Latest Turkey Security Doors Prices in Nigeria (May, 2024)

Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 08:15 pm

Are you looking for a quality long lasting door in Nigeria? Then you should check out Turkey doors price list here as they are best doors you can use when renovating or constructing a new building.

Turkey doors are one of the best quality doors you can install in your house especially when talking about security, design and even durability. With this in mind, you should be aware that these type of door is more expensive than Chinese doors in terms of price in the Nigerian building market.


You often find Turkey doors in big establishments, banks or even houses of wealthy individuals who can afford such a standard classy door. I don’t think there are any other type that can be compared to Turkey security doors, not because they are the most fashionable doors in the market but because of the many advantages of using such quality door.

The materials, elements and expertise used in creating turkey security doors helps boost the doggedness and its strength, so it becomes practically impossible for any intruder without the lock and key to enter wherever it is installed. The prices of Turkish doors depends on the grade, colour, class, design, size and its features.

There are something you need to consider before you purchase Turkish Doors and they include

  • The size of the doors using the width of where the door is to be installed.
  • Direction by which the door is to be opened, be it right or the left side where the doorknob is to be positioned
  • The frame size which solely is reliant on the thickness of the walls that would surround the door

Characteristics of Turkey Doors

Turkey doors are bulletproof in nature and are rated as the best type of doors in the market today. As stated above, there are many things you would like about Turkey doors and they are:

  • Built for maximum security

Turkish security doors are built with tough refined steel having a complex locking system. This ensures that doors are nearly impossible to break or burgle. The metal frame surrounding it also makes this armored doors bulletproof in nature.

  • Quality Design

There are different designs, colours and class of Turkish doors for you to choose from. Which ever one you choose, be assured that you are getting good value for your money due to the quality design you get.

  • It is very durable

Aside it being built for maximum security, they are also very durable, able to withstand various temperatures and weather conditions.

  • They are easy to maintain and install

With fringes that are easy to install, Turkey security doors are also easy to maintain and clean.

How much Turkey doors cost in the market in Nigeria This post focuses on that. Here, we will take a look at how much Turkey doors go for in the current market in Nigeria.

Current Prices of Turkey Doors in Nigeria 2024

Due to certain factors, the cost of Turkish doors has since increased and shows no signs of reducing. Door manufacturers blame the government for this as the currency exchange rate from Dollar to Naira and vice versa hasn’t help make the price of doors favourable for customers.

Prices of Turkey doors largely depends on sizes and types, material, design and the kind of quality you want. Those built with steel are more expensive than those built with lesser materials. To purchase original Turkish doors, visit building material stores near you or buy from trusted online stores.

These are the latest prices of available Turkey security doors in the Nigerian market today.

  • Turkish Pompom Door (3ft) price range = N100,000 – N110,000
  • Turkish Pompom Door (4ft) price range = N130,000 – N140,000
  • Turkish Walnut Door (3ft) price range = N100,000 – N110,000
  • Turkish Walnut Door (4ft) price range = N130,000 – N140,000
  • Turkish Armored Door (3ft) price range = N350,000 – N370,000
  • Turkish Armored Door (4ft) price range = N450,000 – N470,000
  • Turkish Luxury Door (3ft) price range = N210,000 – N220,000
  • Turkish Luxury Door (4ft) price range = N290,000 – N300,000
  • Turkish Special Door (3ft) price range = N170,000 – N180,000
  • Turkish Special Door (4ft) price range = N220,000 – N230,000
  • Turkish Security Core for Entrance (3ft) price range = N155,000 – N165,000
  • Turkish Security Core for Entrance (4ft) price range = N210,000 – N220,000
  • Turkey Hardwood Door price range = N75, 000 – N80, 000
  • Turkey Coco Castello Door price range = N200, 000 – N250, 000
  • Turkey Laminox Door price range = N90, 000 – N120, 000
  • Turkey Door-in-Door price range = N100, 000 – N150, 000

Finally, you can see above from the prices listed that Turkey security doors are very expensive and not that affordable especially for average and low income earners. If you really want to invest on a long lasting door and you are financially buoyant enough, then go for Turkey doors, as you would be get good value for your money.

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