Latest Prices of Bose Home Theatres in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Home theatres have gone from being only a audio complement to the televisions to being a desiring home appliance just as the TV itself. One of the manufacturer of these set of sound devices called home theatres is Bose. They have got all the stock of sound theatre systems coming with latest technological features and functions. In this article we’ll provide prices of Bose home theatres so as to help you get a good buy.

home theatre prices in nigeria

Bose corporation is a consumer electronic manufacturing company based in Massachusetts, United State of America. They deal on the production of products in this category: Loudspeakers, headphones, audio equipments, car audio and Professional audio. This category which deals most on audio electronic gadgets makes them to get the home theatre systems, speakers, headphones, professional audio products and automobile sound equipment as one of their resource project.

From the long history in producing good speakers, they have been known creating big sound from small packages. Bose home theatres features a gadget made from carefully milled aluminum housing with two acoustic enclosures for dual-opposing drivers. Through this, they have made the first omnidirectional speaker which works in multi direction and makes the true 360-degree sound to give you the best parlor experience. Still adding to that, their home theatres can be connected in all direction and it can be perfectly said it’s wireless.

Why Choose Bose Home Theatres?

Many people settle for a product because of a reason(s). This factor is always when talking about quality and what the gadget can offer.

Let’s look at the various unique features that makes home theatres admirers choose the category of Bose home theatres.

  • Wireless sound

Over the years especially in the recent development in technology, most electronic devices especially those for audio usage, make use of non wired connections. With this type of connection, it makes the device more effective to give you that resounding bass performance when watching movies and listening to music.

If you would not want a monstrous complex connections to enable your home sound theatres. When it comes to this, the recommended home theatre is the wireless Acoustimass module which produces to best sound. This theatre system has the QuietPort technology to give the best performance and it also has added features like the powerful drivers.

  • Well-structured Channels

Bose home theatres has a centered channel to give users options to choose from. This position of it matches the television sleekness and makes the difference from the previous layout of channel home theatre speakers. To make Bose home theatre gadgets a hot bargain, it is cased with more than two precision speakers, some often above five to make the sound audio quality increased.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

Using home theatres sound system to the fullest capability will mean increasing its volume and this may disturb the whole house. Do you wish to watch TV or listen to your audios and not disturb anyone else?  SimpleSync™ technology is the latest modern innovation from Bose. Home theatres like Bose Soundbar 500 or 700 helps to limit the sound from the TV and the sound system to a personal experience. There is the independent volume controls, which enables lowering or muting of the home theatre. This will not stop your sound, and it will keep your headphones as loud as you like.

  • Beautifully made

What else do you expect from Bose home theatres. They are packaged with the best designs and intriguing features which make them not only a sound audio gadget but a more of a beauteous product.

Bose home theatres also come in different colors and varied dimensions to complete the sound system as being stunning and good aesthetical electronic devices. The most important feature of Bose home theatres and what makes them attract users to option from, is arguably the prices. In this aspect, these set of sound systems are very good why because they come in different prices that suits the affordability of buyers.

What more do you expect from Bose home theatres? Check below to see the various specification of their sound systems to see the one that has what you want.

Current Bose Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria (2024)

We’ve encapsulate the costs of settling for Bose home theatres in the country. This prices is the latest and reviewed in 2024, so it gives you what to budget for. To give you a selection, we have also outlined their best features.

Bose Bass Module 700 Price: N205,000 – N230,000

As the name implies, this sound theatre system is a thunder bass audio device the gives the best when looking for quality bass. This subwoofer with a driver in it produces a range of bass and uses the QuietPort technology.

The device has wireless connections and surrounding speakers adding with a capability for other plugins. About four or more surround speakers have a wireless range of 30 feet and height 6″ high to make it a fit for the sitting room.

Best features:

  • Uses QuietPort technology to control distortion
  • Capable with other sound systems
  • Five surrounding speakers
  • High bass quality

Acoustimass® 10 Series V Home Theater System Price:

This sound theatre system comes with two high-performance drivers to make a high sound for even large rooms. It features the modern technologies and two powerful, downward-firing drivers to make a pure, deep sound that comes without audio interference courtesy of QuietPort technology . Even at loud levels. If the sound peradventure is high, it can be controlled to the low-frequency effect with the adjustable controls.


  • Five-speaker performance
  • Powerful bass
  • Sleek design
  • Good connectivity

Price: This Acoustimass home theatre system is available in Nigeria at electronic stores and also online for a price range of N300,000 to N400,000.

Bose Surround Speakers Home Theatre

This sound system uses a simple setup. It has two wireless receivers that a paired to the speakers to make it expedient and connection wireless.

The speakers are small and stand less than 4″ tall to fit right in with the sound you want.

Features of the device are:

  • Support connectivity
  • Wireless
  • Quality subwoofers

Price: This is one of the cheapest home theatre  in Bose brand. It’s sold in Nigeria for a cost ranging from N90,000 to N110,000.

Bose Bass Module 500 Home Theatre System

When looking for a good bass to make a experience, Bose bass 500 fits in for you. This device uses a wireless connectivity and audio subwoofer to give the sound you can feel.


  • Surround speakers (wireless range – 30 feet and less than 4″ high in height)
  • Compatible for audio plugins.
  • Connectivity – High

Price range in Nigeria: N119,700 – N130,000

Bose Soundbar 700 Sound System

Soundbar 700 is designed by Bose to be the world’s best sound system. It uses all the modern technologies to give functions like Wireless connectivity, Music in any way and Voice input with control.

Other intriguing features in this home theatre are;

  • HDMI™ arc connectivity
  • ADAPTIQ audio calibration
  • Custom MIC array
  • Included universal remote
  • Inbuilt Voice assistants
  • And the personalized Bose music app

Price: Best quality is often balanced with highest prices. Bose Soundbar 700 is available for a cost of N230,000 in Nigeria.

That’s our take on Bose home theatres as we elaborated the specifications and prices of their sound systems.

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