DSTV Decoder Remote Control Replacement: How To Get It (2024)

DSTV Decoder Remote Control Replacement

It can be frustrating when your DSTV remote is not responding or isn’t working on your decoder. One problem with DSTV remote in Nigeria is that its somewhat difficult to buy an original DSTV remote that will respond to your decoder.


I could recall getting about four remote for my DSTV explora when mine got damaged severally at Ikeja, Lagos and all were fake. I was using a DSTV remote app a friend sent to me before I had to Google where I could find an original DSTV remote in Lagos and then I stumbled on Konga and Jumia online stores and then I purchased a replacement.

With over 7.8 million subscribers using DSTV, I was wondering how DSTV Customer Care would respond to users who have faulty decoders or remotes and would want a replacement. If you are one of such DSTV customers who has lost your remote control or damaged it mistakenly and would need a replacement, I would use this write-up to show you how to get a replacement for your DSTV remote control in Nigeria.

DSTV Remote Control Types

There are different DSTV decoders with different types of remote controls, so don’t expect one remote control to work for all decoders. Below are the types of DSTV Decoder Remote I know

  • DSTV B4 Standard decoder remote control,
  • DSTV Explora A6 remote control,
  • DSTV HD Pvr A4 remote control,
  • DSTV HD single view decoder B5 remote control, e.t.c

How Much Does These DSTV Remote Cost?

Well, the answer depends on the market factors. The way things are in the country can cause the official price of DSTV remote to skyrocket beyond your imagination. But I would say that the price of the remote should be determined by the price of the DSTV decoder.

Where to Buy/Purchase Original DSTV Remote Control Online

After I experienced problem with my own DSTV remote, as I wrote earlier, I purchased an original DSTV explora remote control from Konga website at N2,550 with free shipping included and home delivery. You could also check Jumia Nigeria to compare prices. These two are the trusted online stores you can buy remote for your DSTV decoder.

Before I end this post, you could also try the Dstv universal remote which can work for some decoders. You might be lucky but, I don’t trust those.If you have a phone that have an Infrared Blaster, you could go to the Google Play store for Android users or Apple Store for Iphone users to download DSTV remote app for your decoder.

I believe this post has explained how to get a DSTV Decoder Remote Control Replacement Online

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