Latest Prices of Sony Home Theatres in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Sony home theatres are one of the best sound systems you can get for your home. If you’re looking for a good home theatre system to give you the best sound quality to your televisions and other audio appliances, then Sony broad selection of sound devices is what to choose from.

Sony is an electronic manufacturing company known for production all type of electronics and technological products like animations, gaming, Android phones and a lot of home gadgets. The company is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation which has its headquarters in Sony city, in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.


home theatre prices in nigeria

When it comes to reliability and durability, Sony home theatres has it all. The producers have put up features in this sound device to meet the classification, price and demands of users standards. Since they are the oldest producers of home theatre brand, their long years of experience in this discipline have made Sony products stand out from other competition.

Sony home theatres has lot of functions and durable, easy to use, consumes less power to make it a stellar buy. The home theatres are in varied sizes, classification, shapes and they produce sound quality in different waves.

Best Features Of Sony Home Theatres

  • Quartz design style

These sound systems can be glittering with the ‘Sense of Quartz’ design – to make it gleaming and show cut-glass edges of rock crystal.

  • Striking sound

Sony sound systems show perfection with its clear and powerful stereo sound delivered by at least four mounted satellite speakers and sub-woofer.

  • Wi-Fi enabled

Most of these sound systems come with the ability to use Wi-Fi connectivity through which you can connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the system wirelessly. You can also play YouTube videos, online music and more, directly from the internet.

  • Best prices

Dur to the fact that Sony sound systems that are cheap are much in the electronics market, customers are attracted to the product. Sony sound systems are affordable to buy depending on the type you desire.

Sony Sound System Prices In Nigeria (2024)

Let’s look at the prices of Sony home theatres that are available in Nigeria. We’ll also provide the specifications of these sound systems and their features.

Sony 1000W 5.1CH DVD DAV-DZ350 Home Theatre System

Features: One unique feature about this home theatre system is that it lets you listen to music from your mobile phone. This is done by using Bluetooth connectivity to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly and listen to the beats.

Another feature in this home theatre is that it support karaoke. This innovation let’s you play your favourite songs whenever you may wish to do.

This sound system by Sony is easily operated and controlled. To make this possible, all you should do is a single simple connection using the HDMI cable. This connection will manage both your BRAVIA Sync-compatible LCD TV and sound theatre itself.

Here are some other features we didn’t make above, but its associated with this brand;

  • No wifi, No internet, wired speakers, No aux, RCA and optical IN
  • USB Movie Playback (Xvid Home and MPEG-4 Simple Profile)
  • Stylish Quartz Monolithic designed 5.1 channel System
  • Monolithic-Design 5.1-ch System with DVD Player
  • Bluetooth connectivity( connectivity supports only MP3)
  • HDMI Output (Upscale 1080p for DVD)
  • Stylish Quartz design
  • BRAVIA Synchronization.

Price: Sony 1000w DAV-DZ350 home theatre system are available in most electronic shops in the country for a fee around N80,000.

Sony Home Theatre – HT-CT290

This is one of the cheapest sound systems from Sony. Sony HT-CT290 comes with intriguing features like durability, reliability, effectiveness and superior quality to meet what customers need.

Price: The price range for Sony HT-CT290 home theatre in Nigeria is from N99,000 to N120,000 but it’s sold at N94,000 at Jumia online stores.

Sony High Power Party Audio System MHC-V11

As the name goes, this home theatre is a less expensive solution to your sound system. Sony MHC-V11 is best for gatherings like party, conference and social get together because of the sound output it gives out.

Key features of this home gadget are durability and lowliness in cost of purchasing it.

Price: Online stores like Jumia sell this home theatre for ₦85,000, but it’s also available at various stores nationwide.

Sony Home Theatre System – DAV-DZ950

A lot of home theatre users if surveyed would want a sound system that has great and quality sound output. Sony DAV-DZ950 is developed to meet this need. It has a adjustable sound control system and is effective also lasting for a long extent.

Price: The price range of this home theatre is from N120,000 to N130,000 at various electronic stores in the country.

Sony DAV-DZ650 5.1ch DVD Home Theatre System

This is a colossal home entertainment system by Sony. As always, it comes with unique qualitative features like the 5.1-channel system and S-Master Digital Amplifier for studio-like sound. This device also has modern technological inputs like the Karaoke feature which let’s you become you own singer by entertaining your chums.

Other features in this sound theatre are;

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stylish Quartz design and
  • BRAVIA Sync for sound logging.

Price: N140,000

Sony BDV-E4100 5.1ch Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre System

This Sony Entertainment home theatre gives you another class of using your TV to get the best viewing experience. The device also allows you to use your mobile phone to connect with it wirelessly via NFC, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Other features are striking style and designs; Wi-Fi enabled and quality sound output.

Price range: N180,000 – N220,000

Sony BDV-E3100 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre

This home theatre is similar to the previous one with its Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a output of 1000w and comes with modern features.

They are: inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wireless Streaming, Supports NFC Technology,2D to 3D Conversion, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Sound Modes, HDMI 1.4 with ARC, Front-Panel USB Port and DLNA Compatibility.

Price: This home theatre is on sale at a low price at online stores like Jumia. The range of the price is around N230,000 for this sound system.

Sony High Power Home Audio System With DVD SHAKE-X30D

When it comes to complexity with quality, then you can’t resist the fact that this home theatre is lives up to that expectation. The home gadget has a high power with a power consumption of 5w to operate on a high audio.

Features: Sony SHAKE-X30D has Music equalizer, Game/Football mode, Video equalizer, Bass Boost function, sound enhancement and DSEE/LDAC wired party chain. These features are modern innovations and that’s make this home theatre a requisite call in the market.

All these sound theatres we outlined above are all made courtesy of Sony Entertainment. They have a long stay in this industry and through it they come up with these quality home theatres to augment and make house electronic sound better.

Sony home gadgets as well as the home theatres are available in prices that are affordable for all and sundry.

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