Current Prices of White POP Cement in Nigeria (May, 2024)

Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 08:15 pm

White cement or POP cement has its peculiar function in the construction of a building or house. In fact, it is used to make building decorations that are attractive and nice to the eyes. No wonder the demand of white cement in Nigeria today is very high.

While we have written on various cement brands prices in the country, we wrote that the best cement brand in Nigeria to use is Dangote cement due to its quality and popularity not only in Nigeria but in West Africa at large, our focus in this write-up would be on the prices of white POP cement in Nigeria today.


The POP material which is white concrete can also be mixed with various coloring agents to produce different colours depending on the taste of the builder. You might be lucky to see other bright colors like red, yellow, blue, pink, etc. for POP ceilings, parapets, pillars, brightly colored concrete, mortars and even pre-cast panels.

Also be aware that what differentiates white cement from the popular gray cement is not only the colour but the presence of elements or minerals like manganese and iron, which is found in less quantity in it.


POP or white cement is slightly expensive than ordinary gray cement in terms of price. This does not mean that it isn’t affordable even if its hardly used for construction. White cement prices may vary according to market location, seller and exchange rate.

For example, the price of 25kg bag of white cement is more costlier than a 50kg bag of Dangote cement, even if the later is widely used in Nigeria.

Below is the current prices of white cement in Nigeria this 2024.

  • 25kg Bag of Super White Cement costs between  ₦4,000 –  ₦5,500
  • 40kg Bag of High Quality White Cement cost between  ₦6,000 –  ₦8,500

From the above price quote, you can see that white POP cement prices in Nigeria is expensive as compared to ordinary gray cement. There are many brands in the market, so you have to be careful especially when you are selecting the one to use for your house design.

Popular brands like JK wall putty white cement cost roughly 5,500 for 40kg bag in today’s building market. Other manufacturers such as Maple leaf also sell at similar price range. Market location is another factor in the differences in price of POP cement as you might pay more in the south west like Lagos and even on the south east like Onitsha, when compared to the North, Kaduna, Zamfara, etc.

Also, the cost of POP per square meter in Nigeria this 2024 ranges from 3,000 – 6,000/sqm. Factors like volume, designs, and type of preferred materials (POP precast or plasterboard) also come into play when asking for such.


While White POP cement can be used solely for building decorative designs, it can’t be compared to ordinary cement in terms of durability and strength. This is so because the elements and minerals used in making ordinary gray cement were eliminated in the process of manufacturing, so as to produce the finish white cement. You can’t use POP cement as a substitute for ordinary cement in terms of usage in building a house.

You might have noticed the way I interchanged white cement and POP cemented in the article and might be wondering if they mean the same thing. Yes, they are, even if both are sold in Nigeria with various descriptions. You might see some calling it POP cement when it is used for POP casts, while others may often call it white cement when used to fill gaps when tiling walls and even floors.

Lastly, due to the POP material used in manufacturing such cement, weather also play a pivotal role in the shelf/life span of white cement. If it is exposed to harsh weather realities, then the material becomes vague and can’t be used. Just buy the quantity of white POP cement that would be sufficient to use in constructing your building project from the market, rather than overbuying in order to avoid waste.

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