GTBank Nigeria Salary Structure: How Much GTBank Pay Staff (2024)

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the most prominent, leading and successful banks in Nigeria. Established in 1990, GTBank staff salaries are paid according to level or position at the bank. Over the years, Guaranty Trust Bank has been known for its effectiveness in every area of the banking sector and notable large customer base. It has 231 branches all over the country and employs over 10,000 workforce.

Guaranty Trust Bank GTBank

GTBank are known to employ various staff every year and spend a good amount paying these staff every month. No wonder they were listed among the highest paying banks in Nigeria and also among the best Nigerian banks to work for. GTBank salaries are paid on time and workers aren’t owed due to the financal institution commitment to both its customers and workers. Their head office is located at Victoria Island in Lagos state.

The guaranty trust bank boasts of an impeccable work place designed to nurture creativity and enhance team work as it continuously strive to meet the needs of a growing and constantly evolving business climate. Nowadays, any smart graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, and is ready to learn can work in the banking sector as GTBank is one of those organization that gives an opportunity for learning and subsequent growth.

The banking sector is known to be on the high sides in paying salaries, so, many eligible graduates always look forward to landing a bank job. GTBank is ranked as one of the best banks in Nigeria according to Financial Times. It was also listed as the highest paying bank in the country in 2018. They have succeeded in carving a niche for in the banking industry and is a pathfinder for other commercial banking services in Nigeria.

GTBank Nigeria Salary Structure (2024)

This article will give you an idea on how much GTBank pays her staff at every level in case you are looking forward to applying for a job.

How Much GTBank Pay Interns As Salary Per Month

Interns at GTBank receive a salary of ₦40,000 per month pending when the internship programme last. Guaranty Trust Bank takes interns every year and they go through training that may lead to full employment if they do well. They are assigned to different department which are of interest to them.

How Much Is Graduate Trainee Salary At GTBank Nigeria

A Graduate trainee is paid a minimum of ₦200,000 monthly. This is a position for fresh, young and smart graduates. The completion of NYSC is a requirement to be selected. Also, this gives room for training of graduates who will take up different positions in the bank.

How Much Are Entry-Level Staff Paid As Salary At GTBank

An entry level staff at Guaranty Trust Bank is paid a minimum of ₦209,000 per month in GTBank. They also enjoy other benefits and bonuses that comes with the job unlike the graduate trainee and interns whose position do not come with any form of allowances.

How Much Assistant Banking Officers Earn As Salary At GTBank

Assistant Banking officers are paid a minimum of ₦250,000 monthly in GT Bank. This is a promotional level from entry level staff which comes with higher level of experience than the former.

How Much Banking Officers Earn As Salary At Guaranty Trust Bank

Banking officers in GTbank earn a minimum of ₦350,000 as monthly salary in Nigeria.

Senior Banking Officers Salary At GTBank

At Guaranty Trust Bank, senior banking officers earn an average of ₦500,000 per month. They start the chain of notable top earners in the bank, earning bonuses and other allowances to the monthly remuneration.

Assistant Managers Salary At GTBank Nigeria

This position is a step higher in GT bank. It is a promotional level position. Assistant managers in GT bank are paid ₦650,000 as monthly salary.

Deputy Managers Salary At GTBank Nigeria

Deputy managers in Guarantee Trust bank are paid a monthly salary of ₦800,000. They are a step ahead of assistant managers.

Branch Managers Salary At GTBank Nigeria

Branch managers are one of the highest earners in GTBank. They are responsible for overseeing the banking activities of the branch they are allocated. This is a dream position for workers in GTBank because of the good pay.

However, this position comes with many years of experience with the bank and a great working culture and achievements to your portfolio. Branch managers at Guaranty Trust Bank are paid a minimum of ₦1.3 million monthly as salary in Nigeria.


Guarantee Trust Bank(GTB) Nigeria is a reputable organization to work in. Therefore, getting a job in this banking institution is an achievement for many job seekers. Also, it is important to note that many factors can contribute to how much a GTB staff walks home with every month. Some of these factors include job specification, level of experience, position and location of the bank.

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