Latest Samsung TV Prices in Nigeria (May, 2024)

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When going for a television brand that will offer you the best picture quality, easy to use features and beauty all around design, you should consider Samsung TVs. This is one of the prominent names that have been leading the electronics industry for many years now. The company is know for fabricating many types of TVs display – which incorporates the LED, Plasma, QLED, UHD, Curved TV, Smart TV, and the LCD which is very secluded. These Samsung TVs are compacted with the modern features that will give users more of a TV viewing experience. Interested in this brand? This article will highlight the prices of their TVs in Nigeria.

samsung tv prices in Nigeria

An Overview of Samsung TV

Samsung TV is one of the best brand of television sets, with respect to the display options and quality. Using this brand of TV will certainly gives you nearly all you require and will want in a television set. Starting with regards to magnificent video quality, and looking at their perfect sound quality, conveyance, system efficiency and by and large durability. Taking these areas into consideration, Samsung TVs will rank among the best. Their smooth, perfectly designed LED and smart TVs just make this brand more popular among TV lovers. With all these upside about Samsung TVs, they are one of those couple of TVs you can exclusively depend on and they will give you an ultimate viewing.

No doubt, a television’s exquisite design and easy to use features makes it reasonable for someone to look on. This is obvious in Samsung TVs as they are not very delicate to be used outside the home, they are ideal for offices, public places. We actually have to discuss the unique features and highlights their TVs boast of. This will give you an upper hand when considering the purchase.

Many know quite well how and why Samsung TVs stay among the most sought after TVs in the nation. One of this is because Nigerians become more intrigued with their products’s style and class. Another thing is availability. The TVs are available in different specification – in various types, sizes and designs. You can get one as little as 24 inches and as extensive as 85 inches. Whether you purchase the biggest or the littlest, you can make certain of supreme quality and get stunning a value for your cash. This is one of the excellence of Samsung as a brand to buy from.

After knowing some important things about Samsung TVs, it might be time that you are considering the amount their TVs go for in the current market. That’s obviously our aim in this article. In the course of this write-up, we will investigate into the costs of different Samsung TVs brands available in the country’s market. We will likewise consider why Samsung TVs are reviewed among the best TVs around. Stay put as we will delineate all of these to your convenience.

Current Prices of Samsung TVs in Nigeria (2024)

Typically, the general costs of Samsung TVs are very reliant on the specification of the television. Much the same as other TV brands, these Samsung TVs are available in different sizes, designs, types and grades. They come as LEDs, LCDs and Plasma TVs. Other important variables which influences the cost includes the TV’s sizes, picture quality, features and general by and large performance.

Finally settled for Samsung TV? To give you a picture of what to budget for, let’s now investigate the costs of these gadgets. Below is the rundown of different types and models of Samsung TVs available in Nigeria today:

  • Samsung 20 inches LED TV costs ₦30, 000 – ₦40, 000
  • Samsung 24 inches LED TV costs ₦35, 000 – ₦50, 000
  • Samsung 26 inches LED TV costs ₦45, 000 – ₦57, 000
  • Samsung 32 inches LED TV costs ₦60, 000 – ₦80, 000
  • Samsung 32 inches Ultra HD TV costs ₦73, 000 – ₦100, 000
  • Samsung 40 inches Smart HD TV costs ₦127, 000 – ₦147, 000
  • Samsung 43 inches LED TV costs ₦94, 000 – ₦120, 000
  • Samsung 49 inches Curved TV costs ₦480, 000 – ₦650, 000
  • Samsung 50 inches Ultra HD TV costs ₦350, 000 – ₦350, 000
  • Samsung 55 inches Curved Full HD TV costs ₦390, 000 – ₦600, 000
  • Samsung 65 inches smart full HD TV costs ₦600, 000 – ₦670, 000
  • Samsung 65 inches Ultra HD TV costs ₦700, 000 – ₦1, 100, 000
  • Samsung 65 inches QLED TV costs ₦1, 800, 000 – ₦2, 300, 000
  • Samsung 75 inches Ultra HD Smart TV costs ₦1, 100, 000 – ₦1, 500, 000
  • Samsung 78 inches curved SUHD costs ₦3, 500, 000 – ₦4, 000, 000
  • Samsung 82 inches Ultra HD TV costs ₦2, 300, 000 – ₦2, 800, 000
  • Samsung 85 inches Ultra HD TV costs ₦3, 500, 000 – ₦3, 800, 000

That’s the view of the prices of Samsung TVs in the country. Nonetheless, it’s certain that these prices may slightly differ from what is obtained in the current market. It should be noted that the variation in prices is due to some specific variables which incorporate currency exchange rate, location and time of procurement and other comparable factors. Quantities of inches are likewise factors that influence the costs.

Are you contemplating of where to get these television sets? Samsung TVs can be purchased in a direct way from the company or their local agents here in Nigeria. The brand is good in availability due to the fact that they have one of the largest customer bases in the nation and a lot of local offices to complement them. Also, this brand of TVs are likewise available in online retail stores and contemporary electronics suppliers and stores.

Pros and Cons of Plasma TVs

Just like any other television type, Plasma TVs have a virtue and shortcoming effect. Firstly, the following are some things you will love about Plasma TVs:

  • Standard Picture Quality: When it comes to picture quality, Samsung has an upper hand in their LED, LCD, Plasma, UHD, OLED or any other display type.
  • Features: Samsung TVs brag of astounding modern features that will better your general TV experience. They include CableCard with TV direct EPG, full TV guide and other more features.
  • Durability: You judge the strength of a TV by how it is durable to be utilized for a long run with no issues. Samsung TVs are sure to give you this feature.

On the other hand, here are some odd things you may not like about Plasma TVs:

  • They are generally expensive and may not suit a low budget buyer.


That’s the size of this write-up, as we have been able to highlight the current prices of Samsung TVs in Nigeria this 2024.

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