Latest Prices of Jiepak Home Theatres in Nigeria (June, 2024)

In this writeup, we’ll provide the costs/prices of Jiepak home theatres and also describe the various specifications and features of these their sound systems.This is necessary because a lot are inquisitive about Jiepak, their products and prices that they can be got.

home theatre prices in nigeria

Jiepak may not be that prevailing due to their limitations of products which is majoring on subwoofers. Not minding, Jiepak is a Chinese electronic company known as ‘Jiepak Electronics’. They are known for using the modern technology to fabricate electronic appliances like Speakers, Home theatres and to an extent DVD players. The company is one of the numbers of electronic manufacturing firms in the industrial country of China. There they have a production friendly environment to help industries of this category. This is certain due to there are many companies that produce some of the sensitive part of these electronics to lessen the work of the producer.

On specification, Jiepak home theatres are classifiable as being durable and high quality with a lot of innovations like connectivity and powerful subwoofers.

Features of Jiepak Homes Theatres

Though Jiepak products and sound systems are not much popular in Nigeria, but the few here has showcase what the entirety are of. Let’s delve in toto to see the functions these electronics can give out; their sizes; and also the dimensionality of the audio gadgets.

Powerful subwoofers for Bass: Looking for a quality bass is a major reason why many opt to buy audible sound system like ones by Jiepak. The home theatres by Jiepak though many have maintained powerful bass to give a satisfaction for the living room ent. This is made possible with the help of subwoofers that are highly sound. Technologically made Speakers are in cased into the subwoofers to make a good bass sound for the televisions, radio set, music and other audio devices.

  • Connectivity

Just imagine having a well connected sound system the can support WiFi. This is the case for a major of Jiepak home sound systems, they come with the ability to use Wi-Fi connectivity. Through which you can connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the system wirelessly. Also with the WiFi connectives you can play YouTube videos, online music and more, directly from the internet easily.

Bluetooth is a important connection that Jiepak home theatres also supports. A good number of their home theatres comes with modern Bluetooth connectivity functions which makes it compatible with other devices and through Bluetooth with the USB cables connectivity, it can be easily joined together. This union makes the sound system multi purposeful and can support many other device plugins.

Some other connectivity features on Jiepak sound systems are the amplifier run connections, remote controller, audio systems and Dolby digital to make Jiepak home theatres what customers desire to bargain for.

  • New Technology

Jiepak’s Smart Volume technology is a modern innovative by the brand. This function lets you make adjustments and set the audio system to a volume level that you want. No stress as with just a remote, you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies and sports with a balanced volume with the sound system.

Another technology in some of Jiepak’s home theatre is the Connect Share Movie feature. This works through the USB. It just requires a simple plug of the USB memory drive or HDD into the home theatre system and enjoy full HD movies in the broad selection you will be choosing.

Also there is a sophisticated voice cancellation technology inputted into the home theatre. This feature allows you to alter the singers voice in a music by erasing it to leave only the background sounds and music. It’s not all like to do this, but a good number of music lovers loves to hear background music much, that’s why Jiepak decided to introduce this feature.

  • Affordable Prices

This is one thing a lot of home theatres buyers choose Jiepak products over others. Their sound systems are reasonably less costly and can be bought for about thirty thousand naira in the country.

Not all would love to buy something that is very high in price irrespective of whether it’s of the highest quality. So that’s why Jiepak home theatres are less expensive in price. A good thing about them is that even though their home theatres are of low price, they still preform the function as others and are of good features each.

Additionally, Jiepak home theatres are of varied sizes, colours and types. There are the tall subwoofers and also ones that can fit below your television. No matter the variations, it all depends on your choice.

Current Jiepak Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Jiepak JP-C1 Powerful 3.1Bluetooth Home Theatre System + DVD Player Price: N33,000 – N40,000

This is a special home theatre from Jiepak with model JP -C1 JI679EL0CMSPVNAFAMZ, it is black in color and considerable in size with 12 kg weight.

The home theatre has an impedance of 8 The home theatre has an impedance of 8 ohms, a total output power of 60 +20Wx3 and a response of frequency at 38HZ – 20KHZ

Jiepak JP-C1 comes with all features to give you a special indoor and outdoor entertainment with the powerful bass sound needed. The features include: A Speaker: 3.1CH (2 Long, 1 Short) and adjusting function by the Subwoofer Remote Control; a On/Off Power Switch; the sound system is high in connectivity with its Bluetooth Function; a Remote Control; USB & SD MMC Card Input (MP3 Player).

Price: Jiepak JP-C1 is available for a fee range from N33,000 to N40,000 in Nigeria.

Jiepak JP-6030 3.1Ch Home Theater System Price: N22,500

This device produced in Germany has all what a normal home theatre can do, but it advance from an average by it’s connectivity through the Bluetooth Function; High Quality; 3.1channel; Durability; X-Bass; Power Switch and acceptance for USB, SD Input & MP3 plugin.

Jiepak JP-6030 is black in color, weighs 8.8kg and has a one year warranty included for the product. Interestingly, a generic DVD Player is following the speakers to complete the whole sound system.

Price: Buy this home theatre from Jumia, Konga, and other electronics stores in Nigeria for a cost of N22,500.

Jiepak 6030 Home Theatre Price: N50,000 – N140,000

This topnotch and high-quality subwoofer Speakers is a right option for music lovers. It can be used with a desktop, television and laptop computer, also with CD or MP3 players.

In specifying this product, let’s look at the features: Three Speakers; Power output of 50w; a frequency of 38hz-20khz; Voltage AC 220-240V; and an 8 ohms Impedance.

The home theatre also supports USB,SD,FM and Bluetooth. It has a DVD Flash Device, AUX cable and a Memory Card all packaged with this unique gadget.

Generally, all Jiepak home theatres is of affordable price. There are in sundry prices and the choice depends on the one that you pocket can buy.

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