Current Price of BUA Cement in Nigeria (2024)

As of today, April, 2024, BUA cement costs ₦7,900 in Nigeria, which is somewhat less than Dangote cement. For moulding blocks, BUA cement is thought to be the best. 600 bags make up a wholesale amount. Additionally, a trailer load of BUA cement costs a little more than Dangote cement. Abdul Samad Rabiu is the owner of BUA Cement, which has declared the new factory pricing for their cement.

BUA cement price in nigeria


BUA Cement stands as one of the best cement brands in Nigeria’s building industry. Since its founding in 2008, it has grown to be a significant force in the Nigerian cement market. BUA Cement is well-known for its dedication to innovation and quality, and it is well-established in both the home and foreign markets.

Three sizable cement facilities run by BUA Cement are situated in the Nigerian states of Sokoto, Edo, and Adamawa. With a total yearly production capacity of more than 8 million metric tonnes, these plants place BUA Cement among Nigeria’s biggest cement producers. In order to fulfil the nation’s rising demand for cement, the company also intends to enhance its manufacturing capacity in the upcoming years.

BUA Cement is renowned for producing high-quality cement products that are made with cutting-edge machinery and procedures. The cement materials produced by the corporation find extensive application in many construction endeavours, encompassing residential complexes, commercial buildings, and infrastructure development.

BUA Cement is active in various areas of the Nigerian economy in addition to the production of cement. The corporation is involved in real estate, oil and gas exploration, and the sugar industry. By using this diversification strategy, BUA Cement can take advantage of its resources and experience to generate value in a variety of industries.


In Nigeria, BUA cement prices are typically sold 50kg per bag. A bag of BUA cement costs, on average, ₦8,900 as of today, April, 2024. The corporation had earlier declared that it will lower cement’s retail price for wholesalers from its previous price of ₦4,650 to ₦4,000, but that did not materialise. SEE THE LATEST CEMENT PRICES IN NIGERIA’S 36 STATES.


If you want to obtain the most accurate information about BUA Cement’s wholesale price in Nigeria, especially when they start selling at ₦4,000, kindly bookmark this page. When making plans to buy BUA Cement in Nigeria, it’s critical to be informed and find out the most recent wholesale pricing. In Nigeria, BUA cement typically sells for ₦4,200,000 per trailer load and ₦7,000 per 50kg bag at wholesale.


In the Nigerian market, BUA Cement is renowned for its superior quality standards. Quality control is given top priority by the company during the whole manufacturing process. This guarantees that the cement generated by BUA satisfies the necessary requirements and functions effectively in a range of construction applications.

Modern machinery and cutting-edge technologies are used in BUA Cement’s production facilities. They are able to keep their cement products consistent in quality because of this. The business makes investments in cutting-edge testing and laboratory facilities to conduct stringent quality inspections on raw materials, intermediary goods, and cement at the end product.

BUA Cement manufactures cement in accordance with global norms and industry best practices. Strict quality control procedures are followed, such as routine testing of raw materials for physical and chemical characteristics. This guarantees that BUA’s cement is robust, long-lasting, and appropriate for a variety of building tasks.

BUA Cement is known for providing dependable and consistent results. Their cement is renowned for having outstanding workability, strength, and crack resistance. Because of this, it can be used for a variety of construction projects, such as infrastructure, commercial, and residential ones. This is why it is ideal for moulding blocks in Nigeria.


One of the most well-known cement brands in Nigeria is A Cement, which is easily accessible all around the nation. In Nigeria, there are numerous locations where you may purchase BUA Cement. Authorised dealers and distributors are among the most popular locations to buy BUA Cement. These dealers are dispersed throughout Nigerian cities and towns, but it’s easy to find them by using the BUA Cement website or getting in touch with their customer support. Authorised dealers guarantee that the cement you purchase is authentic and offer you the service and product information you need.

Purchasing BUA cement in Nigeria can also be done through supply shops and stores that sell building materials. These shops frequently carry a range of cement brands, such as BUA Cement. You can ask about the availability of BUA Cement by stopping by these local retailers. Their staff is usually well-educated and can assist you in making an informed purchasing selection by providing guidance on the various sizes and types of BUA Cement available.

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