Latest Prices of Polystar Home Theatre in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Many are oblivious about the house hold electronics producer, Polystar and the range of products they have which includes the home theatres. Ergo, we’ve broaden all about this electronic company, what category of electrical appliances they produce and the prices plus specifications. In this article, we will major on the prices of Polystar home theatres in Nigeria and where to get them easily.

home theatre prices in nigeria

Polystar is an Elisa telecommunication and electronics company from Sweden. The company which started in Stockholm has about 35 years of experience in giving quality electronic gadgets. Their products are in telecommunication, home appliances and some other gadgets. These products posses optimum quality to make it durable and lasting. They are also noted to be of affordable prices with desired features.

Polystar products in Nigeria are in the category of DVD Players, Televisions, Home Theatres, Gas Cookers, UPS, Washing Machines, Industrial Fans, Water Dispensers, Fridges, Deep Freezers, Electric Irons, Microwave Ovens and Air Conditioners. Since 1990, they offer their products here in Nigeria and at then till the present, it has expanded her branches to many Nigerian cities.  Some of the cities are Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Ibadan, Onitsha, and Port Harcourt.

Features of Polystar Home Theatres

Polystar sound systems has intriguing features with functions you may like. These features are varied among their home theatres and that’s why we elaborate them easily for your convenience. This includes: Bluetooth Audio Streaming, Subwoofers and Satellite Speakers, LED/LCD Display, DVD/CD/WMA/MP3 Compatibility, Input USB, FM Stereo, Progressive Scan Function, HDMI Cable, SD Card Reader and Remote Control functions.

However, a lot of people if not all often go for a product because of the good features or functions it does. This factor is always when talking about quality, durability, longevity and what the gadgets can offer. Let’s look at the various unique features that makes home theatre admirers choose the category of Polystar sound systems.

  • Preloaded Channels

This is one thing that home theatre users care for. Polystar home theatres has a centered channel to give users options to choose from. This position of it matches the television sleekness and makes the difference from the previous layout of channel home theatre speakers. Polystar electronic company has made their home theatres a hot bargain by casing it with more than two precision speakers, some often above five to make the sound audio quality increased. This makes their products known for powerful sound bass.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Polystar has showed its digitalization by coming up with this feature. Over the years especially in the recent development in technology, most electronic devices especially those for audio usage, make use of non wired connections. With this type of connection, it makes the device more effective to give you that resounding bass performance when watching movies and listening to music.

If you would not want a monstrous complex connections to enable your home sound theatres. When it comes to this, the recommended home theatre is the wireless PV-12 which produces to best sound. This theatre system has the modern technology to give the best performance and it also has added features like the powerful driving subwoofers.

  • Sound Controls

Using home theatres sound system to the fullest capability of sound will mean increasing its volume and this may disturb the whole house. Do you wish to watch TV or listen to your audios and not disturb anyone else?  SimpleSync™ technology is the latest modern innovation some sound systems producer are using of which Polystar can’t be excluded. Home theatres like Polystar PV-12 although very costly, helps to limit the sound from the TV and the sound system to a personal experience. There is the independent volume controls, which enables adjusting of the home theatre system. This will not stop your sound but it will keep your headphones as loud as you like.

  • Good Designs and Sizes

Polystar home theatres are given with the best designs and intriguing features which make them not only a sound audio gadget but more of a beauteous product. These sound systems by Polystar also come in different colors and varied dimensions to complete the sound system as being stunning and good aesthetical electronic devices to give your living room a real-time entertainment experience.

The most important feature of Polystar home theatres and what makes them attract users to option from, is arguably the prices. Their sound systems are righted in this aspect, because they come in different prices that suits the affordability of intended home theatres users.

What more do you expect from Polystar home theatres? Check below to see the various prices and specification of their sound systems to see the one that has a unique feature you’re looking for.

Current Polystar Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Polystar sound systems are relatively low in price which is one of the driving force of buyers. Here, we look at  how these home theatres appear and the prices sold in the country.

Polystar PV-BK722HT Bluetooth DVD Home Theatre With HDMI Price: ₦31,500

Coming with a DVD device and HDMI, it features Bluetooth connection, a 5.1 Channel Sorround digital Output, compatible with PAL/NTSC TV System, and it also supports 16:9 and 4:3 TV Picture modes.  The Digital echo karaoke, volume control, 8-language selection and 32-language subtitle setting, Y-Cb Cr component output, composite video and S-video output are the complement to the features in this home theatre.

Polystar PV-861-3.1 Channel Bluetooth Home Theatre Price: ₦32,000

This home theatre system is cased with good function to give a high quality sound. They are a added DVD Player, Speakers with USB function, Card reader function, 3.1 channel, Supporting HDMI Output and Audio video output functions.

Price: Sold in electronic stores nationwide for a cost of ₦32,000

Polystar 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Home Theatre – PV-861-5.1 Price: ₦44,000

Polystar 5.1 is a good product from the company,  it can boast of many features which are few to mention Bluetooth connectivity, 95W power, Remote control, MP3/MP4 support, 230V/50Hz power voltage, DVD Player, USB input, SD Card Reader and Displays.

Polystar Home Theatre: PV-12 Price: ₦123,000

This is the best of Polystar sound systems, they have all the features a home theatre should have and they distinct from others with these unique features.

They are: Digital karaoke AV amplifier, LED display with FM, USB/SD card and Bluetooth connectivity. Price: ₦123,000. Get the best deals from Jumia and other online stores adding with electronic outlets in the country.

Never settle for the better, always strife to have the best. These home theatres we listed is arguably the A-list and would give you a sound experience buying them for your parlours.

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