Zenith Bank Nigeria Salary Structure: How Much Zenith Bank Pay Staff (2024)

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Zenith Bank is one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria. As its name implies, Zenith Bank staff salaries are paid monthly without complaint from workers. This is because, they are always reaching for the highest peak in every area of their banking activities. Therefore, it attracts a great number of customer base from all over the country and beyond.


Zenith Bank PLC was founded in May, 1990, by Jim Ovia, one of Nigeria’s richest entrepreneurs. Its headquarters is located at Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Zenith Bank salaries are paid according to the position attained at the bank. This financial institution has more than 500 branches all over the country and beyond. Also, the bank employs a total of over 15,000 workers.

Zenith Bank prides herself on the strong work ethics of her staff who are diligent, reliable, hardworking and committed to the continuous growth and success of the organization. You may want to top up on these qualities if you want to get a spot in their workspace. Normally, they release vacancies when the need arises, so its wise to look out for such job positions and their salaries if you are interested in starting a career with Zenith Bank.

One great attribute of this prestigious bank is that she offers professional opportunities for career growth and advancement in personal skills set and ambitions. Also, their training programmes and job rotation provide a well-structured pathway that promotes all round professional development for career growth. Many Nigerian graduates would definitely love to work in Zenith bank because they pay very well and they are on top 10 highest paying banks in the country. Also, they are very stable and do not lay off workers abnormally. They allow growth and promotion always.

Zenith Bank Nigeria Salary Structure (2024)

This article exposes how much Zenith Bank pay their workers in case you are interested in applying for a job there.

How Much Zenith Bank Pay Contract Staff As Salary Per Month

Contract staff at Zenith Bank Nigeria receives a salary of ₦100,000 to ₦120,000 monthly. This however does not mean you are a full staff of the bank as your contract is temporal and can be terminated anytime the management deems fit.

How Much Zenith Bank Pay Interns As Salary Per Month

Zenith bank pay their Interns, including NYSC corpers, a minimum of ₦50,000 monthly. IT placement in Zenith bank is usually opened every year for interested applicants to apply for.

How Much Zenith Bank Pay Graduate Trainee As Salary Per Month

Graduate trainees in Zenith bank are paid a minimum of ₦50,000 monthly as salary. They are smart, fresh graduates, who have completed NYSC programme. They fall under different departments in the bank and are subsequently trained to take up significant roles in the bank.

How Much Is Entry Level Salary At Zenith Bank

In Zenith bank, entry level staffs are paid a minimum of ₦170,000 monthly. They are eligible to enjoy certain bonuses and benefits, such as allowances. This position come with a certain level of permanence unlike that of interns and graduate trainees.

How Much Zenith Bank Pay Customer Service Officers As Salary

Zenith Bank pay their customer service officers a minimum of ₦170,000 per month.

How Much Zenith Bank Pay Marketers As Salary Per Month

Marketers in Zenith bank enjoy the minimum of ₦190,000 as salary monthly. Their job comes with a certain level of creativity and target.

How Much Is Executive Assistants Salary At Zenith Bank

The job position of executive assistants attracts a salary range of ₦250,000 to ₦280,000 monthly in Zenith bank.

How Much Is Banking Officers Salary At Zenith Bank

Banking officers receive a minimum of ₦400,000 Naira monthly at Zenith bank. They are among the top earners at the management.

Loan Officers Salary At Zenith Bank

Zenith bank pay their loan officers an attractive sum of ₦500,000 (minimum) monthly.

Credit Analysts Salary At Zenith Bank

Credit analysts in Zenith Bank are paid over ₦575,000 as monthly salary for their jobs at the bank.

Relationship Manager Salary

The job position for relationship manager is known to receive between ₦550,000 and ₦600,000 in Zenith Bank every month.

Zenith Bank Branch Manager Salary

A branch manager in Zenith bank is paid a minimum of ₦900,000 per month as salary. He is also among the top chain of high earners among the management.


Zenith Bank is one of the most sought after banks for graduates seeking employment in the banking industry in Nigeria. Apart from its versatility in employment, this bank boasts of a great and conducive working environment for its employees.

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