Current Prices of Industrial Baking Oven in Nigeria (June, 2024)

The baking industry play massive part in boosting Nigeria’s economy as there are many large-scale bakeries whose productions are consume by larger population of the country.

Taxes paid by each bakery across Nigeria help to enrich government’s purse and it directly affect the country’s economy.


As much as there is huge profit in the business, setting up a bakery requires large amount of money as there are need to get some important baking equipment.

Talking of important bakery equipment, we cannot but make mention of industrial baking oven. This is one of the must-have equipment for all bakeries or for someone planing to be engaged in the business.

Industrial baking oven are of different types and sizes, hence, it won’t be a bad idea to start with a small-sized oven.

A small-sized industrial oven isn’t expensive and it’s  easy to manage for someone who has little or no experience in the business.

For someone who has been in the business for a long time and for someone who knows the pros and cons of the business, going for  a big industrial oven is definitely a welcome idea and a huge step to enlarging your profits.

Having considered the size, it is equally important to consider the type that perfectly suits your purpose or the kind of bakery you intend creating.

There are different types of ovens with diverse modes of operation. Each type has its own price and that leads us to the price of industrial baking oven in Nigeria.

Here is a detailed list of industrial baking ovens in Nigeria alongside their prices.

Prices of Convection Ovens in Nigeria

Convention ovens are specially invented for baking loaves of bread and cake. They possess an in-built fan which helps to regulate and circulate temperate when the oven is at work.

The fan also ensures that the heat created by the oven while working is evenly distributed to all parts of the oven so as to produce great and desired result.

These type of industrial baking ovens are the most common oven in Nigeria and it’s one of the cheapest oven in the country today.

You can get a two-tray convention oven for as low as N280, 000. While a five-tray or six-tray convention oven could be bought at the rate of N900, 000.

As result of its affordability, the convention oven is mostly used by small bakeries across the country and it is easily seen at any oven store in the country.

Price of Deck Ovens in Nigeria

Deck ovens are not as common as the convention ovens, however, they still maintain their stand as one of the best industrial ovens in the west African country. Deck ovens consist of two types which are: single deck and double deck.

Single deck oven

This is the most popular oven out of the two types of deck oven and it is often used in commercial kitchens  or small bakeries in the country.

It is easy to operate as it doesn’t need you to regulate its temperature too often compared to the double deck oven. You can get this type of deck oven for N480, 000 (at least) or N800, 000 (at most) depending on its quality and lifespan.

Double deck oven

This is the second type of  deck industrial oven but it’s not as popular as its counterpart. It is bigger than the single deck ovens while it’s mostly seen in big bakeries and restaurants.

As a small-scale baking company, you’re not expected to go for a double deck oven due to its expensive nature.

As for a bigger and well-established company, a double deck oven is definitely good for your business as it will hasten your baking procedure.

The price of a double deck oven ranges from a whopping N900, 000 to N3 million, depending on the number of trays, lifespan, quality and brands.

Prices of Revolution Industrial Ovens in Nigeria

This type of industrial oven is probably out of bound for new starter or small bakery owners due to its hyper-expensive cost.

Meanwhile, its expensive nature didn’t count for nothing as it provides you the best baking process. It doesn’t needs you stay glue to it whenever you’re baking because it automatically regulate the temperature.

It is the biggest industrial oven in the country and it can be used for anything you want to bake whether it’s bread, cake, biscuit, among many other things.

The lowest price of this oven is valued at a huge N4m while its highest price is valued at N7m, now you see why it’s not meant for new or small bakeries.

As result of its high price, only few bakeries can afford this type of industrial baking oven in Nigeria.

Other factors to consider about Industrial Baking Oven Includes:

The Size

You must consider the size of oven that suits your operation. Irrespective of your financial worth, it is important you go for the size that is perfectly good for your mode of operation so as to avoid spending more than necessary.

Industrial oven — like every other baking equipment — is of three sizes which are the small, the medium and the big size therefore you can choose any of them.


This aspect deals with the rate at which oven works. You must know how fast or slow it takes an oven to complete successful baking period.

You shouldn’t be too eager to  cough out huge amount of money on oven that won’t effectively serve its purpose.

Lifespan / Reliability

This is the last factor you should consider before paying for any type of industrial oven. You must choose an oven that will last long. You must make inquiries on which brand is the best among the rest.

Our Conclusion

As someone who has a plan of diving into the baking industry, you are advised not to rush things when buying all needed equipment.

You must endeavor to ask many questions from successful bakery and restaurants owners, who will share some of their good and ugly experiences  with you.

Prepare for challenges because nothing good comes easy.

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