Original Water Storage Tank Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Water is also very important for human survival and without water, it is impossible to cook, bathe and even to produce anything. Storing up water for use in a new house is very vital. Even if you are lucky to construct a bore-hole in your home, having constant water supply through various channels is an added advantage. With the aid of water storage tanks, this would help not only to preserve water but would also distribute water to various areas of the house easily and efficiently.

Water tanks are made of hard plastic and can hold several litres of water for long periods. If you must buy plastic water storage tanks, make sure you go for the original ones which are durable and won’t leak or crack easily. Depending on the size, capacity and brand of tank you want to install in your home, always carry out a market survey on their prices before you buy it.



There are various sizes, shapes and types of water storage tanks. The most common tank used in the country is the plastic water storage tank due to its capacity and price.

Although there are variation in prices especially when it comes to market location and the period of purchase. Also, the size and capacity of these water storage tanks play a significant role in determining the cost and how much it goes for. You wouldn’t expect 2000 ltr capacity plastic water storage tank to be same as that of 1000 litres.

Here is a table showing current prices of water storage tanks in Nigeria and the sizes of these tanks available in the market today.

Water Storage Tank Sizes (Ltr)

Current Prices (₦)

500 litres water storage tank ₦13, 000 – ₦15, 000
750 litres water storage tank ₦17, 000 – ₦20, 000
1000 litres water storage tank ₦21, 000 – ₦25, 000
1200 litres water storage tank ₦21, 000 – ₦30, 000
1500 litres water storage tank ₦28, 000 – ₦35, 000
2000 litres water storage tank ₦39, 000 – ₦47, 000
2500 litres water storage tank ₦45, 000 – ₦55, 000

We guarantee that the above listed prices are reliable as we got them from trusted dealers of these storage tanks around the country. Due to the way the Nigerian market is, we know that prices fluctuates, so its better to still recheck before buying any of these plastic tanks.


Water is a vital element for survival and having a source or storage of water is essential and can save you money on the long run. Even if you drill a borehole or use public tap in your compound, it would still be wise to have these plastic tanks installed in your house or place of work.

If you are living in a three bed room flat, I often advise that you go for a capacity of 2000 litres water storage tank as it is economical and large to fulfill all your water needs at home. While there are different brands, types and sizes of water storage tanks available in the market today, the two best trusted brands are “GEEPEE and STOREX tanks”.

Before you make a purchase, consider the following also:

  • Material Used

While most people opt for water storage tanks made from hard steel, it is still best to go for the plastic options due to its cost factor and longevity. The steel tanks have the ability to rust on the long run and poses a health risk (cancer) when one drinks it or uses it to cook or bathe.

Another reason while we prefer the storage tanks manufactured with plastic material is the ease of maintenance. After six months, it is hygienic to wash and keep it clean for future use.

  • Where to place tank

Whatever size or capacity of tank you choose to purchase, you should also have in mind the place or spot where you would keep the tank in your house or office. You could decide to install it on top of your building or just build a stand separately from your house where it would be mounted.

If you are confused, seek professional advice on how you should go about this, especially if you go for the very large tank size.

  • Brand of tank to use

Brand matters when purchasing any item. There are some reliable brands of plastic water storage tanks in Nigeria that are popular and chief of them are GEEPEE water tanks and STOREX tanks. While other brands are okay to use, these two have distinguished themselves as the best there is in the country today.

  • Number of users

Of course, the number of users in a building is another deciding factor on the size and capacity of tank to be used. If you have 10 people living in a house, a capacity of 1500 liter could be used. If its a village, a larger 15,000 liter water tank should be enough for the community.

Normally, rented buildings such as three to four storey buildings having numerous inhabitants could go for 5000 litres or 2500 ltr depending on the choice of landlord on the capacity of the water storage tank that should be mounted.

Where You Can Buy Water Storage Tanks in Nigeria

You can buy plastic water storage tanks either from the manufacturers themselves or even through retail distributors across the country. While there are many shops who sell, you must be very careful not to run into fraudulent sellers or buy fake tanks that would leak or crack easily.

You can also purchase water storage tanks online from trusted e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga. There are merchants on these sites who you could contact and have the tank delivered to your door step easily. Make sure you check the package you ordered if its the right type and size you requested for.

Finally, if you are a supplier of these water storage tanks or plumbing equipment and would want to reach out to Nigerians to patronize you, you can reach out to us via the comment section below to advertise your business on this page so we could put up your business contact details on this article for an affordable fee.

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