INEC Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much INEC Staff Earns (2024)

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If you would like to know how much the Independent National Electoral Commission pays their respective employees, this you’re on the right page. Here in this article, we will highlight in details, the new salary structure of INEC. This will depict how the staff earnings by category and how much they take home on the months end. Additionally, this report would cover the entirety of the latest advancements in INEC’s wage scheme this 2024. Read on to the last punctuation mark as we encapsulate more on the country’s main electoral body.

inec salary structure


Just as any other organization that has employees in various departments and positions, the Independent National Electoral Commission isn’t a case. The Electoral body’s salary structure is a function of the qualification of their staff. The qualification of staff individuals in INEC significantly affect their wages. In other words, the higher your educational qualification, the better your odds of getting paid much better. Thus, on the off chance that you need to work for INEC, you ought to be set up to get a higher capability to improve your earning potential.


Qualification Grade Level Salary Range per Annum
School Leavers Grade Level (GL 04) ₦376,194 – ₦497,000
Diploma Certificate Holders Grade Level (GL 07) ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
Graduates Grade Level (GL 08) ₦799,421 – ₦1,174,395
Directors Grade Level (GL 14) ₦1,503,149 – ₦2,101,600

That’s the picture of the salary range of the Independent National Electoral Commission. These positions are dependent on the qualifications of the employee. The more higher the qualifications, same applies with the salary. In other words, all of these is contingent upon the rank in which the staff stands.


Still on INEC’s new salary structure, let’s take a gander at their staff welfare. The electoral body is responsible for directing and seeing to workers welfare. Basically, staff welfare alludes to any of the services, or advantages that an organization gives or gives to the comfort of its workers. It is done to motivate the laborers and increment their effectiveness.

Worker benefits are frequently communicated in money related terms, albeit this isn’t generally the situation. Accommodation, health, insurance, and transportation are on the whole instances of staff welfare. Employers ought to likewise pay special mind to their workers’ prosperity by watching out for their functioning environment.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC staff welfare incorporates;


Providing funds for accommodation is one of the obligation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to their staff. This is basically one of the common welfare that other government workers appreciate. As a worker for the Electoral body, accommodation is one of the advantages that you will appreciate, as the body ensures that individuals get convenience stipend. Most occasions this allowance is generally available to those employees in higher ranks.


Like other government bodies, the Independent National Electoral Commission runs a cooperative society that lift staff monetary status and capacity. The cooperative stands as a body that facilitate people in getting sorted out a pool of private asset for staff members. You can enjoy this as one of the welfare provided by the electoral body to their workers.


The health of its workers is likewise a responsibility to the electoral commission. Arrangements are made to cater for the medical need of staff members. Health measures are set up to guarantee that staff individuals are adequately fit and able to carry out their tasks with the Electoral Commission.


The Independent National Electoral Commission guarantees that staff members partake in the government assistance pension scheme. The plan guarantees that staff members get a percent of their yearly compensation toward the month’s end. The pension pay is profoundly reliant upon the long stretches of work. This is one of the staff welfare provided by the commission to their workers.


The Independent National Electoral Commission guarantees that remarkable and senior staff are compensated and advanced. An advancement in office for a staff implies promotion an an increase in compensation and improved general benefits. As indicated by report delivered by INEC in 2018, an aggregate of 847 junior staff and 1,362 ranking staff were promoted subsequent to passing the assessment. On the whole, promotion is a major part of INEC’s staff welfare package to long-standing staff members.


INEC offer staff individuals training as part of their welfare to them. This assist them with playing out their undertaking better. INEC officials go for various trainings from time to time. The electoral body additionally attempts the obligation of leading in-house preparing for new individuals, election officers and ad-hoc staff members.


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) gives its staff members’ transport stipend. Official vehicles are given to its members to guarantee smooth execution of their assignment and help solace of staff members. Typically, the electoral body gives transport recompense of ₦3000 to election officials at ₦1000 each day during the election time frame.

That sums up the number of welfare that the Independent National Electoral Commission gives it employees. However, there are some other packages that the electoral body gives to it workers, but these are the notable and constant ones.


That’s how much we can take on this article. However, before wrapping up, this page contain information on the current Independent National Electoral Commission Salary Structure. This write-up incorporate an outline of the INEC positioning system with the salary scale. In the course of this writing this piece, we showed the basic insights regarding the Electoral Commission wage scheme and the amount they pay their officials. This guide likewise informed the readers on how much the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) pays every one of its staff. We believe you now have an idea of what the country’s main electoral body pays their staff on a monthly basis.

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