Latest Prices of Djack Home Theatres in Nigeria (June, 2024)

When looking for the the home theatre that is cheap, has quality and is as well affordable, then DJACK range of sound systems should be your option. Their home theatre system is qualitative and comes in different prices from low as N15,000 to the higher ones that are still not much expensive. To get you the view of the gadgets, we’ve provided here all the description and cost of buying DJACK home theatres in Nigeria. This write up will also give you a picture of what to expect from your intended sound system i.e the functionality.

home theatre prices in nigeria

You might have been using a electronics (mostly televisions) made by DJACK for a long time now. But you would somehow care to know about this company. For the number who are relented to know about this electronic manufacturer, it is a Chinese electronic and telecommunication company. DJACK is headquartered in the Eastern country, China and has many branches around the world which works to aid the distribution of their products. Normally as an electronic company should, they produce products like televisions, speakers, radios, DVDs and the home theatres which is our main inclination here.

Home theatres by DJACK is what a sound lover would want. One reason because it can fit for your sitting room by producing the perfect lyrics of sounds. People also prefer their sound systems because they has quality bass and good subwoofers. No matter the reasons which are very varied for all users of these device, DJACK home theatres is more featured as a sound system should.

DJACK Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria (2024)

If you’re searching for ‘prices of djack home theatres’, then this is where you got a answer to your query. It’s very momentous to know what price you should budget for a product before walking to the market. Take a scenario where you planned let’s say five thousand naira for a product, then on reaching the mall or store, you found out that its sold for ten thousand naira which is a plus of the former price. This type of scenery is not entirely your fault, but you just have to look up for prices before moving. We’ve published a list of DJACK home theatre products with their respective prices to give you options to select from in planing for a sound system.

However note this prices is not just stated by us, but is gotten from what main online stores are selling these products. Here is the list of DJACK sound systems and their prices in the country adding to it with it respective features;

DJ5060 DJACK Sound System Price: N32,000 – N45,000


  • Clear sound, high-quality acoustic effect
  • Compatible with various sound sources
  • Support MP3, WMA format music

DJACK 3.1 DJ-M3L Heavy Duty Sub Woofer Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price: N15,000


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Good Quality
  • Lasting

DJACK DJ-23 Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price: N17,000


  • Good connectivity
  • Subwoofers
  • USB Port/MMC Card/SD Card Reader/FM
  • Three speakers
  • Dimensions:442(L)x373(W)x387(H)mm

DJACK DJ-303 Bluetooth Home Theatre Price: N25,000


  • Added DVD device
  • USB Port
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Reads SD Card and MMC Card

Djack DJ-403 Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price: N25,000


  • 3.1channels
  • USB & SD Input
  • Support connection like Bluetooth

Djack 3.1CH Heavy Duty Bluetooth Home Theatre System Price: N26,800


  • +DVD gadget
  • USB and SD Input
  • Portable size with dimensions:442(L)x373(W)x387(H)MM
  • Connectivity

Djack 3.1ch Heavy Duty Bluetooth Home Theater System DJ-303 Price: N27,000


  • Output power of 45w
  • Sized 442(L)x373(W)x387(H)mm in dimensions
  • Three included subwoofers
  • Support connections

Djack 3.1 Heavy Duty Bluetooth Sub Woofer System – DJ-Q3L Price: ₦29,600


  • DVD device included
  • Good connectivity
  • Better quality

DJACK 3.1Ch Multimedia Speaker System Price: N27,000


  • Built-in DTS
  • Bluetooth connection
  • DVD player

DJACK Bluetooth Woofer And Speakers – M3L + DVD Price: N26,999


  • Support MP3, FM, DVD, VCD, PS2, TUNER, SD, USB, XBOX
  • Dimensions: 39 x 38 (W) x 37.5 (H) cm
  • 3.1 channels X-Bass Hi Fi Multimedia Speaker

DJACK Home Theater System DJ-6082 + Powerful DVD Player Price: N26,999


  • Inbuilt superpower 6 channel amplifier circuit
  • Sensitive connectivity
  • Subwoofers: front, surround speakers

Where To Buy DJACK Home Theatres

These sound systems listed are available for sale at electronic stores. To make a fast business, just purchase through any of the online stores like Jumia, Konga and Kara.

Featyres of DJACK Home Theatres

These are the features home theatres by DJACK could give you;

  • Qualitative Sounds

One of the reason you choose to buy a home theatre is to use the device and augment the sounds from your televisions and audio appliances. DJACK manufacturing company has made this function in their home theatres to make them the best option when it comes to sound output. The sounds emitted from their sound systems are of high quality adding with its inclusive bass.

  • Good Subwoofers

Obviously, this is what determines the sounds produced. A review of DJACK home theatres shows that they are made of high quality bass speakers which makes the sounds it gives out to be more desiring.

  • Connectivity

Most of DJACK home theatres comes with modern technological functions that makes it compatible with other devices and through Bluetooth and USB cables connectivity it can be easily joined together. There are some other updated add-on features like subwoofer, amplifier, remote controller and audio systems to make DJACK home theatres what customers desire.

  • Durability

This feature is indeed what to consider, just imagine buying a new product from the market in a high price and after few days it cease working.  For a new product to be durable means it must last long and maintain the same quality for a long duration of time.

  • Low Price

DJACK home theatres is one of the cheapest sound systems in their class when considering on buying the best you can afford. They have sound systems that are lower in price to N15,000 and also colossal home theatres that can cost N500,000. Either the price it all remain for you to get the one that suites you and your pocket.

Adding to the features that range of DJACK home theatres comes with is that they are as well produced in different sizes and classes, and colors depending on what attracts you. And best of  it all, these sound systems comes with all the latest modern designs and innovations to give you the 21st century modern technology.

It’s quite certain that all these features should make you make a choice of DJACK home theatres. If not for any reason but because of the costs of buying them which are in affordable prices.

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