Top 10 Best Gossip Blogs in Nigeria (2024)

Nigerians love staying in the know, and what better way to keep a pulse on the latest happenings than through the ever-evolving world of gossip blogs?

These platforms dish the dirt on celebrities, relationships, fashion trends, and everything in between, keeping us entertained and informed.

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The Nigerian gossip blog scene is a dynamic one, with new contenders emerging all the time.

To help you navigate this ever-changing landscape, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Nigerian Gossip Blogs for 2024.

This list is based on a combination of factors like website traffic, reader engagement, content quality, and blogger reputation.

So, grab your cup of tea (or coffee!), settle in, and get ready to discover the hottest gossip blogs keeping Nigerians buzzing in 2024!

The most popular blogging niche in Nigeria with the highest number of audience base is the entertainment and gossip niche.

The niche is so populated that it is even insinuated that its saturated and you will need more than enough to break into the niche and become a major player.


Here is a list of top 10 gossip and entertainment blogs in Nigeria today.


Linda Ikeji’s blog does not need introduction.

If you don’t know about this blog, then you know little to nothing about the gossip and entertainment niche.

The blog is owned by Linda Ikeji, an an entrepreneur, ex-model and writer.

She is the person that popularized blogging in the country and the early bird in blogging Nigeria.

Her venture into blogging started as a hobby in 2006 and since then, her blog had grown to be the unarguably number one gossip and entertainment blog in Nigeria at the moment.

Currently, she has the largest audience base in the industry and boast of enjoying about 500,000k daily pageviews.

She ranks top among the most popular websites in Nigeria.


BellaNaija started operating before Linda Ikeji.

There was even a rumour that Linda took inspiration from this blog.

It was founded by Uche Pedro in March 2006 and focuses on entertainment, lifestyle and fashion.

The blog started out as a niche wedding and bridal blog before changing focus.

Uche Pedro is married with children and can be termed as a seasoned blogger.

BellaNaija aside being one of the top gossip and entertainment blog is also the number one popular fashion blog in Nigeria.

PULSE.NG is not owned by a Nigerian. It is a member of the Ringier AG, a Swiss international operating media company. office is located in Lagos.

This media company operates in a professional way and a peep into the website tells you that.

Pulse publishes stories about politics, entertainment and gist among others and categorizes their write-up for easy navigation.

The gossip/celebrity section is one of the hottest section and many visit this blog specifically because of this.

The blog is currently one of the top news sources online in Nigeria.


SDK blog is one of the top gossip blogs in the country.

It is owned by Stella Dimoko Korkus, a Nigerian blogger based in Germany who started out as a journalist, then quit her job and resorted to blogging full-time.

This is the third female on the list, making me to wonder if this niche belongs to them.

Well, males are majorly players here but it is obvious that females are the major players in this niche.


Lailasblog is also another source of juicy gossip and entertainment gist in Nigeria.

It is owned and managed by Laila Ijeoma, a Nigerian blogger, a full-time banker and a mother of three children.

LailasBlog is the online database for celebrity gist, gossips, lifestyle, breaking news daily events and happenings, fashion and lots or more interesting articles.

Ijeoma had worked hard to create a large audience base for her blog and without doubt, it is paying off.

TORI.NG is an outstanding gossip blog, pumping out over 30 blog posts per day most times and with unique content every time.

The blog is owned and managed by Cyclofoss Technologies.

This blog has become the go-to blog for many individuals in a hunt for the hottest stories and breaking news online.


Kemi Filani Blog is owned and managed by Kemi Filani, a Nigerian gossip blogger.

She publishes juicy entertainment news and gossip stories as well as general happenings in the country.

The blog isn’t boring at all, in fact, it’s unique content are catchy enough to make returning readers become loyal readers.

THENET.NG is one of the world’s leading source for Nigerian entertainment news.

This blog was founded in 2009 by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel.

The blog has built solid relationships with entertainment stakeholders, and with 20 million users across the web and social platforms.

It has become one of the biggest online news platforms in Nigeria.

STARGIST BLOG is one of the top gossip blogs in Nigeria.

It focuses on celebrities and entertainment stories.

This blog also features stories from and


Live Ofofo is a powerful Nigerian gossip blog which also gossips American celebrities and politicians.

You’ll get the latest and hottest gossips on Live ofofo, and most of all, it gives it fast and brief so you don’t have to worry about long articles.


Curating this list of the Top 10 Nigerian Gossip Blogs wasn’t easy!

Here’s a peek behind the curtain to understand the criteria we used to pick these outstanding platforms:

  • Website Traffic & Engagement: We considered blogs with a strong online presence, indicated by high website traffic and reader engagement metrics like comments and social media shares.
  • Content Quality: The blogs on this list are known for delivering well-written, informative, and entertaining content. We prioritized blogs that avoid spreading unsubstantiated rumors and strive for factual accuracy.
  • Blogger Reputation: The bloggers behind these platforms have a reputation for credibility and a knack for staying on top of the latest trends.
  • Focus & Uniqueness: We aimed for a diverse list that caters to a variety of gossip interests. Some blogs focus on celebrity news, while others delve into fashion, relationships, or even reality TV. Uniqueness in content format, like video blogs or podcasts, was also a plus.


The Nigerian gossip blog scene is a vibrant and ever-changing one, offering a diverse range of platforms to satisfy your craving for the latest scoop.

From celebrity scandals to sizzling fashion trends, these blogs keep us entertained and informed.

This list just scratches the surface of the incredible gossip blogs out there.

We encourage you to explore beyond our picks and discover your own favorites.

Let us know in the comments section below which Nigerian gossip blogs you love and why!

We’ll be sure to revisit and update this list periodically to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of gossip blogs in Nigeria.

So, stay tuned for the latest additions!

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