Current Prices of LG Washing Machine in Nigeria (June, 2024)

LG has the best collection of washing machines that can give you an expedient laundry experience. Life is indeed good when you choose LG products of washing machines. They offer this machines in different types and classifications depending on what your pocket can carry. Its stock consists of ones that: does both washing and drying; the semi automatic ones; less power consumers and washing machines that are available in petty prices for low income earners. These category of LG’s washing aid appliance are available at prices matching the quality they offer and for this, let’s take a look at the prices of LG washing machines in Nigeria.

washing machine in Nigeria and prices

LG Electronics is one of the leading producers of electronics. The company is a South Korean multinational electronics outfit which has its headquarter in industrial city of Seoul in the country. Their electronic products are known to be in the area of Mobile Communications, Home Appliances & Air Solutions, Home Entertainment like home theatre TVs, Vehicle Solutions and also technical electronics to meet mitigate the problems of modern Businesses.

In their broad category, they produce products which include televisions, home theater systems, refrigerators, washing machines, computer monitors, wearable devices , smart appliances, and smartphones.

Types of LG Washing Machines

In delving into the nature of LG’s machines, we could deduce that they are of high quality with their products giving a short time spent in laundry. There are those that needs no manual operations, i.e they are fully automated to wash the clothes their self. Some of LG’s washing machines also come with different colors, electric dryers which automatically dry up the clothes after washing to save the stress of transferring to another dryers and with user-friendly control panels. These mentioned class of products are available but may require high price to purchase them.

The different model of LG washing machines are classified by: how its loaded – top load washing machine, front load washer; how its automated – automatic, semi automatic; their sizes and the large ones that comes with dryers. All these different models are designed to meet different class of people taste and their prices they can afford.

Explicably, the types of LG’s washing aid home appliances are;

  • Load Pattern

Top: This is a method of loading that the clothes to be washed will be inserted on top of the machine. This pattern is traditional for clothes cleaning and highly efficient. LG top loading washing machines come in different sizes and price to meet your demand.

Side Loading: This pattern is also known as front loading. They are available in stores in Nigeria from the ones which weigh 6kg to a distant 10.5kg. LG’s front loading washing machines are a silent solution to you laundry needs. And especially designed for industrial washing.

Double loading: This type of washing machines save the stress of optioning on one load type which may be time consuming. Double/Twin loading is a good complement to the above type of washers.

  • Washer-dryer: The washer-dryer combines both washing and drying to make laundry works more easier and not space consuming. LG has a stock of good washer-dryer machines.
  • Semi-automatic: With this type of LG washer, manual operations can be reduced to just pressing the buttons and leave the rest to be done.

LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

LG washing machines are in different prices depending on the type you may chose. There are the low-price ones which does the same work of washing clothes and are purchased at costs low as N30,000 in Nigeria.

LG Washing Machine WP-610 Price range: N40,000–N50,000.

This washing machine is a twin tub type with a semi automatic control and capacity of 4kg.The washer best suits basic little washing and very affordable. Price range: N40,000–N50,000.

LG Washing Machine 7.5kg Prices: N55,000 – N62,000

Type: Twin tub

Capacity: 7.5kg

Prices: N55,000 – N62,000

LG WP-750R Washing Machine Prices: N56,000 – N63,000

This machine is a top loader semi–automatic washing machine that has a capacity of 5kg. It’s available in Nigeria for a price range of N56,000 to N63,000.

LG Washing Machine with Roller Jet WP-750R Prices: N60,000 – N75,000

This is a twin tub washing machine that has a capacity 5kg and a price from N60,000 to N75,000.

LG WP-950 R Washing Machine Prices: N75,000 – N77,000

This LG’s WP-950 R washing machine comes with twin tub washer, roller jet pulsator and lots of features adding with a capacity of 7kg. The prices of this washing machine in Nigeria is from N75,000 to N77,000.

LG Washing Machine WM 10C3L Prices: N105,000 – N125,000

This machine operates partly automatically with a front loading type of operation. It has a capacity of 5kg best suit for small sized family. The machine also has a touch control panel. The price of this machine ranges from N105,000 to N125,000 in Nigeria.

LG Washing Machine WM 1400 Prices: N90,000 – N150,000

Comes with a twin tub load pattern and a minimum capacity of 8kg. Price range: N90,000 – N150,000

LG Washing Machine WM 1860 Prices: N120,000 – N150,000

A manual and top loader with a capacity of 14kg. Price: N120,000 – N150,000

LG Washing Machine 10c3q Prices: N145,000 – N165,000

This machine can wash up to 35 heavy clothes in a round. It has 7kg tank capacity to maintain this. The prices of this machine is in the region of N145,000 to N165,000.

LG 8kg/5kg Washer Dryer – F4J6TMP0W Prices: N224,000 – N245,000

This washing machine is colossal and multifunctional with a lot of features: Smart Diagnosis with an easy way to troubleshoot issues; 6 Motion DD technology to optimize washing. The machine which is of high quality is available at the cost of N224,000 to N245,000.

LG Washing Machine WM 1232 Price: N260,000 – N300,000

LG WM 1232 is a quality structured appliance for washing heavy clothes. It uses the top loader and a huge capacity of 17kg. The price of WM1232  goes up to N260,000 – N300,000 in Nigeria.

However, when looking for a washing machine to meet your demand, always go for the features its has that suits you.  Also do a search for the prices of the intended machine you want to buy. All this will go a long way in giving you a desired product to give laundry satisfaction.

Things LG Washing Machines Offer

Here are the few to mention features that will make you choose a selection of LG’s washing machines;

  • Silent washer – LG washing machines produces less vibration and noise. This is made possible through the Inverter Direct Drive Motor which is attached to the washing drum instead of using noisy using belts or pulleys. With its lesser mechanical parts, it’s complexity is reduced making it to produced less vibration which as while saves power.
  • Good modern features – Its sure that this is what attracts a buyer to choosing a particular brand of products. LG has tried in this way by developing their washing machines in various models, colors, different sizes and capacity and also washers with user-friendly control panels.

On the whole, washing machines produced by LG are what customers needs. Their products are very vast and range from the small family sized to the colossal ones that can handle industrial washing. The affordability of the price of its washing machines should be a reason you opt for their products.

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