Models’ Salary in Nigeria: How Much A Model Earns (2024)

In Nigeria, the modelling world has taken a significant and positive growth over the years. Many young people have taken it up as a full time or part-time job and make good money while at it. Apart from being interesting and fun, modelling is highly networking and can invite fame. Nowadays, modelling is sought after by many young Nigerians as the pay is known to be attractive.

Nigerian models

The many requirements of being a model comes with youthful look as most models are known to be beautiful/handsome, attractive, tall, curvy, bold, fit, etc. These qualities keep the audience’s eyes glued to you which automatically promotes you as a super model or whatever it is you are selling.

Many companies and organisations use models to advertise their products, as well as, sell their products. This is because good looking models are known to create a special physical appeal to a product. Models are usually in high demand when advertising clothes, make up, consumer products etc.

There are many modelling agencies in Nigeria today, as they take up the responsibility of recruiting models to join their agencies. These models partake in many stages of interviews and mini-contests to be selected. These modelling agencies always look out for different body features that their models must have in order to join their agencies.

Some of these modelling agencies include; Beth modelling agency, Fowler Models, Wave modelling agency, Y-ray models, Exquisite Models, etc. These agencies have big brands as their client and are the most sought after modelling agencies in Nigeria for new models. They select models for jobs and pay them after work done. It could be a beauty shoot, runway, video vixens or even ushering jobs.

How Much Models Earn in Nigeria Currently (2024)

There are different types of models for different type of occasion. They are not paid the same salary for their services as some factors such as, the job description and the client being worked for determines how much salary the model goes home with. Working for a bigger brand attracts more pay than working for a small brand. However, you are paid whatever your agency agrees on. Also, working for a more recognised modelling agency invites a higher pay than working for a local agency.

Below are different types of modelling and how much Nigerian models’ earn as salary.

Runway Models Earn N25,000 — N85,000

Runway modelling is the most popular type of modelling in Nigeria. This type of modelling is used to mainly showcase outfits worn by models cat walking to and from a distance surrounded by onlookers. These models could be slim or plus size with great body features. This type of modelling takes up lots of practice on how to walk the runway. Also, models are taught to be bold as it is these fashion events always happen live.

Runway models are paid averagely between N25,000 and N85,000 per show as salary. This however depends on the agency you work for.

Commercial Models Earns N100,000 — N5 million

These type of models are known to appear on product advertisement. They are paid very well because they will be representing the brand in ambassadorial duties as well and such privilege could come with a contract. They can also appear brand event and can be face of a particular product.

Commercial models are among the top earners in the modelling industry. According to their contract and brand they are working for, commercial models can be paid as high as N5,million and as low as N100,000 for their salary.

Fashion Models Earn N20,000 — N150,000

This type of modelling does not come with so much stress as compare to other type of modelling. Fashion models appear on magazines, blogs, social media, newspaper, etc. New models are always after this type of modelling because of the convenience.

Fashion model earn an average sum of N25,000 and N150,000 as salary. However, money earned depends on the platform they are appearing on.

Glamour Models Earn N10,000 — N50,000

Glamour modelling is that type of modelling quite similar to fashion modelling. Here, models are made to look extremely beautiful and professional pictures are taken to post on platforms like magazines, website, etc. a lot of young adults show interest in this type of modelling.

Glamour models receive between N10,000 and N50,000 as payment per shoot.

Fitness Models Earn N10,000 — N80,000

Fitness modelling is usually for very fit individuals. The body sells for this type of models. They invest in their body to look fit at all times. So, they always visit the gym to maintain that body. However, they are not as popular as other type of modelling. These models are used to model sport related adverts and fitness equipment.

Nigerian fitness models earn between N10,000 and N80,000 per shoot as payment for their salary.


It is important to note that the amount of money paid to models is done per job done. If you are fortunate to get 10 different jobs in a month, you will be paid 10 times. Quite lucrative right? The amount of money you will receive is however determined by the modelling agency you are under, the type of job  and the brand you are working for.

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