you your favorite movies, more recording time of up to 220 hours of content and a new DSTV Explora remote control different from the old one and much more

We listed other DSTV subscription plans and latest price list this 2024 HERE, if you still want to opt for any of them

Multichoice says the decoder also comes with internet access that would enable you stream and download media contents online. The DSTV Catchup feature enables you catch-up with your favourite programmes you might have missed. You can also rent and download available movies and store them for 48 hours.

The price of the Explora decoder in Nigeria currently is about N45,000 at DSTV dealers/outlets in Nigeria while the price for the DSTV Explora on Konga is between N46,000 and N50,000 online.

Update: How much is the new DSTV Explora in Nigeria this March 2023?

The DStv Explora is currently being sold at Multichoice offices in Lagos for a retail price of ₦45,000 for Explora decoder + Dish kit + Smart LNB. Terms and conditions apply.

Right now, there is an offer to get the Explora decoder plus one-month Premium subscription for N38,300, down from N60,000, while an Explora decoder plus one-month Compact Plus subscription cost is now N33,500, down from N52,200.

DSTV Explora Price in Nigeria (April, 2024)

The rate at which cable TVs keep improving in Nigeria is very alarming and very interesting. The current price for DSTV explora is N45,000 as seen on the DSTV Nigeria website.

In time past, Dstv is the only cable TV making it big in the country while other cables are non-existent or unrecognized.

Things have changed anyway, the country now have many cable TVs  which definitely makes Nigerians confused while making their choice of brands to get.

Startimes, GOTV, TSTV and Dstv are some of the highly-rated TV brands in Nigeria at the moment, though, there are other unrated  TV cables.

Despite the intense competition among these TV brands, Multichoice or Dstv — depending on how you love to call them — continue to maintain top position, thanks to their experience in the business or industry.

Multichoice often come up with new ideas and new decoders just to ensure that everyone get the best of entertainment from their brand.

They moved from Dstv access plan to family; From compact to compact plus and premium, all for viewer’s satisfaction.

Multichoice also make their plans so cheap that you can be watch many educating programs, sports, live shows and dramas for as low as N2, 000.

What’s all about Dstv Explora

With this Multichoice’s latest Dstv decoder, you have nothing to miss when it comes to your favorite movies, soaps and operas, live matches and many other entertaining programs.

Dstv Explora gives you the unequal opportunity to record any of your interesting movies; catch up with the programs you missed; And it equally makes you feel more relax while watching TV stations.

Another feature of this wonderful decoder is that it gives you the opportunity to connect to internet and download some of latest movies of your choice.

Though, the numbers of channels on this latest decoder remains the same with other basic decoders, the enjoyment and comfort one derive from Explora is far better and wonderful than the rest.

Explora’s flexibility, image quality, and sound quality are far better than every other Dstv decoder.

Dstv packages and plans

Knowing well that Nigeria is made of citizens with different financial capacity, Multichoice made provisions for average Nigerians who can’t afford to spend much on subscription.

Therefore, there are different plans and packages for different financial classes. Let’s quickly give you a run-down of the packages created by Multichoice:

DSTV Access Package (Discontinued)

This is the least and the most affordable Dstv package. Only N2000 is all you needed to pay as monthly subscription.

Despite its cheap price, access plan gives viewers the chance to enjoy over 45 channels, both local and foreign.

Local channels such as AIT, NTA I, Silverbird, Channels TV, TVC, Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Urban and Africa Magic Showcase. Other local channels include OGTV, WAP TV, Trybe TV among others.

Foreign channels include: Supersport 4, 9 and 10; Onmax, Telemundo, Televista, Mzone, Eva+, Spice TV, Minds TV, and much more.

DSTV Family Package (Discontinued)

This is the next package and it cost just ₦4, 000 per month.  This package provides you the opportunity to enjoy more than 55 channels, both local and foreign.

It is an upgrade to access package because it contains all the channels present in access plan and much more.

The foreign channels in family package include: CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN classic, Mnet series, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network and much more.

The local channels include all of the ones listed in Access package, while, many more channels are added to it.

Apart from TV stations, quite a huge number of radio stations are equally available on the package. These Radio stations include Ray Power FM, Voice of America, Star FM, Wazobia FM and 20 others.

DSTV Compact Package

Are you someone who has so much love for football, basketball and any other kind of sports? Then this package is meant for you because it contains many sports channels.

If you subscribe to Compact plan, you have opportunity to enjoy all the channels present in family packages alongside many other sport channels.

Compact package is quite expensive as it cost N7,900 per month, however, you are definitely going to enjoy unrivaled and unequal entertainment compared to all of the listed packages.

The channels in this package include  BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10, Sony Entertainment and many more.

DSTV Compact plus

It cost N12,400 per month, and you have opportunity to access more than 155 channels.

Premium Package

This plan costs ₦18,400 — quite expensive, if you ask me. Nonetheless, it gives you the chance to enjoy over 175 channels and many radio stations.

Prices of Dstv Explora in Nigeria Today

Nigeria is one of the countries whose citizens enjoy spending more time with their Television set, this is one of the reasons why Multichoice has wide range of customers in the country.

How much does Dstv Explora cost in Nigeria markets? Take a look at this list below and see how much it will cost you to get one of this wonderful decoder.

  • DSTV Explora (Explora decoder + Dish kit + Smart LNB)  ===  N45,000

Dstv has been in Nigeria for over a decade, hence, they know what Nigerians want and they’ve provided it in this latest Dstv Explora decoder.

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